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  1. Ecstasy of the Seas Spirit of the Seas Celebration of the Seas Paradise of the Seas Magic of the Seas Joy of the Seas Pride of the Seas
  2. Sensation of the Seas Ultimate Frontier of the Seas? Prospect of the Seas? Ecstasy of the Seas (not sure how Carnival would feel about that one though ) Elation of the Seas Glory of the Seas New Voyager class ships: Pathfinder of the Seas Pioneer of the Seas Surveyor of the Seas
  3. I mean they can't avoid P-named ships forever. There's only so many words in the English language I guess you could do PoTS to help remedy it being called POS?
  4. I'm kinda bored so let's play a game What do you think Royal could name their ships in the future? Here's a bunch that I thought of maybe like; Pleasure of the Seas Joy of the Seas & Nirvana of the Seas (these two were already trademarked, so who knows) Celebration of the Seas Solace of the Seas (this one is a bit iffy) Euphoria of the Seas (also trademarked already) Maybe a new class? Excellence class and the namesake ship will be called Excellence of the Seas? Maybe the second ship of the Icon-class will be called something like Celebrity of the Seas
  5. I think I'll email the CAS, calling them....from Australia, would cost more than a cruise itself
  6. Digging through my emails - I found out this was what I paid, Not sure what any of these mean...
  7. I know I'm 5 years too late asking this question, but I got curious, so thought I might as well ask, I sailed on Ovation back in 2017, and booked an Interior room with a virtual balcony - which according to Royal Caribbean's website, has an occupancy of up to 4 people, but I was a solo cruiser, when I got back I had 14 CAS points (which is the number of nights I sailed) but recently, I've been seeing/hearing that you apparently you get double points if you travel solo in a double occupancy room (which I'm assuming an interior with virtual balcony is) or am I wrong. Thanks for any and all clarification.
  8. I think it also just depends on the ports and where the ship is going to, when I travelled on Ovation back in 2017 from Sydney to Singapore, it definitely did feel like she was catered more towards the Chinese market, there were also a lot more Asian passengers on board, so I guess it depends on the itinerary The NorthStar was free when I sailed on her though, but if costs money now.... that's a shame
  9. I always like to say it depends. If you plan on spending lots of time in your room, I'd go with a Balcony, but if you're the kind of person who doesn't spend a lot of time in their room and use it just for sleeping, showering and changing in, then an Inside Cabin should be fine. When I sailed on Ovation back in 201 7, I found myself attending so many of the activities on board that I never really spent time in my room except to sleep, shower, sometimes maybe if I wanted to just relax, I'd watch a movie in my room, but other than that, I didn't really mind not having a balcony, but I guess it also depends on the itinerary, when I sailed on Celebrity during my Alaska cruise, a balcony was perfect because I could just see the incredible sights from my room, but the Ovation itinerary was basically the Indian Ocean lol..
  10. I guess before now, I hadn't really thought about it, because I didn't really have money to go on cruises. But now that I'm working and have money, I am willing to actually spend money to cruise... Must be so expensive though, having to fly to different ports each time or are domestic flights within the United States a lot cheaper?
  11. There's so many cruises I want to go on, but plane tickets literally cost an arm and a leg just to get to that port...
  12. I guess I'd be willing to travel more overseas if I had someone to go with me on cruises...but also there's the issue of money for me Hoping one day to do a round trip of Europe! The only time I travelled overseas for a cruise was when we did a 7N to Alaska from Vancouver on Celebrity Infinity WAY back in 2017
  13. Yeah, I looked at the South Pacific and the New Zealand ones and I actually considered booking those, but not sure about the current COVID protocols, especially in the smaller South Pacific ports. Funnily enough, I actually did have a look at the Honolulu to Sydney Transpacific cruise, I would just need to fly into Honolulu and then cruise back home to Sydney, just deciding if I want to sail on Enchantment or Ovation (I've already sailed on her back in 2017) But also I don't know if I want to go solo or with someone.
  14. I figured that was the case, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the info
  15. I've tried looking at cruises that Royal Caribbean does (but cannot find anything, lol) where it's like a way one cruise so somewhere like Hawaii to Sydney and then I wouldn't have to buy a planet ticket back from Hawaii, I'd just have to buy a plane ticket there, and take the cruise back home lol.
  16. Yikes, I had no idea lol. I figured in the United States, you'd just be able to get on a plane, fly to somewhere like Port Canaveral and get on the ships pretty easily, but seems like it's as much of a hassle as it is down here in Australia lol, but also.... I just wish the itineraries for Australian cruises were more varied, it's always either New Zealand, parts of Australia (which I've already been to) or the South Pacific (at least for Royal Caribbean that is, I know other cruise lines go to Asia and sometimes there's repositioning cruises but those are far and few)
  17. I was having a look at the cruise timetable for the Overseas Passenger Terminal located in Circular Quay in Sydney and noticed a sailing for Radiance of the Seas... but then when I had a look on Royal's website for cruises starting in October, the earliest one was October 29th.... what's the deal with this? I'm guessing this was either a leftover cruise from before COVID and the cruising industry was shutdown in Australia and all Radiance sailings were cancelled or it's a mistake of some sort.
  18. I know there are MANY ports around the United States where Royal Caribbean ships dock/leave from But what's the farthest you guys would be willing to travel for a cruise? There's only really two cruise ports that RCI sails from here in Australia; Sydney & Brisbane - well technically there's a third; Perth, but I've never seen RCI ships leave from there, so I don't really count that one. Brisbane is great, but it's also a 1.5 hour plane ride, which in the grand scheme of things doesn't seem that long, but the second closest port that isn't Sydney or Brisbane is Singapore... which is 8 hours away.
  19. When you say you booked Oasis, do you mean Oasis-class (if so, which one? I'm guessing something other than Allure - Symphony? Wonder? Harmony? ) or Oasis of the Seas? I'm assuming Oasis of the Seas but just double checking
  20. The closest port to me in Sydney is still 30-35 minutes by train.... but yes... time and money does add up quickly, between having to drive to the train station; or get dropped off, waiting for the train, walking another 15 minutes to the port and then waiting in line.... outside the terminal. You're right about the United States being very big though, I forget that the middle of the US is far away from everything else and anyone that lives there needs to travel further Likewise I am also envious of folks who can drive to their ports. I guess that's one of the downsides of cruising... if only we all lived near the cruise terminals....
  21. I feel like it's much easier cruising on Royal Caribbean in the United States than say somewhere like Australia. You guys have most of the fleet there, and I feel like it's much easier to make travel plans there (since you guys have many more ports there) Whereas in Australia, we only get two of the 23 ships at any given time (3 if we're lucky, lol) and the closest port that isn't Brisbane or Perth is like Singapore....which flying to cost almost as much as the cruise fare itself Alas, I guess that's one of the downsides of living down under!
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