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Found 24 results

  1. Socialized with a passenger couple on my most recent cruise last weekend and the topic brought up was how they had a booked cruise cancelled on them by royal caribbean. I didn't think too much of it aside from sympathizing with them and moving on to more cheerful conversation. Thinking back on this event, I have so many followup questions brewing due to paranoia and my overly cautious nature when it comes to planning my vacations. I've made a list of question I hope someone could help answer in regards to "if" and what to do if royal caribbean cancels your cruise Questions What happens if you've already paid for the cruise, excursions, drink packages, dining packages, prepaid gratuities, port fees/taxes, etc? what happens if you've already paid for round trip flight tickets corresponding to that cruise sailing? Does royal caribbean fairly compensate and what do they compensate for? Does cancellation happen often and reasons that could cause this to happen? Does cancellation happen days or weeks or months prior to sailing date? If anyone has more helpful input to add to this topic it would be most appreciated! Just compiling information to confidently deal with the situation should it ever arise for anyone.
  2. Hi Anyone on Serenade for portion of the Ultimate Asia Pacific Cruise Anyone doing tours in Beijing, China, in April 2024 or Taj Mahal in Cochin, India May 2024 Any suggestions how to visit Great Wall/to join up with a group Do tour company come to cruise port to pick up groups Would love to have feedback on suggestions, if someone has been to this part of the world Thanks
  3. Hi Super excited to cruise this part of the world Asia Anyone out there been to Indonesia - cruise port for Lombok,and Benoa, Bali Indonesia ship not showing any tours yet?
  4. Hi Has anyone done long cruises to different parts of the world How to you pack for 87 nites on a cruise, tips on what to bring, How to manage tours, visas
  5. Hi Has anyone done world cruises? Any suggestions when taking long cruises on same ship? What suggestions would they suggest I need to ask about? Thinking of segments of the Ultimate World Cruises 2024? Looking into longer cruises, with different destinations Thanks
  6. Hello! I'm new to this forum. I've got plans to take a 5-day Caribbean cruise with my grandmother on December '22 aboard Voyager Of The Seas, this would be our first time traveling by ourselves (we usually go with seasoned travelers but they've all refused to go because of the pandemic) so we're kind of on our own and I have some questions that I'd like to list out, hopefully I'll get some answers to appease my nervousness. Thank you in advanced. How does an onboard spending account work? Is $400 for the entire trip enough or should I deposit more? Should I use cash to open the onboard spending account? Are drink packages worth it despite the price? How much cash should I bring to spend onshore? Any tips and tricks for a first time traveler to be well prepared will also be greatly appreciated. I'm very excited and nervous for this trip!
  7. Hi everyone! Have a question hope someone can shine some light here. I do know that when traveling by air green card holders get fingerprinted upon returning to the US is this the same for closed loop cruises do green card holder get fingerprinted by customs upon return (disembarkation) just curious thanks!
  8. The majority of cruise ships Royal has announced to be sailing this summer, as of right now are saying that they require guests to be vaccinated. Does anyone have any idea how Royal Caribbean will verify you have been vaccinated?
  9. Royal Caribbean will have at least 6 cruise ships definitely sailing this summer. I am very interested to see how many people have booked the different cruise options available for this summer.
