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    Besides the great feedback you will get here, there is a site www.tripadvisor.com, you can put in the search bar "Navigator reviews" and 100s of them will come up. Just remember that some people use Trip Advisor as a place to complain and be heard, so take the reviews lightly.
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    RobertEurope reacted to sulross in Navigator of the Seas   
    I enjoyed the Navigator and crew very much when it was out of Galveston.  Sailed on it 18 times during the two years it was there.  It left Galveston last November.  Now we have the Liberty.  Crew is very friendly and will do anything to make your cruise enjoyable.
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    I've been on the Navigator twice now and loved it both times.  It is a beautiful ship with a lot to do, and was recently (within the last few years) refurbished.  You will enjoy it!
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    I've never been on Navigator myself, but it's one of those ships that I really can't say I've heard anything bad about and many people tend to gravitate towards this particular ship. My best friend got engaged on this ship, and she absolutely loved it. She had a lot of really good things to say about the Interior Virtual Balcony rooms as well. 
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    Sailed on the Navigator out of New Orleans a few years ago and it was great!  I am leaving out of Southhampton June 16th on a Baltic cruise so I would recommend the Navigator.  
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    I love Navigator.  I just sailed on her and you can see my live blog here: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/category/category/navigator-of-the-seas-live-blog
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    Been a year since I sailed the Navigator, but it was a very nice experience. First time we had been on anything larger than Radiance class. Have it booked again in January.
    The Royal Promenade and ice rink were great, but you know about these if you sailed the Allure. Navigator might be an Allure without the external boardwalk or central park. I would recommend it.
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