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  1. Keep in mind that Orthodox Easter is April 24 in 2022. The native Alaskans don't start up their cultural events until after Pascha (Orthodox Easter) and the churches will be busy with services and not necessarily open for cruise visitors because of the Lenten schedule. The weather is also a lot better in May.
  2. I am now looking forward to my afternoon snack of a BLT & Chocolate Milkshake (and maybe my bedtime snack of grilled cheese and vanilla milkshake).
  3. If you have kids you can't do My Time Dining and will instead have to choose either the early or late seating.
  4. I think there may be something to the app changing based on the ships current itinerary. I just checked my Cruise which departs on a Monday and now everything after Day 3 is gone, which would line up with the 3 night weekend cruise happening now.
  5. I am going to be on Freedom and have the Unlimited Dining and Deluxe Beverage, does that mean I can go to Johnny Rockets as many times as I want and get milkshakes without any additional charges?
  6. It went on sale today, and yes it departs on April 20, 2022 and ends up in Spain.
  7. I started exploring the dining options on my Freedom sailing via the app and I am noticing that Windjammers is closed on the port days after breakfast. I also thought the MDR is open on departure day and on seas for lunch, but I don't see it open for any of the days in the app for lunch.
  8. Haha, NOPE! I am curious as well. I am sailing on Freedom Oct 25 and would like to know what to expect.
  9. Based on the publishes US Cruise schedule, does it look like the Atlantic Crossing cruise will be on April 20?
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