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  1. I was able to book a 6 hour excursion into the Yukon but it is bus only. It was the Yukon Discovery Tour through Southeasttours.com I e-mailed them to make sure it was still on and this is the reply I got back:
  2. In case anyone is interested, I booked the Yukon Discovery excursion 6 hours. I e-mailed them to make sure it would push through and got this reply back from them so seems a go.
  3. Seems we are able to book at this company but it may not push through afterwards https://www.southeasttours.com/
  4. So I was considering an excursion into the Yukon but seems may not be possible this year. I wonder about the self guided jeep tour if crossing is permitted? Anyone been able to book?
  5. This is the 1st time I have heard of carrying medications in original bottles when travelling. I am on 9 different ones, seems like a lot to carry around 9 pill bottles, maybe more if one is nearly gone. I just put them in the weekly pill organizer, if trip is longer than a week, I take a 2nd or 3rd weekly organizer that is then vacuum sealed until I start that week. I have traveled the world, 63 countries in just the last 10 years and never had even a question asked. On the other hand, just a few weeks ago I was traveling, staying about 7 hours away from home when I had my laptop backpack that I keep my meds in stolen from our hotel. It made for a long day returning home and back the next day, but was so glad to only lose a few days worth of meds rather than the entire bottles. Insurance will not pay to replace meds not to mention it is a pain to get new Rx for each one. Reading this though, maybe a good idea for me to pack along a print out of my meds.
  6. We are coming in 2 days earlier and have a rental car booked so thinking just to go across the border to Walgreens or CVS in Blaine or Bellingham so we could get them for free through our insurance. I've also hear that Costco in Canada is doing them for $18? I haven't confirmed this and not sure if you have to have a membership already to get it there. If so may be worth it to avoid the border crossing hassle although our hotel we booked is in Langley and not so far from the crossing.
  7. Does anyone know if there will be any excursions into the Yukon? I know that I have seen a few that pick up where the train stops going to either the suspension bridge or further into the Yukon, Emerald lake and such before returning to Skagway but not sure if they are operating this summer. Has anyone been able to book one?
  8. We are coming in 2 days prior to and booked a rental car from Avis at the airport returning to the downtown location which supposedly has a free shuttle to the port but is only a few blocks from there anyway. I booked a while back but it was real cheap under $30 usd per day all inclusive of the fees. Only gas will be extra as we plan to see a few things in the area and possibly drive across the border to save some money on our pre cruise Covid tests if we find a place in Blaine or Bellingham to get it done.
  9. tmobile3-tq595xites Supposedly it was leaving LA April 23 sailing to Vancouver and then the 1st Alaska cruise is the next week leaving Vancouver on the 29th. I am guessing they will not be on the app for at least this season. Hopefully check in will occur on the web at 45 days out. I'm still 58 days out from my cruise. I am also wondering about the Covid protocols for Vancouver that are supposed to be released within 30 days of sailing but I would expect that they are released for the cruise next month in 30 days and should not change between now and May but I cant find anything on them.
  10. Am I correct in understanding that the app cant be used at all for check in or any other purpose if booked on a ship not supported by it (Ie Radiance). Just wondering if I can already uninstall the app to free up space until I make a booking on a ship that is supported.
  11. Does anyone know how it will work for the 1 way cruise in May from Vancouver to Seward? Presumably now we no longer need to be tested before we fly to Vancouver but will need a test before boarding the ship anyway. (Is it 3 days before? We are flying 2 days ahead and it is much easier to get it done here locally rather than once we are in Canada). Will tests be required at some point prior to the 1st US port (Ketchikan) or prior to getting off at Seward. The original test we used to board will be too long I am thinking.
  12. We also booked a combination of RC an private excursions on our upcoming Alaska cruise in May. The prices are not so different but there were some different options and times that worked better for us with private. I know the company we used (Alaska Shore Excursions) guarantees on time return or they comp your room meals, transportation to the next port ect. and says they have never missed it so pretty confident there. We are still waiting to book Skagway. We want to book a trip into Yukon but so far they are waiting on Canada Covid crossing protocol.
  13. We are transferring from Seward to Anchorage airport on 5/27. We booked on the Park Connection motorcoach from alaskatravel.com for $70 per person. We are just getting dropped at the airport and will get a rental car there to spend a couple days in the area before flying out.
  14. We will be on Radiance NB 2 weeks after you May 20-27. We are in the same boat (pun intended), never cruised before or been to Alaska. Please keep us posted how your trip goes and if there is anything we shouldn't miss.
