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  1. They might give you an on board credit. Cant hurt to ask.
  2. Even this group loves cruising.https://41.media.tumblr.com/c9825783b03c2360c05676e6e568313f/tumblr_n1kravbbsT1tu2slgo1_500.png
  3. The only place in the Caribbean I would ever consider venturing out alone is Grand Caymon.
  4. It really doesn't matter.... It is a policy covering all monies paid ...., ie: any reason
  5. Travel guard has a cancel for any reason policy.
  6. Yes. They have a channel on TV showing the position in real time.
  7. Has there ever been a time when multiple ships have been here at the same time? It seems to me it would me extremely crowded if so.
  8. The serenity of the night while on the balcony enjoying an evening cocktail hooked me.
  9. Nope, no Salami, pastrami, or corned beef :-(
  10. I have done just that. I have to admit though, it was a royal p.i.a. (no pun intended). It just wasn't worth the agrivation.
  11. It's interesting to me that nobody else from these boards will be on the Allure this Sunday (April 10). I am getting so excited, I can't wait!!!!!
  12. I wouldn't do that. They could dock either way every cruise.
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