  10. Howdy folks!! It is that time of year for our annual trek to Miami for the Monsters of Rock Cruise out of Miami Florida. In past years the event has been held on Brilliance and Navigator. This year it was originally sold as being on the Navigator again, BUT shortly after booking opened it was changed to the newly refurbished Mariner Of The Seas!! This year, like in years past, the cruise will be a 5 day action pack event featuring over 40 bands and solo acts from the heyday of hard rockin' 1980's Itinerary is Day -2 Pre-cruise party at magic City Casino, Miami, Fl.... Bands to be announced Day -1 Pre-cruise party at magic City Casino, Miami, Fl.... Bands to be announced<<<<<<<we are arriving this day!! DAy1 Miami, Fl Day 2 Day at Sea Day 3 Ocho Rios Jamaica 8am - 5pm Day 4 Private Isla of Labadee 10am - 6pm - band to be announced Day 5 Day at Sea acts onboard the ship!! Tesla Tom Keifer of Cinderella EXTREME Queensryche Saxon Skid Row U.D.O Y&T VIXEN KIX KINGS X RICKIE KOTZEN DANGER DANGER NELSON D-A-D THE QUIREBOYS FASTER PUSSYCAT PAT TRAVERS BAND PINK CREAM 69 THE WILDHEARTS ECLIPSE SOTO ROSE TATTOO JOHN CORABI VAIN BULLETBOYS BLCK N BLUE KIP WIND=GER Tora Tora killer dwarfs Brighton Rocks tuff MIKE TRAMP of white Lion FEMME FETALE LIES, DECIET, & TREACHERY JETBOY MITCH MALLOY MICHAEL GRANT AND THE ASSASSINS MATCH 22 GUS G JOEL HOKSTRA - TSO NEIL ZAZA TONY MACALPINE HOSTED BY EDDIE TRUNK LUC CARL, NIKKI BLACK, DON JAMIESON, & JIM FLORENTINE This will be a live/not-so-live blog about this crazy vacation crammed in to 5 days. More to come...
  11. Hello Fellow Cruise Lovers out there. My wife and I went on a vacation of a lifetime and got a spectacular rate on the Liberty of the Seas Royal Suite #1640. Since we were with a group of our friends, we decided to go all around the ship and in our cabin and shot a music video. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about the experience or anything Royal Suite, I am happy to answer them. Cheers! YOLObookIT
  12. Pre Cruise I'll try and keep this up to date as possible...... but I may be having way too much fun when I get on Ovation. It's two days before we board the beautiful Ovation of the Seas. We're all really excited. I'm travelling with my husband and two twenty-something kids. We have a Junior Suite, so looking forward to that. It's off to Sydney, Australia tomorrow (Thursday 10:05am Brisbane Australia time flight) for us. Our dogs and cats go to their holiday home today. Stay tuned for more fun adventures. Cathy D
  13. Our Cruise ship is arriving in Havana, Cuba on a Sunday. We will be doing a "Classic Car Tour" of Old Havana. Was wondering if there are places open on a Sunday where we can exchange our US Dollars, or is this something they offer on the Cruise Ships? Was told by someone that we could not exchange our $$$$ before leaving for our Trip. Any advise? Thanks~
  14. Looking at excursions for our upcoming cruise in December on Adventure of the Seas. I am thinking that Nachi Cocum (sp?) in Cozumel would work that day. Any other recommendations for any of the ports. I know that some of the extended family wants to see some Mayan ruins. December 2 - Leave Fort Lauderdale December 3 - Sea Day December 4 - Grand Cayman December 5 - Costa Maya December 6 - Cozumel December 7 - Sea Day December 8 - Disembark Fort Lauderdale
  15. I recently tried to search for my cruise on the RCL website to get a link for a friend who is thinking of going with us. I was unable to find our cruise listing! Does this mean it is sold out? When I log in to "My Cruises" it still shows that I am booked on it and the same goes for other friends that are booked as well. I have just never seen it happen where I couldn't find a link to show people the cruise I'm going on! Thanks!
  16. Thinking about doing an Eastern Caribbean cruise, would be flying from Manchester, England. The price of the whole cruise comes out at £3939 for Allure and £4029 for Oasis, so not worried about the price. Are there any differences in service/food quality or any noticeable things that differ these ships from one another?
