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  1. You’ve proved my point! I just got off the Anthem TA then onto the Jewel for Iceland & Scotland. Both ships charged different amounts for Chops and they were more expensive and above these posting from others. As I said in my original post - RCL is over charging for many things that add up in the end to much more than a Princess, HA, MSC etc cruise. People hate change - I hate overpaying for what was a good cruise line. I also think people are finally seeing this as well. Tier status doesn’t mean anything anymore. You’re paying for those free drinks you seem to love… nothing in life is free people!
  2. Here’s what the app says - seems like even RCL can’t decide on how much to gouge their passengers… Princess’ Crown Grill killed RCL Chops not only in quality but for $39.99 a true value - wake up people you are funding their newest biggest ships that cater to families & kids. RCL is making it clear their focus is on that market. There are too many other lines that represent better value and are better experiences. Try them - you’d be surprised. I ask every member to check the app on their phones and see how many discrepancies we find. It would give you all a better grasp of what I’m saying about RCL.
  3. Yes, if you’re onboard - there is a trolley cart out front of Giovanni’s with a letter sized standup promoting Chops. It clearly shows $89.99 for one visit or a 3 pack option. Take a picture - I wished I had of …
  4. Totally agree Matt, The C&A perks were the reason RCL grew their brand to where it is today. You of all people should be aware the reduction of any of these coupled with the increases in base fares, specialty dining and once a day cabin service plus increases in gratuities have an affect on the overall experience. Princess's Crown Grill is up $10 to $39.99 - but we just got off the Jewel's May 12th sailing 12 night return to Amsterdam and the Chop's Grill (one visit only) is now $89.99 unless you buy the 3 pack. If your members want clarity or confirmation perhaps you could confirm that for them. It is indeed fact. No need to insinuate I'm a liar.
  5. I can assure you I'm no “troll.” If you had read my perspective on how expensive RCL has become your sensitive “RCL” toes wouldn’t have been stepped on. I’ve cruised many other brands that offer better experiences for less money. If that hurts your feelings about your beloved RCL then fine, but unless you’ve got examples of how RCL is not going head to head with Disney then I suggest you sail their new ships with “ family sized” water rafts etc. and then rethink your position. I might also suggest you personally ask other Pinnacle members for their take on what RCL has taken away- all the while holding top tier events to “ thank their most loyal guests.” Pinnacle isn't what it used to be, nor are the perks worth it. Explain how getting 4-6 free drinks make you feel good when you've over paid in the first place? How do you think people feel once they've attained the top tier to have the goal posts moved? My advice is for those that are in the C&A program is to rethink it before you spend too much money. Stop and calculate the total cost of an RCL and you will find they are over priced. How is that "trolling?" We just sailed the Sky Princess from FLL to SOU for 14 nights in a mini suite with WiFi, gratuities and a drinks package for $4500 USD for two people. Their drinks are almost half the price of RCL's and service ratio is twice that of RCL. My post was to help people see the dog & pony show (smoke & mirrors) RCL is actively promoting, yet once you’ve achieved the top tier you realize it wasn’t worth it. My experience obviously doesn’t match yours which again is fine. Perhaps opening your mind up might prevent you from calling others trolls in the future.
  6. We are Pinnacle and were loyal to royal until a year ago. The service, food and overall experience for the money has reached bottom for us. They've driven any value out with their pricing and reduction of services. We, like many pinnacle members have jumped ship to other brands and have found better experiences for less money. Everyone should keep track of all the money spent on things like WiFi, specialty dinning, drinks packages, spa visits etc. once tallied up many would be surprised at just how expensive RCL has become. Princess' Crown Grill price for one visit is $39.99 - RCL's Chops is $89.99 Princess' Absolut & Soda is $7.50 - RCL's is $13.99 These are just a few examples of where RCL is gouging their customers to pay for their new ships - which BTW no longer cater to people without children. They've gone head on with Disney which left us looking elsewhere. We are glad as we've found wonderful cruises on MSC Yacht Club, Princess' Suites. Stop being loyal - you're being gouged. Who cares if you get 4-6 free drinks a day when you've overpaid by $100's if not $1000's of dollars. We wished we had never drank the KoolAid that is Crown & Anchor. On average it takes $150,000 USD to reach Pinnacle - I cringe at having spent that on a 3 star cruise line.
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