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  1. It’ll be really interesting to see how you got on. As we are considering back to back 7 days the cost difference is £1000, or $1400… I just don’t know if that’s too much extra for a balcony! That would cover half our excursions… It’s a tough choice!
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. What do you think of getting an internal with the virtual balcony?
  3. Ah man… now we just figured that all the interiors have a virtual balcony. Should we save $1000 and do an interior? If we see something we like we can go up on deck…
  4. Hi guys, About to take the plunge on back to back 7 days from Seattle to Alaska on Quantum. Want a balcony for the views, should be look for left hand or right hand side? I know it’s port or starboard but don’t know which is which Thanks all x
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