  17. Hi All I have just been on my first Royal Caribbean cruise and loved it. I had an amazing deal around the Med which included a free deluxe drinks package, free wifi, all gratuities and a BOGO deal, booked 9 months before cruise date! Was a steal! I am now looking at my next cruise to Bermuda and Bahamas on the Grandure of the Seas in May 2018. However, when i phoned for a quote there were no inclusions just the standard 20% off deal which seams to be on most of the time anyway. So to seasoned Royal Caribbean customers my question is how much sway do the agents have? If i push them will they give me freebies or am i best to wait for a better promotion to pop up? Thanks
  18. I am looking at booking a room and Grandure of the Seas for 1 person. Does anyone have any tips on keeping the price down, at present i am looking at a full 2 person price with just port taxes reduced?
  19. So my question is, what is actually free in regards to food or anything liquid you consume? Is the tap water on the ship revolting? Should I even purchase the Evian bottled water? What food is actually free? (I'm aware there are specialty dining that are at additional cost) Is the captains dinner, fancy dining room free? I am purchasing the soda package, will i be charged for orange juice or black coffee in the morning during room service or on the main cafe? Sorry to bombard with so many questions, i've only ever cruised on a Carnival ship 9 years ago... And it feels like Royal Caribbean wants to bleed me dry of my money when they already charge a hefty amount for the cruise itself. :unsure: Thanks in advance!
  20. I'm looking to book a hotel in Fort Lauderdale pre-cruise. Sailing on Harmony Feb 11th. We have stayed in the Atlantic before and although its ranked a 5 star, it wasn't worth the money. Looking for other suggestions, 4 stars and higher only. Many thanks!
  21. Hello friends! I am not a regular traveller, but loves to take a vacation once in a while. I have went for cruise only once in my life time and that too several years back. Now my wife and I are planning a month long vacation next year by April-May. We haven't decided on a destination yet, but Bahamas and Caribbean islands are what we have in our mind. We are not even sure if it is a good time to go there. A little advise on that would be great. The rough plan we have is to visit both Bahamas and Caribbean islands in a cruise trip, then spend rest of the vacation somewhere in Caribbean islands, possibly in a good resort with a good view of nature. I would like some advise there as well. While searching on the internet, I found a few resorts in Barbados like The Crane, The Club and a few others. As we know nothing about any of those, we haven't decided anything . Anyway, the return trip will be by flight. This is just a small plan we made within a couple of hours. We will be making changes according to the situations and what the experienced advises us to do. Is there a cruise line that could fulfil our plan? Any other good suggestions to make our vacation as perfect as possible are also welcome.
  22. Hey Matt! Hey everyone! We're just back from our fabulous RC FOS cruise, and, of course, we loved it! Matt, you and I had some previous discussions, and I was to report back to you about a few things (one of which was about the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater). I believe what follows covers it. What I have done is simply copy and paste what I wrote to Royal in their cruise follow up survey. I look forward to all of your thoughts, input, and feedback. *********************************************** First, let me say that we are "Loyal To Royal." We have never sailed with anyone else (with the exception of when I was a small child on a family vacation on NCL, but I did not have a say back then). So when I offer some criticisms, please know that it is with the best of intentions to help improve something I love: Royal Caribbean Cruise Vacations! That said, the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater was not up to the standards I know you have for your company. The whole production, from the start in the Star Lounge to the finale in Gionvanni's Table, was flat and boring. After seeing the rest of the week's performances, I know that the fault does not lie with the performers. However much they may have tried to bring the show to life, they failed. Which was very disappointing, because we were excited to be starting out our cruise vacation with a bang! The show was scheduled for the first night onboard. What a way to kick things off! Or so we thought. Though let me state clearly, in no way do we allow the show's failure to cast a shadow on Giovanni's Table. The food and service met our expectations for quality, even if it did not meet them for style. Somehow Giovanni's Table is far superior on the Oasis of the Seas. Contrary to Giovanni's Table, Sabor ROCKED!!! I had absolutely no intention of going to a Mexican restaurant on a cruise ship (and we skipped it on the Oasis). But, I was cajoled into at least trying the guacamole and margaritas. So in we went. I got turned around 180 degrees! Now I will demand that everyone go to Sabor! It is an absolute Royal Caribbean MUST DO! And we are so fortunate to have Sabor, as well as the other specialty dining options, because the food in the Main Dining Room has declined to the point that we will no longer be going there, but will instead opt for the Windjammer or just about anything else. What the heck happened!? I cannot say that we were ever blown away by the food in the Main Dining Room, but we have never been this disappointed. Out of the few dozen items presented throughout the week, there may have been 2 or 3 that were enjoyable. 