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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I recently found this site and all the info is awesome! My wife and I are thinking of booking a cruise and I was perusing the Crown & Anchor benefits site (My wife and cruised a few years ago, so we are gold members) and I saw that under the Gold Members it lists the following: -Priority Check In -Private departure lounge with Continental Breakfast Does anyone have experience with these benefits? Will I receive information about this if I book? What exactly is priority check in? Is this "departure lounge" on the ship? I would be sailing out of Galveston, likely on a 4-5 night cruise. Thanks!
  2. So.......in 33 days we are scheduled to depart on Symphony of the Seas. We are traveling with 2 other couples and all 3 couples are within 2 points (nights) of our next level(s)(Diamond, Emerald, and Platinum). My question is, do we have to wait until the points post after our sailing to move to the next level? Or is there a way to move up levels mid sailing? Has anyone had experience with this? Thanks.
  3. On my upcoming Allure cruise, I will hit platinum ? I think on day 2 or 3 - I currently have 28 points. My question is, will the Top Tier event be after this? And if so, will I get an invite or will I need to wait until my next cruise ie where I'll be platinum from the start of the cruise? TIA
  4. I'm off on my 2nd RC this summer. Just enrolled for C&A Society membership and it's showing I've got 14 points from my previous cruise making me a gold member. Am I right in thinking this gets me priority boarding this time around and if so, what does that entail? Also my husband was on my last cruise with me and will be next time. I've added him as a 'guest' on my CA profile and have tried to use the 'enrol a household member' form but for some reason it's not working. Do I/he need to get in touch with them for him to take advantage of priority boarding too? Or do I have to leave him in the terminal while I get on-board early? ?
  5. I am a C&A gold member, and had a couple of questions as I haven't been on RCL cruise for 5 years now. There is mention of coupons for drink specials, etc. Where can I find these? What is the likelihood of being upgraded to a suite? Currently in Oceanview Balcony Stateroom. Can someone share experiences who are also a gold member? I understand they upgrade higher class members first. What other discounts/benefits should I be taking advantage of? I have read the C&A members page, but there is limited information. Thanks in advance!
  6. I have just enroll in the crown & Anchor society after taking my first cruise last january. My question is; does my cruise partner (Girlfriend) have to enroll to ? Or when I'm travelling with her she automatically gets the same benefits ? As always, thanks for helping. Michel
  7. Quickie question: What's the discount on suites once we reach platinum? or emerald? etc? Is it a certain percentage off?
  8. Did anyone else get an email like this from RC: "you can enhance our upcoming cruise and reach the next Crown and Anchor® Society tier even faster. Spend a minimum of $450 per person on pre-cruise and onboard purchases made using your Sea Pass card on your upcoming cruise, and earn THREE extra cruise points*. No registration necessary. Already booked your onboard experiences? You, too, will earn THREE extra points after spending $450 or more! From authentic shore excursions, to delicious dining, to soothing spa treatments, reaching your next loyalty tier has never been so rewarding." 3 extra points? That is huge. Is this tiered too? If you spend $900 do you get 6 extra pts? The scuttle on this is that Royal Caribbean is testing the waters to switch the system from number of cruises and number of nights to a monetary tiered system. I hope this is true. Then you can just figure out how much they want in dollars and buy your way to a level of perks.
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