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  1. I'd be for Bermuda and Bahamas just to get on a ship...plus my wife hasn't seen Boston before.
  2. wow...the Brilliance Group Cruise in October is $12.99, but I can't get the transaction to go through
  3. I think the changes for sanitation and to avoid cross contamination will follow the service styles in Cafe Promenade, Sorentos and Park Cafe, and possibly to manage the capacity of the Windjammer at peak times. They may also keep the entire seating area available during slow times when only a portion of the serving area is open. Other than potential crowding issues with more stanchions and crew in front of the serving stations to keep people from self serving, I don't think the changes in the Windjammer are insurmountable in the short term. Large modifications are not possible with all th
  4. We got a deal on Symphony, I think it was $125 on embarkation day...we were the only people on a tour....they were slow, and we decided to do it and loved it. Some days, we would use the thermal suite twice.
  5. The situation is untenable on all sides, and IMO, the cruise lines are doing what they can do with ever changing rules and multiple sources for them. Assuming they don't want to get crew home when all of the traditional tools have been taken away isn't fair in my view. There is one very informative YouTube channel that popped up recently on my feed that gives a really good picture of what is going on. It is run by an officer on the Coral Princess. This was the first video that caught my eye among the several that are really enjoyable and informative. If you recall, his ship was denied en
  6. I, like many others found the initial models taking into account mitigation (lockdowns) were many times higher in actual deaths than the reality. We can all be thankful for that, but when people started calling accuracy and disproportional response into question, they get vilified. They ask, why are the healthy quarantined especially considering 99+% survivability with the vast majority never noticing a symptom. At some point, I believe people are going to stop acting out of fear and more out of acceptance, and more out of good hygiene and consideration for those at risk at the same time the e
  7. I'm considering a July sailing on Majesty out of NO...and I put the odds at less than 50/50
  8. I was flabergasted two days ago as my wife and I were discussing travel to Hilton Head from Nashville in July which has traditionally been in the $500-$600 range. The lowest coach fare right now is $153 round trip, so if this conference we have planned happens, you can bet that we are flying directly to the island instead of flying to Savannah or driving.
  9. I agree with @vanelli56...you will know in plenty of time about the resumption of cruising in order to book flights and hotel...one thing you will see is that while flights are cheap now, they will probably be cheap for a while as the public gets used to traveling again. I would seriously consider purchasing travel insurance as you get closer, and maybe wait until there is more certainty about the cruise happening. It's always nice to have all the details wrapped up, and all you have to do is show up, but waiting seems like the best option right now. It might also make sense to look
  10. Or if you lose control of something after getting lit.
  11. I think it has to do with each Royal ship being a separate cost/profit center following the every tub on its own base. Logically, you could think of buying something at one target and returning it at another, but I think the balance sheet for each ship is so different that their systems wouldn't support such transfers. You could also make the argument that purchases are attached to your account instead of the ship. I would think that would be a huge change in their business philosophy.
  12. I would jump on that price now. If it goes lower, cancel and re-book, but it hasn't been that low since I started watching it over five years ago.
  13. Thank you for posting that article. I don't blame the companies, and I don't blame the crew members for anything they are going through. The US government has used the moniker that none of this is their fault, and the CDC appears to be punitive in how they approach this with these companies. I can't help but consider the fact that these poor people have been on board for months in most cases, and absent infection on board, WHAT IS THE FREAKING PROBLEM with traditional transportation considering that almost no one is traveling now? I just don't get it, and when I mix that perception with the fl
  14. I agree this could be a measure...what is being done in China now apparently has made Wuhan one of the places where no one will get the virus now. I've seen a couple YT videos, so you know how true that is ;p...I think the famous Black Mirror episode mirrors what is actually happening. At any rate, I do not favor state involvement in tracking in any way at all, ever...even anonymously. The governor of my state admitted they already do it so they can clamp down on movement. Your earlier point about how many have had the virus is the big question, and the recent video of the two doctors in
  15. My personal stance: 1. not interested due to latrogenic effects and past adverse reactions to flu vaccines as well as some of the ingredient lists (example, I have contracted the flu in years when I had the flu shot, and not contracted it in years when I haven't -- what would be different given all the conflicting information about how viruses evolve and mutate? --> a vaccine doesn't guarantee anything -- needs lots more time and research than the panacea of some expensive vaccine hitting the market quickly) -- I would prefer that my own immune system make adjustments with the knowledg
  16. here's a scenario where a good travel agent with direct connections to Royal's TA reps might increase your odds, but without a refundable deposit, I don't see them granting this...there may be some small print in the cruise contract that disclaims it for them.
  17. While I have been to Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park on the other side during sail aways, I get that it pales in comparison to the rocks...maybe some day soon.
  18. One of my favorite things with FLL is that when I fly in the day before if I am sailing on a weekend is to try to time the arrival of my flight with sail away times for the ships in port that day...sit on the right side of the airplane, and you might see an incredible, jaw dropping view of a ship in the Stranahan River making way to sea. I have nailed it twice...once with a sailing from Port Everlgades and another time with a sailing from Port Miami. You increase the likelihood if your sailing is on Sunday, and you fly in on Saturday. The first time, Freedom had a late sail away, and it w
  19. Nassau has been described in a derogatory manner by a lot of people...personally, I like Nassau for a place with lots of options if you know where to go. I have been to Atlantis and think it is over rated and too expensive...Blue Lagoon looks ok (I have not been there), but the prices I have seen seem high to me when there are other experiences...here are some ideas...I think you can have a great time there without buying the cruise line's excursions. Free Beach Day -- Junkanoo Beach -- about a ten minute walk from the pier on the other side of the British Colonial Hilton, just turn right
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