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  1. Can I assume that any cruise that is a "Test" cruise will be unvaccinated? And any cruise that is not a "test" cruise will be fully vaccinated? I will opt for the latter, thank you ?
  2. I may have to book a summer cruise too... and not wait for November... decisions decisions...let's see what happens!
  3. Not seeing any Ovation itineraries going to Glacier Bay National park? "Ovation of the Seas will also sail from Seattle, beginning in Auigust, and offer sailings to Glacier National Park, the Inside Passage, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska." https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/05/21/royal-caribbean-will-restart-cruises-alaska-summer-2021
  4. Sounds good!! I totally get what you mean with the terms haha it's been so long!! Well it must be excited to have a cruise booked so soon! I am tempted to book a solo cruise to Alaska but I got 3 other cruises booked later this year so not sure what I am doing yet! ?
  5. Yup, was posted on this thread here -- Odyssey can't catch a break! Hopefully only good news once she arrives in Florida --
  6. Hi Kathy!! I am not on this sailing but got excited to see your name back on the boards! Maybe you've been active but I just haven't seen the posts ? you'll be in my city in August! Maybe if you guys plan a meetup or something we can grab a drink! Cheers!
  7. It's a site accessible by travel agents only... I am going to guess Cruising Power.
  8. Yeah, either closed to booking or "closed loop" sailings... not sure...I've asked Nick, will let you know when he responds.
  9. Even if it is that, the damage is done. Remember the false positive that took place on Quantum of the Seas out of Singapore last year? Media went nuts over it. People don't remember that it was a false positive, all they remember and report was a positive test initially. The media sucks lol.
  10. From a fellow loyal Royal cruiser and travel agent -- chances are high that the November 15th sailing won't be the inaugural that many of us are booked on ?
  11. The US media is drooling for negative news, as per usual. The amount of stories that are negative vs positive is 99% to 1%.
  12. Ah I see... well as long as you don't mind the flight and going to Alaska twice in 9 months! ? We've been twice already but easy for us since it's a quick drive to port.
  13. YOLO! Is your May 2022 cruise to Alaska as well? I haven't seen 8-night itineraries before but may have overlooked some options.
  14. I still wear gloves when filling up gas! Luckily I have only driven about 1500 miles in the past year so filling up gas hasn't been too common!
  15. With the recent news of Royal Caribbean going to Alaska, I am wondering if anyone has already decided to book on one of these cruises? I am tempted to do a Solo room on one of the sailings since for me it's right in my backyard, 40 minute drive to Cruise Terminal here in Seattle...not too bad... and no flying... We went on Ovation in 2019 and had a wonderful time...it was with 10 others including my family...this time it would just be me for 7 nights...decision decisions... It's around $2500 for the week in a studio oceanview balcony cabin... I also have Odyssey solo booked in mid-November and then Navigator solo out of LA in early December... yay ?
  16. Nice...I wasn't a big fan of handshakes even pre-pandemic. I would literally go to wash my hands after I met anyone new or anything like that... germophobe here so you can imagine what the pandemic has done to me ?
  17. Hope they are fist bumps or elbow bumps and not handshakes ?
  18. This is great, although it makes me wonder. Does this mean that Royal Caribbean is actually going to offer cruises to unvaccinated people? That was what I got from earlier, that if you have 98% crew and 95% guests vaccinated, test cruises would NOT be required. The fact that they are doing this simply means they are going to have ships that will have unvaccinated people. Correct?
  19. Yay! I am hopeful for my Symphony cruise in February ?
  20. Exciting!!! Last weekend my wife and I were near Puget Sound in Seattle and I told her "the only thing that would make this day better is seeing cruise ships sailing away"... and now it might come true! PS -- we use to watch sailaways all the time from Seattle... if this happens in late summer, omg yes! Let's go!
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