2 or 3!? Is that the Royal Caribbean standard? I do not believe it is. I sure hope not anyway, because we love the atmosphere and the service there. The staff is always exemplary, and Edwin Santos and Olivia Chiriac were no exception. Which brings me back to the service we received at R Bar. As I said in the earlier question, Alok, Cookie, and Heidi were fantastic! I wanted to take them everywhere with me as my personal staff. What I really wanted was to take them home with me! The fact is, Royal Caribbean's crew is 99% perfect. There is an oddball here and there, but it is so rare, that I am quite sure it goes unnoticed. But, these three were the crème de la crème! As was Casey Pelter. He is the best cruise director we have had so far. Not much else to say on this point - just wanted to give him some credit. And that takes me to the entertainment. I have already stated that the production crew was top-notch. That cannot, however, be said for all of the headliners. Mark Cordes was fabulous! He had the entire room rolling. And John Caponera should take lessons from him. Mr. Caponera's attempt fell far short of the mark. And it was not just his style of joke telling. He simply was not witty enough to pull it off. The same could be said for Karen Grainger. While her singing ability cannot be denied, her act was in desperate need of professional help. I think that she is on to something, but it just is not fully baked yet. Which is more than can be said for Drew Thomas. His "magic show," if you can call it that, is little more than theatrics mixed with the same old routines that have been around for a century. A magic act is a hard thing to sell, so if you are going to try, the act had better be cutting-edge. It had better WOW the audience. There was very little head-scratching in that room. What was WOWing was the behind-the-scenes crew. That ship, as is every other Royal ship, was immaculate! It is so impressive that something that size, and something that is now 11 years old, could look and work that well. The art was wonderful! We stopped to look at everything. We did notice though that some of the music choices were odd. I am not sure what you are going for in the Promenade. Or, for that matter, in the Bull & Bear pub. What is up with Sam Collins!? Was he put there to help the seniors take naps? I love the British pub on the Oasis, but I only stepped into this pub to get a quick drink, then ran for the door! Which brings to mind one last criticism: why were you out of so many items ship wide? Several times a day, at several locations, this or that would not be in stock. At Boleros, it was the coconut rum. At Bull & Bear, it was the Spaten. At R Bar, it was glassware. At Sabor, it was one of the featured margaritas. At one of the pool bars, it was the strawberry puree for the daiquiris. At the Viking Crown Lounge, it was the sambuca. I could go on and on. I have never experienced anything like this on any other Royal ship. It was very strange. Fortunately, the wonderful crew at the bars did all they could to make up for the failure that was clearly being made way above their heads. The crew bent over backwards to try to please. Is there some officer who is in charge of such things? Where was he? Thank goodness for the crew! All-in-all, taking the bad with the good, the failings with the WOWS, the Freedom of the Seas still amazed. We loved our cruise vacation, and will continue to be "Loyal To Royal." In fact, we are already booked on the Navigator of the Seas for the April 14, 2017 sailing to the Southern Caribbean! We cannot wait! Thank you Royal! We love you!
  23. Hey Guys! New to the forums, I was previously on a well known cruise site but left after disagreements with some censorship on the forums by the admins. So thought I'd give this site a go! I'm from Birmingham in the UK, and I'm really looking forward to my next cruise aboard Explorer of The Seas in October this year - we're going for my 30th birthday! Tom :)
  24. If you have just been on a cruise welcome back. How about giving us a brief view of the ship you were on and where you visited. Don't forget to leave a full review in Matts cruise reviews tab at the top of the page.
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