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  1. Well, it’s definitely not my beloved Intercontinental Miami, but it will do for one night. We booked a two bedroom suite with a shared bathroom. At check in, they asked if we wanted two separate king rooms (next to each other), that gives us 2 bathrooms. We took the 2 separate rooms. Same cost. Kids are beyond excited. The rooms are pretty much identical so pics of just one here. Atwell Suites-Miami Brickell
  2. We did our usual. Checked one large 29 inch one. Carry on four 21 inch ones. The majority is in the carryons. Only larger liquids and Hubby and kid shoes are in the checked luggage. And our evening wear. Safe!
  3. Wow! That week went by so fast! I forgot what you told me, you’re staying in Florida for a few days after this right?
  4. I feel like those on SW flights got enough notice for this one that they could drive if they had to. There are quite a few in the roll call group who are doing that.
  5. Oversold flight here. They are now offering $600 Visa gift cards for people who want to take a later flight. Easy pass lol
  6. Next year we are on Odyssey. NYE 2024 we wanted Wonder but not paying those prices. So now I am waiting for OA and SY to release their itineraries.
  7. Made really good time this morning. Not a single car at the border. Driveway to terminal in 45 minutes. Now all checked in. Need a coffee asap!
  8. Health Status questions for anyone wondering what it looks like now. This is the last step of online check in. Have I mentioned how great it feels to not have to test? Love it.
  9. Umm…ok…no comment. Status: it’s about 2:30am, very tired; but about to leave this behind for 80° weather so it’s all good.
  10. Off to bed! Tomorrow we take off to warmer parts, thank goodness! Cannot wait to get back into my flip flops. Lol
  11. 2 days out: It’s 3pm and not bad at all… Checked in for flight All packed Luggage tags printed Checked in for hotel stay All that is left to do now is have an early dinner and head to bed. We plan to leave our house at 5:00 am tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no flight interruptions. I already told Hubby that next NYE sailing we need to go two days ahead.
  12. Royal Up report: For anyone wondering, I placed bids on the ATS, Star Loft, Villa, and RLS. Tonight I received the email (in the post above) for all 4 of those bids. There have been some people in the FB group reporting that they only received the email for some of their bids, not all. When I check my status online, they are all listed as “submitted” still. In our roll call FB group, reports of people winning bids have been very few. Just one person reported a win from a week ago, interior to boardwalk.
  13. Signs of a great Genie for sure. Same thing happened to us for one excursion in Norway. Totally unexpected but so impressed by the small gesture.
  14. Ugh! The “we will review your request onboard” email has arrived , 3 days out
  15. After reading this, I just took a look and SY has updated night one to Night 1 Formal, and Night 2 and 6 also formal.
  16. If it were any other category, I would cancel. But for star, I would gladly unpack and pack it up again to move
  17. I wish! I'm afraid that I am struggling with no Genie on this one. lol All my RU bids still say submitted so I'm not really holding my breath. Besides, not only have I never won anything, but I would have some major explaining to do with Hubby if I actually won.
  18. Taking a break from packing and look what I discovered! A room became available for Friday night. Only about half the price for 4 seats at the Rising Tide bar for NYE! This is the same suite we got upgraded to back in July when we sailed Freedom. We only paid 15% of that cost lol
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