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  1. I have my doubts any one of the big 3 lines could last until 2022 w/o sailing. I don’t think they make it out of 2020 personally. It’s not out of the question that the RC Blog morphs into a tribute site where we all post about our pre-COVID19 experiences before the industry went bust. Sad but not out of the question.
  2. Wow when this whole mess started I thought we may have a chance with a Thanksgiving sailing! I’m doubtful we sail in 2020 at this point.
  3. NCL just extended through September.
  4. What are the security personnel really going to do though? You can start putting people on cruise ship jail for violations but at the end of the day whether anyone wants to believe it or not it’s all about money. Safety will be preached as a means to get people cruising again and back to making the money. Waiters and bartenders will not effectively enforce safety.
  5. I was in Key West this weekend and it’s basically the 2nd week after we have welcomed tourists & the first weekend that the bars were officially open for business. Everywhere you look (including US1 entry into Key West) there were signs “must wear mask and social distancing required in Key West”. Most of the restaurants were masks on until you sit at your table. Now I can tell you for fact that there were packed bars with no masks and no social distancing on Duval Street Fri & Sat pm because I saw it with my own eyes. I wonder what will happen on the cruise ships? It was basically busi
  6. Agree. If a mask is required when in a “public area” on the ship this will be a “no go” for many people. Besides being impossible to eat, drink or smoke with a mask on it’s also a hassle and this won’t last long. There is no way to police this effectively on a cruise ship during a vacation where people are looking to let loose. People are over this “pandemic”.
  7. I am very curious how this casino ordeal will play out. Just picture a hot roulette table on an Oasis class ship right around 9:00pm and you can see that social distance is going to be tough. Personally I am not going to pull my mask off every time I want to take a sip of my drink. Make no mistake about it though, RC will figure this out as a TOP priority. Without the casino revenue they will be screwed. Too much money pours into that casino for them not to be thinking about resolution moving forward.
  8. Yes you can with no problems.
  9. I have gone out of my way to destroy the Rimowa luggage and it just doesn’t break. The engineering is top notch. I don’t need a warranty because this luggage never breaks. Great company!
  10. Rimowa is the best if you are looking for hard sided luggage that will last a lifetime. We have owned a couple sets for more then a decade and the more beat up they get the better they look. Certainly more on the high end but it will be the last set you will ever buy that’s for sure. PS: don’t buy “hard sided” luggage with a perimeter nylon zipper closure because this DEFEATS the purpose of hard sided luggage. The failure will eventually be the weakest link which will most likely be the zipper system. Waste of money. Hard sided luggage is great because it’s secure but def takes some time getti
  11. Personally, I wouldn’t eat conch fritters or anything for that matter from that island. It was probably a contamination issue with the lack of food service safety oversight. If your gonna eat conch fritters, eat conch fritters in the conch republic. Key West has the best! Just about every restaurant on the island serves them as an appetizer. I think Hogs Breath Saloon has the tastiest.
  12. The grande canal water in Venice is now crystal clear w/o taxi boat traffic & people mucking it up. That’s a nice byproduct of COVID19. I too share WAAAYTOOO admiration for Instacart and also UberEats.
  13. Good point. I would add this to my list as well. I can see this happening especially with the media portrayal of a floating Petri dish.
  14. Once RC resumes cruising what would be your deal breaker in regards to a new safety protocol or something that is modified or cancelled all together? Example: face masks at the pool. For me it’s gotta be lack of access to speciality dining, time restrictions in the casino, cancellation of the sunset sail away party and making a reservation to swim in the pool. I think at that point I will officially give up on cruise vacations until something changes.
  15. Oasis of the seas 11/22 Thanksgiving sailing. IMHO the absolute best time to be sailing. Hopefully things sort themselves out before then.
  16. Agree. If RC wants club Royale members to spend money it should be convenient and comfortable.
  17. The buffet appears to be just the beginning of the changes. I’m not really sure I want to take part in a vacation with so many restrictions. Am I going to have to make a reservation to play the slot machines in the casino or sit by the pool? I’m going to wait and see how this plays out but it certainly doesn’t seem enjoyable or relaxing. Will I need to sip my beer through a straw inserted into a hole cut in my mask?
  18. “Mr Bayley, if you can hold out longer then Carnival can you please pick up the rights to Guy’s Burger Joint and put them on all of your ships?”
  19. Looks like Virgin has decided to aim for 10/15/20. Will others follow?
  20. With you 100% on this! For me (not my wife) there is not a chance I am taking a cruise without a casino. Certainly you could apply the logic of “if you just took the $ you were going to gamble and applied it to your cruise you would get your discount” but that’s no fun to me. Personally I enjoy the casino action (not so much the smoke) with a comped Red Stripe in hand at night. My wife & kids like to sit by the pool but I like to gamble. If you factor in the Casino Royale comps and the chance to win a significant amount of money in the casino IMHO I will always roll the dice. I understand
  21. I’m gonna get toasted for this statement but I would be happy to see the windjammer disappear. The crowds of people filling plates sky high with slop is just gross.
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