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  1. I am pretty sure I will soon find out what happens in that case. 😕
  2. @Wilmsta, I noticed that you are from the UK so I am not sure how the policies work. Here in North America, once you have 3 on the reservation, it locks in the price. The 4th person would just pay whatever your 3rd person rate is. The FCCs complicate things in the sense that they are supposed to be used for the person on the certificate. If one of your FCCs has the 4th person's name on it, then you should be free to apply it for them. However, if your FCCs do not have the name of the 4th person on it, I doubt they would let you apply it. That being said, because of this cancellation mess lately, I have heard of exceptions where they have allowed the FCCs to be reissued to someone else, and even in my case where I could stack them. But like @WAAAYTOOO said, these are exceptions and YMMV depending on which rep you speak to, and how much of a fighter your TA is (that was the case for me, it was all my TA, cannot take the credit).
  3. It was my understanding that they would roll it together in one. For our March sailing that was cancelled, we had applied an FCC and when we got back our new FCCs, it was rolled. I’ll have to see what happens to my August Oasis sailing that I am pretty sure will be a bust because we took our March FCC and applied it to that.
  4. @twangster you might want to try your luck. Someone in another group lost her ATS on Allure and they moved her to a JS on Liberty. She fought it and now today they moved her to an ATS on Symphony, she had to move her sail date but they kept her pricing the same. YMMV
  5. We are the same! The mask doesn't bother us. Hubby wears one daily for work and the kids and I love cruising so much, we could care less. I just need Canada to lift that quarantine upon return order. lol
  6. I don't think that you can L&S to a holiday week. We tried that for the December Villa sailing and they said that Christmas and New Years and other holiday sailings are excluded from L&S.
  7. They have gone through several rounds of cancellations now since March, and they have always allowed the two options. I don't see them changing that. They usually do right by their customers. But you never know.
  8. Yes, that it the rule. However, I have heard of some TAs being able to still get it moved to them even beyond 60 days, especially if you have not made final payment yet. YMMV
  9. I know, I feel bad for saying it. 😕 That being said, we still paid our final payment for our Royal Loft on Oasis that "sails" late August, because you are right, I would feel even worse if they sailed and we cancelled. lol
  10. PSA: Lots of people have been adding and removing sailings lately. Just a friendly reminder that if you wish for your sailing to be added to the master list, I need 3 things from you: 1. Ship 2. Sail date 3. Year I cannot add you if any of that info is missing, not a mind reader lol.
  11. +1 on this point. Like others have already mentioned, because this is a suite, if you did not make final payment and cancelled before that, all you would get back is FCC. I don't think you would lose the $100pp if you cancel under CWC, but you will still get back FCC only, not cash. If you are a risk taker, then like @WAAAYTOOO mentioned, I am also of the mindset that Oasis will not be sailing out of Bayonne anytime this year. You could chance it, make final payment, hope that it does get cancelled, and at that point, you can request a full refund. I don't envy you. I am going to find myself in this very situation come September. 14 of us are booked in the Villa on HM in December. Because of the way the price P1&P2, that really messes it up for the others. I am really praying that we don't have to make this choice in a few months.
  12. There might be. 😉 I think it depends how crafty and how much of a fighter your TA is.
  13. My Oasis sailing in August also doesn't show it but I am pretty sure that one isn't happening anyways since it's out of NJ.
  14. Yes. I just last did it in December 2019 for our March 2020 cruise. We applied the FCC about a week after final payment and we got the refund back on our credit card.
  15. You can most definitely re-price a sold out category. I just track the categories around the one that I booked and when those drop, I contact my TA and she checks on my category for me. More times than not, when there is a drop in others, there is also a drop in the sold out one. I have saved thousands over the years this way.
  16. This is why you want the exclusivity of Deck 17!! 😜 #teamDeck17 #suitesnob
  17. IMO, nothing beats the WOW factor of the loft and being on Deck 17. I would take loft over OS any day, with or without my two kids (11, 13). Also as @CGTLH mentioned, that second full bath downstairs makes a huge difference with the kids. It's not as narrow as it looks in some pictures and videos. Even with the couch pulled out, you still have a bit of walking space in the downstairs area.
  18. @twangster’s explanation is better than everyone’s. It’s hard to beat a bot. 😉
  19. Interesting...the only time I have heard of that happening is when the TA marks it to go to them only. The FCC belongs to the passenger, it "should" go to you direct.
  20. Quantum, up till now, does not have Royal Suite Class (Sea, Sky, Star) because she sailed out of China. Sailings out of China do not have the Royal Suite Class program. There has been a lot of talk (and no answers) as to whether that will change for Quantum she she arrives to sail Alaska. Not to my knowledge. Except the sailings out China. They have a different suite class system.
  21. Return time on the FCC can really vary. Royal will send you an email directly and your TA (that the sailing was booked through) might also receive a copy of it.
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