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  1. I'm booked on this cruise. I have heard nothing officially from Royal. I've been watching the posting all day in this group as well......just not worried about it until I see something official.
  2. Ok. After a little arguing back and forth with my Facebook group friends, they finally went back and found day 8.
  3. Allure27NOV2021.pdfI apologize for the poor quality of this pictures (I didn't take them). I hope they help in some way! I put them all in a pdf to hopefully make them easier to view and keep them in order. If you need a specific picture of something I can share it, just let me know which day.
  4. ok, the person in our Facebook group took pictures of them and posted it. I'm about to leave for work, so tonight I'll download them and share them here. just to be clear you just need the entertainment, or do you want all of it? *fair warning the pics are not the best and everything isn't very clear, but I think it is enough to see times and entertainment.
  5. We were on the 11/27. They were stingy with the cruise compass’. I’ll ask in our Facebook group if anyone has them.
  6. According to someone on now with a b2b from the Facebook group they are at 50% and the Windjammer is open for dinner.
  7. Thank you all for the reassurance, I was sure hoping that is what it would be. I was at work last night and looking at prices and noticed the price drop....I did the "Cruise Math" and it made sense to go ahead and get the suite (knowing I was going to bid on RoyalUp).
  8. During the double point promotion I booked a GTY Balcony on an 8 day cruise for me and the wife. Last night (obviously after the promotion ended) I upgraded the reservation to a Jr. Suite (same reservation number). How many points will I get?
  9. Is it safe to assume the minimum bid is dependent on which room you were originally booked in? In other words, if I booked a jr suite, my minimum for a grand would be less than the minimum that only had a regular balcony?
  10. We will also be on Symphony with you!!
  11. I'm looking for clarification on the drinks they are adding to your SeaPass card for Diamond. If you don't drink all your drinks on one day, will they carry over to the next day? If I get 4 per day, and only drink 3, will I have 5 the next day or does it reset back to 4?
  12. I appreciate all the answers to my question. Thank you all very much!!
  13. Is it based on the one folio that bought it maybe? so I could share that with the 4 device users and be good to go?
  14. ok, I assumed it would be like that this way too, but each adult will have their own login, so shouldn't that big of an issue. If I log off one of my devices to log into another then it should work out fine, but If I were to not log off and try to log into another device, it would just kick off someone at random (or the one logged in the longest maybe)?
  15. If we have friends in another room sailing with us, is it theoretically possible to buy 1 - 4 Device Zoom package and us all share it?
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