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Found 8 results

  1. Are there two separate lines during the embarkation process at Fort Lauderdale? For example, one for those passports and one for those using birth certificates? My entire family has received their passports, but my wife has yet to receive hers. It is running behind by a few weeks now. We filed in December, and I was the last to file, but I have received mine already. Hers also showed "In Process" in the online status system before mine. So if hers does not arrive in time for our cruise and she has to use a birth certificate, will she need to go into a different line from the rest of us?
  2. The only thing I look forward to on disembarkation day is walking by the “Table of Shame”. For those of you who have not seen it or do not know what it is, the table of shame is usually one of the last things you pass before picking up your luggage. What looks like a few port employees having the worlds worst yard sale is really just the place for you to pickup anything that was confiscated from you on embarkation day. I love to look at what is there and would love to see if we could get members of this group to snap photos and post them here for us all to enjoy. We sailed Odyssey on the NYE cruise and the table of shame was top-notch. I saw a full size stand up fan, the kind with the round base that oscillates, a space heater and several irons. I’m kicking myself for not snapping a photo to kick this thread off properly.
  3. Well had a later checkout today. My number was called and i literally get down to the gangway area and all hell was breaking loose with an irate couple who i guess were being stopped because they had an outstanding bill and credit card issues. Well she was wheelchair bound and was not about to move and go back to guest services to resolve the issue. Now of course the staff stopped anyone else from going through but what we didnt know was it was not because of this woman but problems with CBT and immigration process. So one lady frustrated that we were waiting there for a good 10-15 mins started yelling at this couple complaining she had a flight to catch and she was keeping us all there. But that wasnt the real issue. The line was backed up in the terminal. Terminal G. By the time we finally were allowed to go ahead then there was a huge line at baggage claim. Didnt know where my bag was but the handlers helped. It would have been nice if it was posted somewhere to find your number. Took a good hour to get through the whole section and up to customs agent who was very nice and didnt ask about the alcohol i had. The worst part was the line with heavy luggage. Good thing i didnt have a flight to catch but if i did I'd make it much later in the day. Wish hotels let you check in earlier.
  4. We are scheduled for an Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver 2020. On our last cruise in 2013 (I know too long between) we had breakfast in the MDR before we left. Is the Key breakfast different? Can I still get breakfast in the MDR without being a Key user? Thanks
  5. We booked a cruise in February 2020. We port at Fort Lauderdale at 5:30 a.m. and plan to take the first direct flight back home leaving Fort Lauderdale airport at 9 a.m. If we do express departure or self assist check out, would we make our flight at 9 a.m.? Does anyone have real experience to share with me regarding Royal Caribbean express departure at Fort Lauderdale with the Adventure of the Seas?
  6. I might be purchasing a WoWband for myself and also purchase one for my mother when her and I board Harmony next month I know that wowbands can be worn on the wrist and being used in addition to the seapass card, but what I would love to know is when going ashore would the people at the boarding area of the ship scan the WoWbands when going ashore and when coming back onto the ship or would I need to have my seapass be scanned when leaving and boarding the ship at the ports of call? Also, on disembarkation day (the day the ship get back into the ships homeport) would the WOWband or seaspass card be scanned when I disembark the ship?
  7. This will be my first cruise sailing on the 20th November from Singapore on the Mariner. In regard to tipping, can we tip in our local currency ie Thai Baht as I am a Thai resident, or does it have to be in $? Also what is the latest we can disembark, I am a the Royal Suite, we want to stay on as long as possible as our flight is quite late that day. Thanking you in advance for your answers. John
  8. Hi ! I'm a first time cruiser and will be cruising on the new Ovation of the Seas in December 2016. Our ship will be docking back in Sydney Australia at 0630 hours. In your experience, how long does it take to get us all off (on average) as I am needing to be booking flights home? I realise this is a new ship and this route wouldn't have happened before, but just wanting to get a bit of an idea? We would be happy to take our own luggage off the ship. Maybe someone who has cruised on Radiance of the Seas would have some experience disembarking at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal?? Thanks in advance :D
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