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  1. Back in the day of my last cruises we booked a pre-cruise hotel with transfers through the cruise line. We had very limited choices for hotels but it made things easier for us. Now I see that Royal is partnered with Priceline for the hotels. It's nice to have more options but now how do we get to and from the hotel and port/airport? Do we need to figure that out on our own? Does Royal offer a separate transfer that we can add on? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know roughly Royal's schedule for posting summer 2024 cruises? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! My daughter doesn't usually have many behaviour issues and her disability is quite visible. Our biggest issue is usually people thinking she is much younger than she is and therefore treat her as a baby. Currently she is almost 4 but developmentally (cognitive and physical) only about 12 months and she's the size of an 18 month old. I will definitely get the letter though because there are some accommodations that might be helpful as well as giving them a heads up of her feeding needs (restrictions plus feeding tube).
  4. How walkable is Nassau? I've always done cruise line excursions but we are thinking of just walking around in Nassau instead. My daughter has limited mobility but I can wear/carry or use a stroller. Are the sidewalks easy to navigate with a stroller? Bumpy cobblestone is fine lol more worried about it being extremely uneven. Are there lots of stairs around? We are considering walking to Fort Charlotte. Is that something that might be doable? Maybe taxi or other transportation instead? We will have 4 adults plus one toddler size child. Thanks.
  5. When I last went in 2015 I could get soy milk at the buffet where the juices are and easily at the dining room as well. I'm not sure about others though. I will say it was a million times easier than past cruises with another line.
  6. Might be but it's not even available for when my work allows me to have time off, nor do they have the itineraries we are looking for.
  7. The Special Olympics here just restarted and we joined. I'm very excited for her to have lots of experiences. I adopted her in September 2020. The first two years of her life she spent in a crib. Since coming home we haven't been able to do much due to closures and getting her medical stuff figured out. I'm so happy that we are going to be traveling. We just booked and will be trying a promenade view room. I was hoping to get my parents beside us but wasn't able to. I did get them across from us so maybe we can wave through our windows lol. I've never been a fan of the dining room but decided it's probably best for us this trip (with dietary stuff) so we are doing traditional dining. I'm hoping we can all sit together since we are in the same family even though we aren't in the same room.
  8. Thanks everyone. Cruising is my favourite way to travel and I can't wait to explore the world with her!
  9. Thanks but sadly that program (Autism at Sea) is only occasionally offered and is very expensive.
  10. Thank you so much! I'm very lucky to have her as a daughter. It was a long journey to motherhood and she was worth every moment. I'm very excited to finally start travelling with her. I adopted her from Eastern Europe so we have a bit of travel experience together but nothing fun like cruising is
  11. Any parents with children with special needs? Looking for advice/tips/suggestions on how to make our cruise go smoothly. Planning far in advance to be best prepared and hoping to make cruising our yearly trip. This will be my 4th cruise, 2nd on Royal, but first as a mother. I will also be traveling with my brother (usual travel companion) and my parents. Next cruise (2024) I will most likely be going alone with my daughter. My daughter will be 5 for her first cruise but developmentally maybe a year old. She is also very tiny and most likely to be about the size of a two year old by then. We are booking Oasis because they have the "baby" pool so she can have some water fun while in a swim diaper. She is just starting to walk (almost 4 years old) but will be walking by then. Not long distances though and I will still be bringing a small stroller. She is non-verbal and has some sensory issues. Looking for general tips, excursion advice, dining suggestions (she has dietary restrictions for eating plus feeding tube for all liquids), mobility advice, activities for sea days etc. Thanks!
  12. Hoping to book soon for July 2023. I've been wanting to cruise again for a while but was working on adopting my daughter. Finally brought her home September 2020 and been waiting for things to get back to "normal". We are thinking the Bahamas one from New Jersey on Oasis of the Seas as her first since it's a lighter itinerary for sightseeing.
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