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  1. The shows do change, but not every 2 years. Typically it will be 5 to 7 years before a new show is added to a ship, after a drydock has been performed.
  2. If you sail on a Royal Caribbean ship that has an actual Broadway show, the quality is very good. It really just depends on the style of show you prefer. None of the shows I've been have been terrible, but some are better than others. Currently, Oasis, Allure, Liberty, and Quantum of the Seas have Broadway shows.
  3. I agree with you. However, the private destination employs Haitians and they survive on tips and probably a very low minimum wage. It is similar to the crew on the ship. Personally I wish they would include tips in the cruise fare and do away with all this tipping nonsense. It is confusing and an old and outdated concept.
  4. We are suffering from a lack of "shock and awe" that we got from the Oasis reveals. I feel like I don't know much about these ships and they are nearly ready. Also I feel the advancements and innovations are less thrilling this go around.
  5. Unfortunately there are no cruises departing from Boston to Bermuda. There are options, however, from Baltimore and Cape Liberty for Summer 2015 to Bermuda. :)
  6. Bars onboard do have times posted in the Cruise Compass when they will close. Like others said some are listed as "late" with no specific time listed. I guess it would depend on the ship and demographic of people onboard. I've only sailed on newer ships with a lot of younger people, so the bars stay open later. On Oasis, the Rising Tide Bar was open way past midnight when there was a parade/concert going on in the Royal Promenade. And it was packed too. Also on Oasis several mornings you would get "wake up bloody mary's" at the pool bar starting at 8am! I've also seen midnight martini's in the Viking Crown Lounge. :P
  7. I carry my SeaPass card in my wallet along with my cash, ID and other credit cards. But many carry them in plastic holders hung around their neck or get a hole punched in them and attached them to a lanyard around their neck. I carry my wallet with me most of the time, so feel it is safer in there.
  8. Hello, So upon boarding the ship, your son and wife will have the same room keys. All you need to do is go to Guest Services and have an additional key made for your room so your wife can gain access. If you explain the situation they will understand and know what to do. Don't worry and enjoy your cruise! :)
  9. This is a great question. I will tell you, most people settle into an onboard routine very quickly. You find what works for you and repeat it each day. For me, I rise early. I always have and always will, no matter where I am. When on vacation I'm usually up by 7am. Especially when I'm on a cruise, I don't want to miss anything. After I shower and get cleaned up, its off to breakfast. For breakfast, I usually go to the Main Dining Room. I like a relaxed eating environment, so the Windjammer Marketplace really isn't for me. But that is not to say I don't go to the Windjammer at all. In the Main Dining Room, you can choose ordering from a set menu that usually changes from day to day or go to the walk up buffet. Or you can choose both, it's up to you. After breakfast I usually go back to the stateroom or I hit the walking track and check out the sights of where we are! I walk a lot while onboard, making sure I see the entire ship and always skip the elevator in favor for the stairs. Gotta feel the burn! Lunch again is in the Main Dining Room if it is open. It's only open on Sea Days. If not, then it's the Windjammer Marketplace for lunch or Sorrentos Pizza or Cafe Promenade. I try and go to the Windjammer a little before or after the lunch hour rush. It makes a more pleasant experience and the food is refilled and usually more fresh. Afternoon activities might include a nap, more walking, people watching by the pool, or sitting in the Solarium staring out the window, thinking "I can't believe I'm on a cruise!" One afternoon activity I partake in each day, is getting an ice cream (or frozen yogurt) cone by the pool. I try and keep myself to just 1 cone, but sometimes it's 2. I won't lie. I dress up for dinner each night. I dress up for work, so throwing on dress slacks and a button down isn't that big of a deal for me. My wife loves to wear dresses, so we always make a night of it. Dinner usually happens in the Main Dining Room. We check the dinner menu each day after lunch and if the menu isn't appealing, we book a specialty restaurant. We're totally not picky about food, but not thrilled with fish or Indian options. After dinner it's off to the nights show. After a few more drinks and a walk and stroll through the shops, it's off to bed.
  10. Yes! So there is a cocktail onboard Royal Caribbean ships called the BBC. It is Bailey's Irish Cream, Banana Liqueur and Colada mix. The BBC Creme Brulee is a take on that cocktail. So imagine creamy custard with a hint of Bailey's Irish Cream flavor and fresh banana. It's divine and part of the "always available" selection of desserts on the main dining room dinner menu!
  11. Great Creme Brulee photo! It is good. The new BBC Creme Brulee is good too! :)
  12. Lks, I hope your wedding was wonderful. One thing to note, Royal Romance is a separate contractor from Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean does not manage its own wedding and vowel renewal program. Royal Caribbean subcontracts spa services and its onboard shopping as well. I did have a few issues with my royal romance people, but once onboard the wedding coordinator and officiant were wonderful. Caz, I understand your frustration with locations and dates. One thing to remember, a lot of things on a moving vessel can't be guaranteed. A lot of stuff happens outside and most public places can't be made private for a wedding. I hope things work out for you and you get the wedding of your dreams.
