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Found 6 results

  1. I have a bunch of random dining questions so I'm just going to throw them all in here: 1. Is it actually worth it to buy a dining plan for a five night cruise? 2. Thinking about purchasing the chops plus one option. Has anyone ever done this and enjoyed it? 3. Does the $35 come with the chops plus one plan? Does it still not apply to izumi? Would it work for lobster in the main dining room? The reason I'm asking is because there's such limited dining on our ship, there aren't too many a la carte options that I'm aware of... I'm sure there are many lol 4. We're thinking about purchasing a beach club pass. How's the food at the beach club? I heard it's worth the purchase just for that! 5. With the dining plan, I know you have to schedule your first choice either the first or second night. What night would you guys recommend skipping the MDR? Right now, my plan is to eat in the main dining room on the first night, and the two port days, specialty dining during sea days. Is there any specific days you would also recommend going to the MDR?
  2. Hi, all! I was wondering if anyone knew how the lunch worked for Chops on Embarkation day? I know the Key lunch menu is served in the MDR, but the Cruise Planner shows a more robust menu for Chops lunch. I have heard it go both ways that Chops serves the Key menu on embarkation day (not on others) and that it does serve the menu listed on the Cruise Planner. Can someone who has cruised recently let me know? If it helps, this is for Enchantment of the Seas in September 2020. Thanks in advance for all of your help as always!
  3. I saw something new in the dining section during my practically daily Cruise Planner stalking and thought I'd post about it here. It's a new package that is for Chops along with any other specialty dining restaurant. I see it in both my Nov Grandeur sailing and May 2020 Harmony one. The below screencap is from Harmony, but Grandeur has pricing at $59 pp. It looks like they would make you dine at Chops on night 1 and then you can pick any other night for the other restaurant. I wonder if this is a follow up to reports of Chops being excluded from packages on certain ships (Allure being the one I hear mentioned most often). Also I just noticed this in the terms and conditions "Second dinner of package may not be redeemed in Chops Grille. "
  4. Hi all, I have attached copies of the specialty restaurant menus available on Explorer of the Seas. I feel hungry just looking at them again. Chops_Grille_Explorer - Menu.pdf Giovannis_Table_Explorer - Menu.pdf Izumi_Menu - Explorer.pdf
  5. We decided to celebrate the first night of our first ever cruise by making reservations for dinner at Chops Grille. My question concerns tipping the wait staff. Does the $35 upcharge include the gratuity, or does it come out of the pot of tips we have already prepaid? I guess I'm asking if I need to leave an additional tip, or has it been taken care of in advance? Thanks!
  6. Greetings! We are going on Freedom in March 2017. Trying to make dining reservations using the cruise planner, and when making the reservation for Chops Grille it is charging me $35 per person, even for the two kids aged 8 and 4. It is showing $210 for the 6 of us rather than what I think should be $150.... What gives? Does it charge immediately or is it just a hold? Thanks!
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