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  1. Well Crimson, hate to tell you....but there is no escargo offered on any of the beaches on the islands you mentioned!
  2. And the name of that card is????? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  3. Sorry Heather, I do not believe the Wonder docks at the port closest to the shopping area. The larger ships dock across the bay and you can take a taxi to the shopping area. Someone correct me if I am incorrect on this.
  4. Which ship will you be on? There are two piers where the cruise ships tie up at. One is an easy walk into town, the other not so much. Let us know.
  5. What ashame. We were there in 2016 and 2018 and had a wonderful time. Kareem was a perfect host. Too bad he has crossed to the other side. Your post isn't the first report of hid behavior either. It's really ashame. That was a nice excursion.
  6. This morning I saw two large black birds that appeared to be stuck together. As it turned out.........they were velcros.
  7. I have been using Michelle Cunnigham with MEI for a number of years now. I don't expect and perks nor discounts. I research the ship we want pick the room we want and when we want to go. I e-mail this info and the next day I get a confirmation email from her if not the same day. Never had a problem. The perks i get is from my Royal Caribbean credit card. It gets 2 points for every dollar spent on Royal Caribbean which we convert to on board credit. When we first started cruising with Royal I called in for a booking, what a pain in the a** that was. Then I joined this fantastic message board, learned about MEI and viola. No more Phone calls! Michelle has my RC credit card on file which she uses to charge my deposit when I send her a booking request. Michelle is really great, her email is [email protected]. Why not join the 21st Century and send her an email? She'll answer any questions you may have with the exception of "what is the winning lottery number for this weekend"? Oh, the hold time is a week.
  8. Did two back to backs on the Allure in 2016 and 2018. Would do it again. Nothing negative, but it has been a few years. Here's one thing I seriously doubt has changed. Go to deck 14, port side all the way forward. There will be a sliding glass door that takes you out onto the "wing" over navigation center where the captain and his crew control the ship. Do this on embarkation day from any port, especially Florida. It's really great. It will be windy so hang onto your hats and toupee!
  9. Not sure if "The Quest" is offered on Royal. Been awhile since we cruised. But, it is adult entertainment and lots of laughs. Just don't volunteer to be on a team! And if you are going to volunteer, be sure have a sufficient intake of alcohol before the show starts.
  10. We will be on the Radiance the end of August beginning of September. It's one of Royals land cruise packages and we will be in Denali for two days the end of August then down the interior passageway to Vancouver. Our first trip to Alaska, had the same trip booked in 2020 which was cancelled....coronavirus. Questions we have, hopefully from cruisers who have been on this cruise before or in Denali this time of the year. Hiking boots, rubber galoshes, raincoats, etc. Thanks. Robert
  11. How are the bugs (mosquitos specifically) in August and September. Anyone here have that travel experience? Thanks! Robert
  12. Thanks again everyone! Appreciate all of your comments. It's a go for us next year.
  13. Thinking about embarking next year on the Vision OTS out of Baltimore. Haven't been out of that port yet and would appreciate comments, both positive & negative, about this port. Specifically, ease to get there, parking, security, condition of the port. Thanks in advance. Here's a health tip for everyone: If you feel like you are hungry, you may just be thirsty. Try drinking a pitcher of margaritas and see how you feel!
  14. It's really all a matter of respect for the ship, the wait staff and other cruisers. How difficult is it for the men and boys to wear a pair of slacks, golf type shirt and closed toed (dockers, sneakers, deck shoes, etc). For the ladies, something comparable with nice sandals. NO FLIPP FLOPS please! Looking at someone's toes is not appetizing. Oh yes, and if the men/boys want to wear a sport jacket, that's great. Sorry, I'm old school. I remember when tuxedos and suits were required, or you were not allowed in the MDR. Things have changed, for the worse in my opinion.
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