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  1. All the replys are correct. One way to know is to watch your ship on marinetraffic.com. It's a cool website.
  2. I don't think they are talking about ships home ported in San Juan (Freedom), just those stopping by for the day. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Your ship will port on the South end of the most history packed concentrated area in the Western Hemisphere. There are two world class forts, the oldest churches in the west and a million other historic sites with in a 15 minute walk. There is plenty of shopping and restaurants, including a Senor Frogs right across the street from the dock. You can make San Juan a beach day, but there will likely be better beach days on your cruise. You can make it a tour day (Bacardi Distillery or the rain forest, ect), but with all you have right in front of you, there is no need. My recommendation is once you finish at Senor Frogs, walk directly West on the outside of the wall (it is a walled city, but the Eastern half of the wall has been removed). Once you curve around the wall you will see the city gate which is how the city was entered for centuries. Once inside the gate it's 2 blocks up the hill to an amazing Catholic Church (and by the way, I'm no fan of the Catholic religion, but this place is awesome). It's open all day long and contains the grave of Juan Ponce De Leon. Once out of the chuch head up the hill North and West until you see the El Morro. What a fort. Even my teenage daughters liked it. You can get ice cream and drinks about anywhere along the way. It's a nice day. Read up on it. OSJ is a great place. Find the sites you and your family want to see. It's all in a 7 square block area.
  4. Really cool pix. Thanks for sharing. CoCo Cay is not a big place.
  5. We actually agree. I think you make my point. I think it's crazy to have a full time ship in New York, but with 50,000,000 people within a 1 day drive, RCCL can fill a ship every week. It is not a purchase I would make. However, if given that trip, I would gladly take it in a heartbeat. So if anyone wants to pay for my wife and I to go on the Anthem in January, I can give you my email address. Kidding of course. Peace to you Ogalthorpe.
  6. Just checked Marinetraffic.com. It appears as though they just left NYC with Coco Cay as the destination.
  7. You are correct. The storm was in the South. However, you have to stay in the North, where it is cold, and you couldn't get South without going through it or waiting for it to pass before you go, which is what they decided to do. If you are in FL and there is a storm in the East and South, you can go West. If there is a storm in the Gulf, you can go East. If you are in the upper East coast, there is nowhere to go. Someone mentioned going North which you could do, but that's a bad back up plan in the Winter. Again, if given a free trip on the Anthem in January, I would gladly go, and not complain one bit. The thought of spending really hard earned money and ending up with what this week's travelers ended up with, it would be somewhat on me for choosing to sail from NYC in November or really October through April.
  8. marinetraffic.com is an excellent resource for this very answer.
  9. Well, I think we have our answer. I just checked marinetraffic.com. The ship is still in port. It was supposed to embark at 3:00 PM. No casino and no shops.
  10. If you happen to be in San Juan, the oldest church in the Western Hemisphere is just up the hill in Old San Juan, and it is a Catholic Church.
  11. Gotta agree on this. The jobs created to service the newly created area alone will be helpful to the economy. Even if people don't venture beyond the new area, food, drinks, local crafts and other stuff will be available and purchased.
  12. This is the part of Anthem out of NYC year round that simply doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. I guess when you have 50,000,000 people within a 1 day drive, you can always find 4 or 5 thousand to fill up a ship for the week, but it's only November and the weather is ruining vacations. I guess you can compare the cold weather in the Northeast to cruising in hurricane season in the SE Atlantic and the Caribbean. However, there are not always hurricanes in the Caribbean in September, and if there is, most of the time the cruise lines can work around them. A dome of cold weather in the NE is a given from November to March, and there is only 1 direction you can go to get out of it. You are pretty much guaranteed cold weather on the first day and the last day and hope that's all. If given a free trip on the Anthem in January, I would take it gladly. If making a choice with my hard earned money, I would fly to San Juan this time of year.
  13. Or, it you want, you can order both.
  14. So that would be before RCCL invested so many $ in Coco Cay. Makes sense these cruise lines want to protect their investment which makes the Mariner at Grand Turk this week scratch my head a little.
  15. I completely agree with your position on the subject. If your group (you mention "we") is all doing it, and it was a goal of the trip, it seems to me you have hit on the one way that it is productive to do it. My comment was based upon my experience where there was 4 of us (3 brothers and 1 best friend), and 1 did it. It turned out to be a drag on the group. Here is an example of how it would not work: for me to do it on a trip with my wife only or on a trip with my wife and children (21, 19, and 12). By the second day of my trip, their trip would be ruined, and I would have to drop out of the course to save it. I would want to save others from the same pitfall who don't think in advance just how involved the process is.
  16. I appreciate the effort here, but I would highly recommend not doing the course if you can avoid it. My friend did it some years ago on vacation. It dominates your vacation. The OP talks about it above. It was like he wasn't even with us. He was in class, in the pool, and had to study at night. If it's important to you and you have time do it at home before your vacation. Just my opinion, but it should be a real concern.
  17. I've never posted on a message board in my life. Only a nerd would do that. Oh shoot, I guess I'm busted by my rating. Just kidding. This is a great place for information about all of cruising... not just Royal Caribbean. I appreciate the atmosphere as well as the info.
  18. I did a little digging. The Mariner is scheduled to port there this week. However, it is a chartered cruise. RCCL must have been granted an exception for this ship this week, because it's the only ship not from the Carnival family I see porting there for the next several months. Interesting to say the least.
  19. I just noticed for the first time (that I have noticed), the Mariner is headed to Grand Turk (per cruisetimetables.com). Is this news? I thought only Carnival and it's umbrella of companies could go there because Carnival owns the dock.
  20. Thanks for all the responses. Seems like a pretty good way to go. Free parking at the Country Inn & Suites. Less than $100 (with taxes and fees) for the rental, and we can use it Friday evening to go to dinner as well as Saturday morning before drop off.
  21. Rather than start another thread on the subject, I tried to go back to older threads to answer my question, but didn't see it answered directly so here goes: We can rent a car from multiple agencies at MCO for $45 per day. That's pretty cheap for transportation to the port plus having it available for the overnight. Which agency is most convenient to the port?
  22. Thanks for the tip on Ace Luxury. To your knowledge, will they pick up at Sanford airport and drop at one of the Port Canaveral hotels?
  23. Highly doubtful I would highly recommend one of these repositioning cruises. We did one a few years ago (Ensenada MX to HI). It was a really good value. We had to check-in in San Diego and then bus to Ensenada.
  24. Why see a Bon Jovi or Journey cover band when you can cruise with the actual bands? I know Bon Jovi has done this. Not sure about Journey. Sixth Man is one company that does it (mostly on NCL). Carnival now has their own brand of music cruise.
  25. Yes, we did Ships and Dip twice and the Mayercraft Carrier. Gaelic Storm now does the Rock Boat annually. I'd like to do it. It's already sold out for next year.
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