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  1. Thanks Matt, I did check there first, but thought maybe my post would prompt a recent Ovation cruiser to forward one to you to put up. Getting a bit excited :)
  2. Waiting to read a Cruise Compass from Ovation of the Seas if anyone has one? :)
  3. The beverage packages for our cruise on Ovation are currently 20% off. Once I add them to the shopping cart, do I have to pay for them straight away or does it just add to the total of the cruise that I'm paying off? The same goes for any shore excursions or dining options...... Cheers 😀
  4. I don't know why it is different in Australia, but I was really annoyed because I was rebooking another cruise immediately with them. Then with not getting all my refund back on my credit card, even though I was over a year in advance of sailing, having to chase that up was a pain. Got it all back in the end, but I had to be vigilant and email them again. Looking forward to my cruise now... :)
  5. At Christmas time, I wanted to change our cruise from Radiance to the new Ovation of the Seas. When I called Royal Caribbean, I was told they do not transfer deposits, so I had to cancel Radiance (and wait approx. 3 weeks for the money I had paid to come back to my credit card), then I had to pay the new deposit to secure our booking on Ovation of the Seas..... It is also worth mentioning, that I kept an eye on my refunded deposit as it came back in bits. Once I added these bits up, I had been short changed $200 odd AUD, so worth checking your bank account to ensure you get all of your deposit back....
  6. Probably a really stupid question..... But if we are embarking on the 15th and disembarking on the 30th (docking at 0630 hrs) will our drink package be charged on 15 or 16 days??? Only asking because the last day is all about eating breaky and getting off the ship....
  7. Our first night on Ovation of the Seas is also spending the first night in port in Sydney Australia. I assumed it was because its the inaugural first cruise in Australian and New Zealand waters. I was also wondering when our muster would be?
  8. Ovation of the Seas - December 15 2016
  9. Hi everyone I booked our cruise via the RC website and just wanted to know if I see any better staterooms available, same class as what I have booked, (by going in as if I was doing a new booking), how do I get our room changed if I see one that I would prefer to what I have already booked? Cheers :)
  10. Thanks for the advice. There is a 2pm flight home so I will book that one.
  11. Hi ! I'm a first time cruiser and will be cruising on the new Ovation of the Seas in December 2016. Our ship will be docking back in Sydney Australia at 0630 hours. In your experience, how long does it take to get us all off (on average) as I am needing to be booking flights home? I realise this is a new ship and this route wouldn't have happened before, but just wanting to get a bit of an idea? We would be happy to take our own luggage off the ship. Maybe someone who has cruised on Radiance of the Seas would have some experience disembarking at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal?? Thanks in advance :D
  12. Hi all My name is Paulette and I live in Western Australia. Hubby and I have never cruised before and have booked to go on Ovation of the Seas December 2016 - the Australian maiden voyage. Any cruising tips are welcomed. We are very excited :D
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