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  1. I had not been on Radiance previously in order to offer a comparison, but overall the common areas were in good condition and all looked nice. From what I understand, most work was behind the scenes along with some carpet and tile replacement.
  2. Thanks for the input Rekkie. Multiple times there was no coffee in the cafe adjacent to the main Windjammer. I even went into the Windjammer itself (prior to opening) and the attendant at the coffee station there suggested I go to the Park Cafe, which was not scheduled to be open either.
  3. Our first four cruises with Royal caribbean have been great. Two times on Independence, once on Freedom and once on Brilliance. At this time we are beginning day four of a Northbound Alaska Cruise on Radiance. Overall I would say things are ok, we did have a recent highlight where we won $300.00 OBC. I am generally positive and not demanding, but do like things to be as they should. With that said please let me express my disappointments: Day One - we arrived at our junior suite after they announced that all cabins were ready. We found that the carpet had obviously not been vacuum
  4. Another video link: http://www.kgw.com/news/ship-work-brings-millikons-to-loccal-economy/191057849
  5. It's a little short on details, but here is a link to a video reporting about the refurbishment of Radiance of the Seas in Portland: http://koin.com/2016/05/12/dry-docked-ship-brings-jobs-money-to-portland/
  6. Only the card that will be used onboard (tied to your seapass acct) will be needed.
  7. Our first cruise was on Independence in 2013...Like many of the rest of you, we are cruise-a-holics now and cruise as often as time off allows. In between we do as best we can to get our fix from the RCL Blog, podcast and periscopes.
  8. I have to say, I'm in almost complete agreement with you. I do like seeing the islands with the varied terrain (mountains). I'm not necessarily interested in the historical aspects of the islands and the beaches, shopping and water excursions seem to be very similar from island to island.
  9. Cruising is relatively new to us, but since 2013 we have taken four cruises covering seven different ports, with three additional cruises scheduled through February 2017. Two of our upcoming cruises are to destinations new to us and the other is back to familiar ports. So far we have visited Falmouth, Jamaica, Basseterre, St. Kitts, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Labadee, Haiti, Cozumel, Mexico, Phillipsburg, St. Martin, and Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Even with our limited cruise experience, we have begun to develop opinions about the ports of call. Our opinions aren’t based solely upon activ
  10. Sorry about the formatting. It did not translate well when I copy and pasted from Royal Caribbean website. The link is valid and the same info is there.
  11. This is a link to the Royal Caribbean website suggesting what to pack, the number of formal nights dependent on the cruise length, suggested attire and what not to bring on a cruise. In short, I was looking for the number of formal nights for a 9 night cruise when I came across this: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/whatToKnow/whatToPack.do Cruise Length Casual Smart Casual Formal 3-night 2 0 1 4-night 3 0 1 5-night 3 1 1 6-night
  12. Good question we had a Category I - Large Ocean View Stateroom
  13. Just a few thoughts about our ocean view cabin aboard Brilliance: Our ocean view cabin 3102 on Deck 3 was as expected regarding size and amenities. It's nice to have a large window to look out, but I wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars extra for the advantages over an inside stateroom. Unlike our Freedom Class Oceanview which had the head of the bed right under the window; on Brilliance the bed is turned 90 degrees and there is a little walk room between the bed and window. We like being relatively close to elevators rather than walking down long hallways. This room met that criteria as i
  14. Any other Royal Caribbean Blog followers on this cruise to Alaska in May?
  15. Who, besides mpoole3 and me, is on the Briiliance of the Seas four night cruise to Cozumel March 31?
  16. We booked a 2017 Oasis cruise at the Next Cruise office onboard Freedom during our last cruise and will receive an additional $100 stateroom credit on Oasis. Recently, I called to see if I could change from an inside stateroom to a balcony stateroom on Oasis and pay the increased rate, unfortunately I was told I would lose the $100 dollar stateroom onboard credit even when moving up and paying more. At this point I don't want to take that hit and will wait to see if the higher category price drops before forfitting the onboard credit. Any other suggestions?
  17. It seems that some equate nice dress with being uncomfortable, which does not have to be the case. While I’m not opposed to something less than formal wear, I prefer a jacket and tie for dinner most nights and do not feel a need to change prior to attending a show or evening activities. I do oppose cruise wear being reduced to the least common denominator, or dumbed down to the Walmart standard.
  18. Freedom Class ship, several entertainment options for adults, Adventure Ocean and Dreamworks for kids as well as seven nights instead of four. I've never been on a Disney Cruise, but strongly encourage a Royal Caribbean cruise!!!
  19. Old San Jaun was a stop for us and not an embarkation point when we were on IOS in 2013. That being said, when we returned to the ship there was a significant line to get back into the port area. Does anyone know if RCI uses the same port for initial embarkation as it does for stops in San Juan?
  20. ScottStein1: It is disappointing to hear of your bad experiences with the MDR food and bar supplies throughout the ship. We were on FOS in September and had a different experience in the MDR. The service was good and the food better than what I had experienced twice previously on Independence of the Seas ( and I wouldn't say in was bad on Indy). Of course this time I was less adventerous with my selections. Our issues on FOS dealt more with empty soap dispensers in our stateroom as well as in public restrooms throughout the ship. The crew was wonderful and the officers ever present. Over
  21. The avaialbility of programs for all ages and the value of a Royal Caribbean cruises are what keep me coming back. If the value goes away, as it has for Disney, then I will unfortunately have to look for other options. Until then, it's happy cruising with RCI !!!
  22. We've cruised Independence of the Seas twice out of Port Everglades; once on an 8 night and the other on a 6 night. Both were great experiences and I can't knock the ship or either itinerary for any reason. The ship was in good condition and the crew treated us very well both times. Our most recent cruise was a 7 nighter on Freedom Of Seas out of Port Canaveral going to the Western Caribbean. Along with Canaveral being a closer drive, because of our two young grandsons, the availability of the Dreamworks Experience was a huge draw. With Port Canaveral being a closer drive, and the availabi
  23. I never feel the need to wait until late night for pizza, so it definitely dangerous for me. The Royal Promenade (especially Sorento's is my go to place when I'm looking for a member of our group. Spend enough time there and one of them will come by. Or maybe it's they're go to place to find me!
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