  13. Also, if you love chocolate and coffee together, I suggest you have the Italian dessert Tiramisu. It is amazing and expertly prepared and served in the Main Dining Room on Italian night as well as in the Italian restaurant onboard.
  14. Of course! I always bring snacks on the ship with me. Honestly, you won't find a lot of snacks onboard, like chips, candy bars, etc. They do have a limited supply in the general store, but most of the food you'll be eating or that is offered on the ship is made on the ship and not snacky type junk food. People do bring bottled water and even soda/pop with them on the ship. Royal Caribbean says they will only allow 2 bottles of wine, but they most likely will allow water and soda. Also your stateroom fridge will have snacks and soda available for a fee.
  15. My wife and I are walkers. During the summer we walk 5 miles a day after dinner. So on the ship I have never felt the need to utilize the gym. I take the stairs and then we do a lot of walking usually using the walk/jog track. I eat and drink more when I'm on a cruise then I normally do, so I gotta keep up on the walking. :)
  16. Equally excited about Mamma Mia, Sonic Odyssey and Starwater. I enjoy the functionality and technical aspect of a space just as much as the content the show provides. Two70 looks like a really unique performance space. I hope Royal Caribbean does more behind the scene videos on how the Two70 performance space works. Still waiting for Wicked though... It would be so "popular". ;)
  17. I have seen the gyms onboard the ships but haven't use one or the spa. I'm not a super work out person so I don't feel the need to use the gym. I take the stairs when I'm on the ship and get my exercise that way. Nothing like seeing someone come out of the gym and wait for the elevator. :rolleyes:
  18. Hi Neil, Will your 12 year old be exploring the ship by herself or participating in the Adventure Ocean or Teen programs? There are different devices like walky-talky's and cellular based phones that you can use onboard the ship. Cell phone usage might incur a separate charge for using the ships wifi internet. Because your 12 year old requires medical assistance during the day, it might be a good idea to meet up a specified locations to check blood sugar levels. Older kids typically roam free, but teens in my group normally stick close to the family during the day and night. The ship you are sailing on will make a difference too. Some ships are huge and you don't want your children getting lost.
  19. I would be curious as to why Royal keeps changing their stance on NO. Is it financial? Are those taking cruses from NO not big onboard spenders? Do they need to discount the cruises to get people onboard? I can't imagine any other reason besides financial to justify the changes. My wife goes to NO every year for a public health conference and lets just say it isn't her favorite place to visit while traveling for many reasons. Also I've heard a lot of people say the Port of NO is very unorganized with long wait times to get on and leave the ship. Hopefully that has changed.
  20. Yes there will be several types of outlets available. Are your outlets different than European outlets? Staterooms have US and EU outlets.
  21. If you buy the all inclusive drinks package, you won't be charged for any additional alcohol you get that is included in the package you buy. You'll show your SeaPass card which will have a sticker or other notification on it telling the bartender you've purchased the all inclusive drinks package. You will only pay for alcohol that isn't included in the package, if you choose to buy those drinks. I don't know if the drink packages offered in AUS are the same as in the US. There are different ones that include different types of drinks.
  22. Hi Peter, Don't worry about tipping. Royal Caribbean will pretty much take care of it for you. If you feel that it is necessary to tip extra, then do so. Otherwise enjoy your cruise!
  23. Hi Peter, Typically waiters and stateroom attendants accept tips at the end of a voyage. Tips are automatic now, so not much you have to do. Royal Caribbean will distribute the money directly to your staff. If you want to tip over and beyond the recommended amount, then you can do so at anytime. Ship staff will not wait for tips after each and every time they serve or do something for you. :)
  24. Hi Peter, Are you sailing on a Royal Caribbean ship from Australia or from the US? If you're sailing from AUS, then all currency most likely would be AUS. Excursions are quoted in AU because you are viewing the Australian version of RoyalCaribbean.com. If sailing from the US, pricing onboard the ship is in US currency. If you pre-book excursions, you'll pay AUS price. Anything you buy onboard the ship you'll pay US price. You can pre-book excursions and drink packages or buy them on the ship. If you wait to book excursions on the ship, some might be sold out.
  25. I'm sorry this topic got off track. Like monctonguy said, tipping is automatic now so there really isn't much you have to worry about. Tips are collected for your Stateroom Attendant, Head Waiter, Main Waiter, and Assistant Waiter. Feel free to tip extra if you feel necessary. Enjoy your cruise! B)
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