  15. Didnt I hear that buying your next cruise is cheaper on board? This is our 1st one but I guess if we like it and there is a big savings, might be worth looking into.
  16. I am 94 days out from our Alaska cruise. I was prepared to make final payment but now see that the payment time is extended to 30 days before sailing. Is there any advantage to going ahead and paying it now? I guess the advantage to waiting is in case something happens and cruise is cancelled, don't have to wait for refund or deal with possible FCC. Just wondering if the check in will be delayed until final payment or is that still happening at 45 days out if final payment is still not made?
  17. I am looking at shore excursions for upcoming Alaska cruise on 5/20. I see several in Skagway are mentioning to bring passport as they cross into Canada. Does anyone know if they require covid test to cross on these excursions? I know this is like day 5 of the cruise so the ones used to board cruise will be out of date. Will they have testing on board if this is required? Is it risky to book an excursion outside of Royal Caribbean as far as cancelling should the cruise get cancelled for us individually (due to + covid test) or as a whole. Not sure how easy it will be to refund the shore excursion if from a 3rd party.
  18. I have a question about internet packages. If I buy 1 device package does that mean we can only use 1 device at a time but can alternately use it between me and my wife phone as long as it is not the same time or do we need to purchase the 2 device plan? Is there a reason to purchase separate 1 person plans for each of us if we go that route? I suppose we could do 1 with streaming and one without in that case but price would not be much different.
  19. Once I really started looking at things, found it was only a little more (think $35 each on United) to fly into Vancouver as opposed to Seattle the day prior to our NB cruise so went that route. Before that we had also considered the train or even a bus from Seattle. Also, last time Canada closed the land border due to Covid but not airport so this was a little concerning with recent surge but guess if that happens again, they might also cancel the cruise.
  20. Thanks everyone for your comments. After contacting my TA about changing, was told all of the cabin class I booked are sold out and only option was an upgrade to larger more expensive cabin so we will stay where we are at,possibly try to Royal Up when that opens up.
  21. OK, now that I've researched a little more, I see the folly in trying to do Denali in a day trip from Anchorage. I guess technically I could rent a car and drive it in 5 hours just to turn around and go back but whats the point in that? I also see a bus from Seward going there but its a 10 hour ride and would have to catch a bus or train the next morning back to Anchorage. I did find out that my flight is changeable so I may try to add a couple days but am seeing that lodging among other things is very expensive in Alaska so more than a couple to 3 nights might be out of my budget.
  22. When I booked our May northbound Alaska cruise, I had the choice to pick from several balcony cabins and I just randomly picked one on the port side but now that I thinking about it, seems we will only have a view of the open ocean for most of the trip and a room on the other side of the ship would probably be better. Is this really something to worry about and is it possible still to switch to another open cabin now that its booked?
  23. Curt, Had to Google Bora tide (sounds way cool). I also had my eye on Denali but just had a long day trip planned for the Saturday after arriving in Anchorage on Friday. Is this even worth it for a 1 day side trip. I already booked our flight back from Anchorage leaving Sunday AM and not sure if it can be changed. I got a good deal on it presumably because everyone else is flying the next day (Memorial Day). Does that park get super busy on holiday weekends? Maybe I can go straight there from Seward on Friday even so we dont spend part of Saturday traveling there. Rental car from Seward returning to Anchorage airport is very expensive as opposed to picking it up at the airport and returning the same place so will likely still do either the bus or train from Seward to pick up the car in Anchorage.
  24. I am trying to figure out the best option to get to Anchorage at the end of our one way cruise from Vancouver to Seward. I see there are train/bus/car rental options, some even including a tour. Ship arrives 5AM Friday so we have the entire day as well as the next day in Anchorage before flying home on Sunday. Anyone have any recommendations?
  25. I have a cruise booked on the Radiance of the seas northbound from Vancouver to Seward May 20-27 next year. I am trying to figure out some of the other details. and know someone here must have already dealt with this. I will be driving out to either Seattle or Vancouver as I plan to visit some family along the way. A quick search shows the 1 way flight after the cruise from Anchorage to Seattle is only about $99, to Vancouver it is about twice that so was considering leaving the car somewhere in Seattle area but not sure as parking in Seattle is very expensive so maybe leaving it in Vancouver will offset the higher flight cost? Does anyone know if there is parking in or around the port of Vancouver?
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