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  1. Hi all, sorry if its already been asked. I'm new here and finding my way. what do you get with a junior suite? also what don't you get compared to a normal big daddy suite?
  2. I don't know if its the same but on Harmonys 22nd sailing they are doing a guaranteed suite option. I paid £1000 for 2 people and the suite is only an extra £200 so as matt says YOLO I've upgraded. only a junior suite mind but I get a bath! and double points :P
  3. Good morning from England my name is James, I've only been on 2 cruises so far but I love it ! it all started when I was at work ( Harwich international port) where brilliance used to sail from. and I saw the RCCL brochure in the cruise terminal. I started looking through the brochure and saw this ship called Anthem of the Seas, it looked so bloody amazing! so I had a word with the girlfriend of 5 years and we decided to book one of her maiden voyages which was a 3 night cruise in April 2015, we went on the ship and I was just blown away by it all! it was one of the best times I've had. I love the look of all the ship but I must say I think I have to be on a smart ship with the royal IQ, I don't think I could live without that app it was so useful, so that may limit what ships I can go on but I have harmony booked up in may and oasis in October.
  4. I will be peri scoping from harmony in May 22nd I will have VOOM internet so will periscope 3/4 times a day Edit my username is j_keeble
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