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  1. I'm wondering what's going on with the pod casts. Been a couple weeks since there's been a new one. Left me hanging on to a life raft adrift at sea.
  2. when will we know more about the mystery restaurants and the pearl ect.?
  3. I'm diamond after 19 years. Will get to see the perks on my next cruise. Woohoo
  4. Just got off allure. while on board I booked 3 rooms, 8 people, including my parents and my brother. A long ways out but hey I got something to look forward to.
  5. Just got off allure Was self serve about 80% of the time. Not sure the rhyme or reason just sporadic.
  6. Are there discounts for doing a back to back???
  7. I paid for transportation through the air 2 sea program from the airport to the ship. We land at 5:30 a.m. our boarding time is 12:00. Where and when do we meet the transportation? Their phone message says wait time to exceeded one hour.
  8. Supercross is at 7pm eastern time on CNBC or the peacock app. Any idea if they offer those channels onboard or if they will show in a bAr or lounge? I'm an addict.
  9. I used to put a deposit on an undetermined cruise, but last time they wouldn't let me. I had to choose a cruise and said I couldn't move it to a different one. But that was pre pandemic.
  10. I can't wait that long. Lol. I leave for one in 2 days and always put a deposit for one while I'm on one.
  11. So impatiently waiting for the new l.a. itineraries. Any word on release?
  12. I was excited for DR. A bit upset on itinerary change. But I'm definitely still going. Lol also the excursions we wanted are booked solid. Was dragging my feet a bit due to everything changing. 7 days left.
  13. Can we get something out of Galveston besides the same couple ports? Throw in a key west, labadee, caymans, something....
  14. Anyone know if and when buffets will return to self service. They are back in Las Vegas
  15. anyone have the schedule saying when they are releasing more cruise itineraries?
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