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  1. They tried to move us. From our deck 8 balcony room to a deck 2 interior. We begged and begged and crossed our hearts and hoped to die and swore we wouldnt leave the room. The "quarantine wing" is guarded to make sure people dont leave. all the free alcohol we want. Not sure if everyone gets this or they just feel bad that only our son is positive and we are stuck in the room with him.
  2. Son is ok just had a small fever! Now totally fine but still testing positive.
  3. Alot of positive cases here on serenade of the seas. Alot. including us. our son has tested positive on thursday. We are all now confined to the room. My husband and i have no symptoms and have been testing negative. we got free wifi and the remainder of our cruise refunded, as well as room service for whatever whenever. it sucks but i knew the risk when i chose to cruise. I just wish it didnt happen to us. Also i think i under estimated what a covid hotbed this would be. Went through thursday, friday, saturday, and then debarkation sunday morning. fun times. ask me anything about the process and ill try to answer.
  4. i ordered the cans of water 24 for $28 canadian. worth it to not drink from the bathroom sink
  5. Im sure it will be fine. just have to test negative today.
  6. I called multiple times before i booked. I dont read news or see advertisements
  7. yes when i spoke to them again yesterday they said what the THREE reps told me was wrong and that it has the ability to be fully booked if needed. i feel really misled as i actually wouldnt have booked a cruise if it was full or above 50%.
  8. Ours took less than 6 hours but we checked in and uploaded within 5 days of embarkation haha.
  9. anyone else coming? myself, my husband, and our almost 3 year old will be there! this sunday cant wait!
  10. still a slide though and one of the main reasons why i chose that ship for my family.
  11. all alaska cruises leaving from vancouver this 2022 season are at 50% capacity is what they told me. i actually switched to may 8 sailing (this sunday!!)
  12. yes! i found they go up and down with the cruise planner sales. i check every day! i had to rebook my sailing and all my months of checking and hard work went down the toilet as they dont transfer your cp purchases, even if its the same ship and itinerary. oh the things we learn as first time cruisers.
  13. The cruise lines have always said the opposite, that you dont need to carry id around. Isnt the sea pass a photo id? As in when they scan it your photo comes up on the cpu???
  14. Ok. Can anyone view it on any alaska cruises out of seattle or vancouver? Im sure they still have it for the Caribbean.
  15. can people who have not purchased the key go on their cruise planner and see if it is still being offered? i am a bit worried that with the recent cancellation emails they are not going to be offering it any more and that i am going to get a cancellation email as well. the prices of internet have skyrocketed, even more than what we paid for the key so i am going to be really peeved if it is cancelled. anyways @Matt it might be worth looking into specifically for alaska cruises this season.
  16. the birthdays are always wrong on the online thing where you make your payements, when i called rc about it last week they said its a glitch and not to change it. the right bdays are on their systems
  17. Antigen wouldnt blow positive unless you’re still having intense symptoms. And im going to assume you’re vaxxed as you’re going on a cruise so they should be gone in 5-7 days. Dont stress about it. It will make you sicker. Get some of the gov tests and test yourself after your symptoms are gone. Test every day until your testing date. Then you will know what the test will say.
  18. Ya i did call but its something that would require someone higher up. thanks.
  19. and anything else you can tell me about the process would be great. if you can, i would love a literal walkthrough of all of the steps. thanks so much.
  20. i didnt see this until now. thanks so much. please keep me updated.
  21. I emailed royal twice. once about two weeks ago with a question, and the second with another question to the special requests email as i was told to do by the agent on the phone. i have not heard back from either. Does anyone know if this is typical? how long does it take to hear back. Thanks.
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