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Found 11 results

  1. What are the rules regarding the fridge in the Coco Beach Club cabanas if not all people have a drinks package? We have booked one for an upcoming cruise and while we have a drinks package we have some friends on the same cruise who don't have a drinks package who will join us in the cabana. Do the two out of 7 people without a package just get lucky or will the fridge be empty and we always have to order drinks and then they keep a record from whom the drinks are?
  2. I am booked on Wonder of the Seas for March '24. Looking at the water park and the discounted price is $188. All other posts seem to mention it is around $75 or less. Did they raise the price or will it get discounted more? Was also looking at the Cabana and Thrill Water Park combo but that is $1,699. Will these prices go down since we are so far out from our cruise date. It says only 7 cabanas left with the Thrill Park admission included.
  3. I am trying to find out more information on a cabana rental at the Fins Up Water Park at Margaritaville Nassau. Specifically pictures of the cabanas, location, number of loungers and any first hand reviews on the experience. The resort is relatively new, opening in summer 2021 and there are lots of videos and reviews on the water park in general but I can’t find much specific to the cabana rentals. I read the Royal Caribbean blog article on day passes at the park. I have been in touch with resort concierge and they couldn’t offer anything more than what’s in their marketing materials. The cost of the cabana includes 2 people but can accommodate up to 4 with extra guests purchasing a day pass to the water park. Any reviews would be appreciated.
  4. CoCo Beach Club: Floating Cabanas This June we (my group) are looking forward to an Oasis OTS cruise that takes a stop at CoCo Cay!!! Everyone is looking forward to it, but I was wondering what your guys' opinions on the floating cabanas were. We would split the price between everyone, and we would probably have some people relaxing there most of the time we are at the Cay. Just wanting your experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks! P.S. If they're worth it, Can you reserve them? [(We have the royal Genie)(We would be fine with having other party members pay us back.)] If so, which are best, closer to land or further out? (I thought the one on the far right looked best in my opinion.) Lastly, do they rock a lot, my dad gets seasick?.
  5. I've looked through past topics on this, but it seems Royal is continually making changes to how they book and assign cabanas. On the cruise planner you now have to link all the people who are going to be in your cabana. Has anyone skipped this by booking the cabana for one and then changing the assigned number of people once onboard or upon arrival at the cabana? Has anyone successfully booked more than one cabana on the same room/reservation? Can I still book two cabanas, one under my name and one under my wife's? We've got a group for an upcoming cruise and we're wanting to use our cruise planner credit from a Covid-cancelled cruise to get enough cabanas for the group.
  6. I was looking at my cruise planner for CocoCay and came across this. I think I remember seeing this for $400 before. The Thrill Waterpark Cabanas are still $599.?
  7. Hello All! In reading about the cabanas at Barefoot Beach, I see that they also have a "dedicated cabana attendant". First, are these RC employees? Also, just how often do you see them and how do you notify them that you need something? Finally, what is the turn around time on the request once it's made? I'm referring to this article: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/03/06/barefoot-beach-cabanas-royal-caribbeans-labadee.
  8. I booked a Thrill Waterpark cabana for our upcoming Harmony OTS cruise in May. However, only 3 out of 5 of us will be using the waterpark. Will the other two have to buy passes to the waterpark to access the cabana? Can the other two use the wave pool or do you have to have a waterpark pass for that as well? I can't find anything online and the RC representative I spoke with was not able to answer my question. Of course, I should have bought an Oasis lagoon cabana instead, but they are now sold out.
  9. Hello all, Just came back from a 7 night Bahamas cruise leaving from NJ. We went May 11 to May 18 2018. During the cruise our only shore excursion was a cabana at cococay. Although the weather was not as hot as we wanted, it was still a great experience and would do again 100%. side note me and my boyfriend are going to a 9 night cruise may 2019 and one of the stops is labadee. Would appreciate any feedback to whats it like there? Is it the same feel as cococay? Anything in particular to expect? happy cruising.
  10. If I were to rent a cabana on Barefoot beach on Labadee as a suite guests are we allowed to invite non suite guests to join us? And if so, do they actually have to be "in" the cabana or will they be able to utilize the beach chairs and umbrella on the beach?
  11. We have a cabana reserved in Labadee and it said that a will ride over to it. There are 9 of us so can we all ride at the same time?
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