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Found 9 results

  1. I'll be in Bridgetown a day and a half before the cruise and wondered what to do. I heard there are caves, but they may be pricey. Any must do places to see, best beaches, good restaurants??
  2. On the last day of the my Rhapsody cruise when we get to Bridgetown Barbados, there are a couple of excursions that include airport transfers. They both say they start at 9 AM and are about 3 to 4 hours long. These would be for flights after 3:30 PM. My flight is at 4:30. To me it would seem the excursions would end by 1pm. I also assume they will ask what times our flights are as a group. Do you think we will get to the airport in enough time or do they really wait till 3:30 to bring you to the airport? Has anyone done these?
  3. So some countries require additional travel requirements such as testing, visas, other travel authorizations and possibly fees. This was true for Bermuda and seems also true for Barbados. Always check each country for their special travel requirements. My question is does and shouldn't RCL also advise their passengers of these requirements ahead of time? For Bermuda I think they did but very close to sailing. I have yet to get anything about Barbados which is for March.
  4. My husband and I are going on a 7N Freedom of the Seas (FOTS) cruise January 2020. I'd love to hear of all your suggestions for excursions. We LOVE the water/beach but are open to other ideas as well. We have already been to St Maarten and did a RC snuba excursion which we enjoyed. All other ports we have never been to. With so many ports, we'd love to hear your feedback on ports to do an excursion versus no excursion-either staying on the ship or exploring the town. I should also note that one day we'd love to go back and stay at an island for longer than one day so any suggestions on day passes at a resort to explore those would be great too.
  5. Hello there, We are taking our first cruise ever and one of the stop is Barbados. What are the best shore excursions to do while there for a day? We were thinking of going on our own for Harrison Caves and Flower Garden and then booking Glory Tours for swim with turtles adventure? Anything else we should do or explore or any helpful itinerary for a day would be helpful? Thanks,
  6. Hi All, I'm a newcomer to this forum and am hoping to get some suggestions for shore excursions on our fast-approaching (2/24/19) cruise out of San Juan on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas visiting St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, and St. Maarten. We have not been to any of the islands before, except St. Maarten (where we stayed at a private home years ago, swam in pool, and went to nearby beach). My husband and I (late 60s and late 50s) tend to enjoy shore excursions ranging anywhere from moderate physical activity tours (e.g., kayaking) to culture/history tours (e.g., narrated tours), to beautifully scenic drives, to simply lounging on a beach. On the last cruise we took out of Baltimore (Carnival), we did two excursions-- kayaking through mangroves and a small group sailboat tour with snorkeling and lunch. We enjoyed both, but particularly enjoyed the small group sailboat trip which had about only 15 people on it ... it was so relaxing, the snorkeling was beautiful, and the staff, very helpful. As I booked this cruise only two days ago, I unfortunately haven't had tons of time to research shore excursions. I've looked at some on the RC site (...but not been particularly wowed) and some on TripAdvisor (I love the fact that I can look at reviews and get first-hand accounts to see whether it's worth doing or not). Today, my cruise agent suggested this blog, which I am thrilled to learn about! At this point though, if I'm being perfectly candid, my head is starting to swim with information and thwarting my progress on excursion decisions. That said, I'd just love to get any suggestions from folks who have first hand experience to share. We're not averse to RC excursions, but again I wasn't wowed by anything I saw skimming the website. Also, one thing I really don't care for regarding excursions is feeling like I'm one of (way too) many people being herded along on an excursion. I much prefer smaller group stuff (but am certainly open to big groups if a specific tour is reco'd). Another note, I realize that going with non-RC tours does run the risk of delays/missing ship departures, etc., but if an excursion is well run and recommended, non-RC is fine with us. Looking at the Trip Advisor site, some of the excursions that looked interesting were: St. Kitts: Catamaran & Snorkeling Antigua: 1) Lobster Lunch to Bird & Maiden Island, 2) Reef Rider Self Drive Boat & Snorkeling St. Lucia: Tet Paul "Stairway to Heaven" Tour Barbados: 1) Turtle swim & snorkeling, 2) Catamaran & Snorkeling St. Maarten: 1) Eco Snorkeling, 2) Speed Boat and Snorkeling As you can tell, the above list is sports-skewed as I didn't find any culture/history/scenic wonder sorts of tours that looked particularly compelling. But we are interested in those topics as well, so if you do have specific reco's for tours in those areas (as well as sports, beach, etc. tours), I'd greatly appreciate hearing about them. Thank you most kindly for any suggestions/feedback you might have regarding excursions in any one or more of the above ports.
  7. OK, this is bugging me. I've been watching the winter "Southern" (c'mon Royal, no ABC islands = Eastern) Caribbean trips on Anthem since early last year, and I noticed something very small but odd: For 2018, all the offerings were 12 nights, 6 port stops For 2019, all the offerings are still 12 nights, 6 port stops But in 2020, this cruise is suddenly 11 nights and only 5 port stops Seems they took a day in Barbados off the itinerary for 2020. Anyone have any ideas why? I'm still seriously eyeing this trip as a 2020 50th birthday option (mainly because I have to seriously scale back the budget for that trip, and this is the only real option that will fit that bill), but why on earth would they randomly take Barbados off the port list? Especially when it was a solid two years until sailing at the time these were announced? I did a search and confirmed that Barbados completely escaped all of last year's hurricanes, so there's no damage to the island to recover from. I can't imagine the port there has changed as far as being able to accommodate Anthem; was it a tender port, and Anthem is no longer doing tenders? Web searches aren't showing anything, either as far as other news or announcements around Royal Caribbean and Barbados. I'm totally stumped over this, seems utterly random and I've never heard of Barbados being a bad place to visit by any measure. Why would Royal do this? Having that extra island in the list would have meant that taking this cruise would give me 3 new islands (Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados) plus 3 repeats (San Juan, St. Maarten, St. Kitts), which would be really nice. Now it'll be 3 repeats (only two of which I actually want) and only 2 new places.
  8. Hello! My mom and I are going on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean in a few weeks and we are looking for some recommendations on fun excursions for Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados. We want to stay with RCCL excursions, we don’t drink, and we want to find something other than just visiting beaches. What are your favorite excursions you have done at any of these islands? Here are some excursions that may be of interest to us: Antigua - “Stingray Swim and Snorkel” This is at Stingray City. St. Lucia - “Volcanic Mud Experience” This is at the Pitons, visiting the mud baths and the natural heated pools. Barbados - “Harrison’s Cave and Island Tour” Have any of you done these excursions? Do you have different recommendations for these ports? Or would you skip an excursion at any of these ports, because the port is enjoyable just walking around? (We have been to ports in the past where we just enjoy the port by walking around, but others, such as the time we visited Falmouth, Jamaica, we found an excursion was necessary as there was not much to do at the port!) Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions!
  9. Can anyone recommend a third-party tour guide for Harrison's Cave in Barbados? I'm part of a group cruise that is going to a number of rum distilleries, so my wife wants to take the kids to the Cave. I looked at booking through the ship, but it's $200 for the three of them, which seems expensive for just a van ride there and then a ride on a golf cart through the cave. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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