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  1. Quick question. We are going on Liberty this April. Can we rebook this cruise at the My Next Cruise office? If so, would we receive any perk from them? After that, would I be able to transfer this reservation to MEI to be part of the group cruise? And if so, would I retain any bonuses I may get?
  2. This may be a silly question, but are the shakes included in the drink package?
  3. I unfortunately have to cancel this itinerary... Because I'm joining Matt for the Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS for getting my schedule worked out. :lol:
  4. We called last night as soon as the booking window opened. The moment we got in, it seems like they were having website issues as they asked us to call back 15-20 min. We did end up booking it, but we still haven't received a confirmation of our itinerary despite the fact that the deposit was already taken out of our bank accounts.
  5. My wife and I just booked the Symphony of the Seas cruise for December 8, 2018 going to St. Kitts, St. Thomas, and Nassau on an Ocean View Balcony Room. I really wanted the Thanksgiving weekend, but Uncle Sam needs me to come in for duty. But nevertheless, I'm way too excited!
  6. That's what I was afraid of. I want to use Vegas for example, I always have the mentality that I'm going to bring my own bottles of drinks to save money. It's just something about being on a vacation that gets you hyped up and excited that you lose just a tad bit of control sometimes.
  7. I'm going on my first ever cruise next month, and I'm super excited! One of the struggles I had was deciding if I should get the deluxe drink package. For awhile I thought it wouldn't be worth it, but after listening in the podcasts, I ultimately decided to YOLO book it, and here are reasons why! 25% off was enticing. I got the package for about $44 a night, and seeing how each drink is about $12, I don' think it would be difficult to drink that much throughout a day. We booked a 5 night specialty dining package, so it's great that you can use it at the restaurants. I'm sure I'd want to tr
  8. Johannesburg and Cape Town are places that I must visit. Does RCI even offer cruises to Africa?
  9. March is taking too long! 2018 will be the year my wife and I do Europe. And hello from a fellow individual that resides in Dallas!
  10. Complimentary!? Oh man, thanks for the heads up Wilson.
  11. That's exactly what I read so it raised even more questions for me. It didn't help that I read the post about enjoying sushi sitting at the balcony. Like yourself, I can't refuse a good sushi and I feel like the Windjameyr's (yeah I went there) sushi won't be the same.
  12. Quick question for those who has sailed Liberty of the Seas lately. Was Izumi Express available on board when you all went? Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm waiting patiently for RC to release their European itinerary for 2018. If there was a trip that covers both Rome and Santorini or Myknos, I would be a very happy person.
  14. Prices, vacation days aside, what's an itinerary that you absolutely have to do at least once in your lifetime? What would it be, and what ship would you want it to be on? Mine would be doing a Transpacific trip that has New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, and ends in Vancouver. I preferably want to be on a Quantum class ship. Even though I've never been in one, it seems like a fun fleet to be in.
  15. This is one of my dream trips. I wish they released the 2018 schedule already since I'm booked up this year. I'm trying to get my wife to watch sports, so we decided to start this tradition that whoever wins the Super Bowl/NBA Finals, we would then visit that city. It just so happens New England won, so I'm using it as an excuse to book another cruise.
  16. Ofcourse! And if you enjoy similar types of beer, I do suggest Belching Beaver's Viva La Beaver. It's a Mexican chocolate milk stout. It's like an adult version of chocolate milk, and who doesn't enjoy a nice cold glass of choccy milk? lol.
  17. You make me miss living in San Diego and spending time at Ballast Point.
  18. I love me some porters and stouts. I hope you've tried Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, it is amazing. If only they have my New Holland Dragon's Milk Stout, I would be set for the cruise. :lol:
  19. That is an interesting point and thank you for the pointer. IF we get a call about something like this, I would be sure to ask about this information. I appreciate the input!
  20. That's awesome! I hope we get the same luck as you do. I'm not gonna lie, I'm trying to get as much C&A points because I want that discount for the beverage package lol.
  21. I'm excited and scared about trying Sabor. I'm excited because of all the great things I've heard about it, and I haven't had decent Mexican food in awhile. I'm from Dallas, but I absolutely can't stand Tex-Mex. I'm scared because I'm picky with Mexican food being raised in San Diego where I was minutes away from Mexico. I have a feeling I'm gonna eat so much guacamole during our cruises. Can't wait!
  22. Thanks Matt. I figured that would be the case. But hey, I'd be putting my best Jim Carrey face and say there's a chance.
  23. I saw that it's usually reserved for higher tier C&A members, but I just wanted to see if anyone experienced doing that before? Here's what it says on their site. Crown & Anchor Stateroom Upgrade Policy: Our ships regularly sail at full capacity. Therefore, opportunities to upgrade are offered on a limited basis. If available, upgrades may be offered at the sole discretion of Royal Caribbean to Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club. To determine which members may be extended an upgrade, we will consider the member’s Cruise Points and tier level, stateroom category paid and booking date
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