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  1. I know there are MANY ports around the United States where Royal Caribbean ships dock/leave from But what's the farthest you guys would be willing to travel for a cruise? There's only really two cruise ports that RCI sails from here in Australia; Sydney & Brisbane - well technically there's a third; Perth, but I've never seen RCI ships leave from there, so I don't really count that one. Brisbane is great, but it's also a 1.5 hour plane ride, which in the grand scheme of things doesn't seem that long, but the second closest port that isn't Sydney or Brisbane is Singapore... which is 8 hours away.
  2. When you say you booked Oasis, do you mean Oasis-class (if so, which one? I'm guessing something other than Allure - Symphony? Wonder? Harmony? ) or Oasis of the Seas? I'm assuming Oasis of the Seas but just double checking
  3. The closest port to me in Sydney is still 30-35 minutes by train.... but yes... time and money does add up quickly, between having to drive to the train station; or get dropped off, waiting for the train, walking another 15 minutes to the port and then waiting in line.... outside the terminal. You're right about the United States being very big though, I forget that the middle of the US is far away from everything else and anyone that lives there needs to travel further Likewise I am also envious of folks who can drive to their ports. I guess that's one of the downsides of cruising... if only we all lived near the cruise terminals....
  4. I feel like it's much easier cruising on Royal Caribbean in the United States than say somewhere like Australia. You guys have most of the fleet there, and I feel like it's much easier to make travel plans there (since you guys have many more ports there) Whereas in Australia, we only get two of the 23 ships at any given time (3 if we're lucky, lol) and the closest port that isn't Brisbane or Perth is like Singapore....which flying to cost almost as much as the cruise fare itself Alas, I guess that's one of the downsides of living down under!
  5. Does she have one suitcase just for all her different shoes and makeup?
  6. I believe, there's a section for that on the Royal Caribbean Blog's main webpage. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass You can filter by which ship, but not every single cruise compass is there (obviously, lol), and as far as I can see there's no 6-day cruise one, there is however, 7 day ones or shorter ones which might be similar?
  7. Here's hoping... although....if things settle down in Asia, they might send one of them to Asia instead?
  8. You're probably right, but by then, Utopia and Icon will probably be out lol. Maybe Royal Caribbean will give Allure her amplification then send her down here! I mean Ovation is great and I sailed on her back in 2017, but I would LOVE to be able to cruise on at least one of the Oasis class ships!
  9. Hi everyone, not sure if this is a repeat post (i.e. if this question has been asked before), and I'm new to this forum (so please be nice, lol) I know for the 2022-2023 cruise season in Australia we get two ships from the Quantum class - Ovation and Quantum, and we get one from the Vision-class; Enchantment I know in the past, we've had ships from the other classes, such as Voyager, Explorer, Radiance and I think we were supposed to get Serenade but that was cancelled due to... C19 Was just wondering, is there a particular reason why the Oasis class ships never come down under? It's not like Sydney/Brisbane/Perth are small ports I just don't want to have to pay for flights to the United States.... just to experience one of the Oasis ships Maybe in the future... Allure or Oasis will come down under - one can only dream (Seeing as how Allure and Oasis are the oldest in the Oasis class) (I doubt the cruising market down here is popular enough for RCI to send us Wonder, Symphony or Harmony :P)
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