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  1. @DarinMHi! Me too... I am booked on Nov 14th, just created a roll call here but not much action, I recommend joining the FB group that has been created as well for 11/14 Harmony! Almost 300 people in there and active + fun! First sailing out of the US for Harmony let's goooo!
  2. Haha nice! Haven't started packing yet, I usually start packing most non-wearable items a few days before and clothes the day before (gotta have fresh laundry!).
  3. Welp, after doing some more thinking...I have also cancelled this cruise. Will wait to go on Odyssey until April 2022. Hope everyone has a great time!
  4. Just moved a few bookings around and am now on this sailing! Anyone else? Excited to be the first sailing out of the US on Harmony in 2021 ? PS -- would've totally done the RCL Blog group cruise on 11/21 on Harmony but I have a family wedding to go to that week... womp womp... PSS -- there is a huge facebook group for this sailing so come join us if you are booked!
  5. The Delta variant and whatever variants in the future are not going away. It is up to humanity to learn to live with these viruses, we can't let it continue controlling the rest of our lives. Yes, be careful and cautious but enjoy the experience.
  6. I think the limited options are due to the cruising restart + lower capacity + various changes made to port arrival/departure times. Basically expect the unexpected if you're cruising in 2021. Things won't truly be back to "normal" until sometime in 2022, could be summer 2022 for all we know! Just happy cruising is back, can't wait get back onboard!
  7. Any updates? I heard about a few others having the same issue.
  8. 2 days on Allure is going to be so hard!! PS -- my favorite ship and cruise of all time.
  9. Congrats @twangster!! Excited to hear about your experience as well. I know a few RCL Blog Insiders who are also going! I am not sure if you're one of them since I don't know your real name ?
  10. @CHRIS WONGI am staying in this exact same room when I board Odyssey in November. It's a great room perfect for 1 person! Looking forward to meeting you! I think you'll be in the casino so I will look for you there. Big fan!
  11. Bummer! Hopefully you're able to find a good replacement. I am pretty much staying on the ship the whole cruise lol.
  12. @MicDay @12thmanSorry about the Juneau excursion, which one was it? I've been to Juneau twice, we did the Mt. Roberts Tramway (not an excursion) and it was fun, epic views of Juneau w/the ships down in port. We've also done Mendenhall Glacier twice...visitor center + short mile hike (flat surface) to Nugget Falls. Enjoyed both very much.
  13. Woohoo! First ship is headed back to Alaska TODAY! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/19/first-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-sail-alaska-two-years-departs-today
  14. No official plans communicated here, but I think many of us are planning on meeting up at the bar on the pool deck during sailaway! I will be wearing a "Cruising With JT" shirt so you can't miss me ? My name is John btw! ?
  15. Great question. I am not 100% sure but I am guessing that there were some cancellations due to the mask policy. I don't believe people would cancel due to the shortened times in certain ports, as that could happen while you're ON the cruise.
  16. I renewed it in Oct 2020 even though I knew I wasn't going to travel until 2nd half of 2021, had a feeling things would be the way they are now. Got mine back 9 weeks later. So glad I did it then though as now people are scrambling to get theirs back or paying that expedited fee.
  17. I think COVID impacts everyone differently. I honestly think I had it when no one even really knew about it back in early December 2019. I had a 102 fever, cough that basically killed my lungs (couldn't even sleep), had to go to the doctor for some lung/breathing tests, loss my sense of smell and taste for about a week, the cough lasted about 3 weeks. My wife and daughter never got sick. I don't know what it was, but if that was COVID, you do not want to experience what I did. I am fully vaccinated now.
  18. Sorry to hear about the impact to your excursions in Juneau @12thmanand @MicDay I thought Royal Caribbean would work with the Juneau tour operators to adjust the timing of their offerings so guests wouldn't be impacted? They basically just lost business.
  19. I think the wellness check is where we show them our vaccination cards and they make sure we are feeling okay? Not sure if this where they would do temp checks but that's what I'd assume a wellness check is.
  20. Yay!!! Looking forward to seeing you and others at that time, it's going to be an amazing cruise ?
  21. Hooray!!! I know so many people who I regularly chat with here and on facebook that got the 12-12:30pm time slot! Should be great to see everyone in and around the terminal. I won't be hard to find... ? Wearing my "Cruising With JT" shirt! Let's get the excitement and party started early!
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