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  1. Excatly .... like Canadians aren't confused and frusterated enough with the travel restrictions - let's complicate it all some more.
  2. The parking garage is right beside the cruise terminal. Yes it's $25/day. You can drop family off with luggage to the porters. Drive into garage. Park and take elevator down to ground level and then meet up and walk into terminal. It is incredibly easy. There can be a line up to get into the port but driving or taxi would be same issues. Just leave time to make your check in time. There have been questions/discussions about other cruise lines so I don't think anyone would have an issue with that.
  3. It's just worded poorly (not surprising)....it should say antigen test taken within one day of flight or arrival at land border.
  4. Yes, gov't website clearly references telehealth otherwise I would not touch them. We ordered too just in case demand ramps up. Plus, Air Canada sells them on their website as a solution to travel so I can't see them denying boarding with them. I would take my chances arguing that at the airport for sure. May be a little troublesome at the land border but can always reference the canadian govt travel site.
  5. So hard to know - if you make any short trips across the border then at least they would be handy to have for future. I know they offer 1-3 day shipping for an extra $10 so even if you wait you should still be able to get them in lots of time. They are going to have a lot of people buying these I would imagine!
  6. Thanks and yikes - that's expensive. Hopefully Walgreen's or CVS can do them cheaper and do the paperwork required to travel back to canada. I've heard from others that antigen testing at the border is $65 so that's an option as are the Switch Health antigen tests that you purchase before you leave Canada
  7. Absolutely! I just went on the switch website again and they specifically say "observed via a telehealth experience". I just ordered a few more of the kits you referenced above. These are authorized by health canada so I can't image there being issues (other than border agents who have no idea about them of course). If they could just word the timelines clearer I think we are all set.
  8. Yes....that's how they explained it during the news coverage but what is posted on the Canadian government travel website says taken the day prior....perhaps they meant to word it taken "within" a day prior?
  9. Travellers will now have the option of using a COVID-19 rapid antigen test result (taken the day prior to their scheduled flight or arrival at the land border or marine port of entry) or a molecular test result (taken no more than 72 hours before their scheduled flight or arrival at the land border or marine port of entry) to meet pre-entry requirements. Taking a rapid antigen test at home is not sufficient to meet the pre-entry requirement – it must be authorized by the country in which it was purchased and must be administered by a laboratory, healthcare entity or telehealth service. It's not very clear as to why an antigen test must be taken the day prior to flight or arrival and land border. This makes it seem as if we can't get off ship, test and then fly or drive??
  10. That is how I'm reading it - only thing that I think isn't clear is why does the antigen test need to be taken THE day prior to flight or arrival at border. Why can't it be same day?
  11. One thing to consider is that if you plan to leave the ship, some ports require you to have ID and your Seapass card. If they do not match, you could have issues.
  12. I'm taking that to mean Alaska cruising season ...... at least I hope that's what it means!!
  13. I hear you - I was so hoping that fully vaxxed could drive back across border without negative test. No mention of potential fine with positive test being removed. Reference was made to telehealth tests being allowed to enter Canada so I assume the switch health antigen tests should at least be allowed.
  14. I would suggest Anthem of the Seas out of NJ if you are preferring to drive. Lots of activities on the ship for your 11 year old - google a tour of the ship and you will see. First few days will be a bit chilly but then will warm up. Ship is designed to offer lots indoors. Parking is right beside the terminal - super easy and accessible. If you are open to driving to Florida, pricing is good on the Oasis class ships that week - particularly Allure of the Seas which is sailing an 8 night Feb 19-27th. That would be my recommendation since pricing on Anthem that week is quite high - if you can get decent fares on flights that would be the best option. Tons to do for everyone and weather will be much better. Just a take a taxi to the port. Have fun whatever you decide to do!
  15. We travelled from Miami back to Toronto in January. Received our PCR tests at 9:30AM at the pier and everyone on our flight had to then line up at Pearson and take another PCR test. With the lack of testing and resources for people who are actually sick we could not believe that the government was wasting so much time and resources to test us all again. Obviously there were lots of people on our flight who had not taken a cruise - they were just testing everyone.
  16. The reference to testing on Walmart's website is a bit misleading but I read it to mean that in order to be tested the eligibility includes no travel outside of Canada within the last 14 days - not that you can't use the test to travel outside of Canada. If anyone has booked, received and used a Walmart antigen test for travel and could confirm, that would be great.
  17. Oh I'm so hoping that the antigen tests aren't even required. If they will allow the Abbott tests then the Switch Health antigen tests should be allowed as well. We could order those before we leave Canada. Both proctored so should be no difference - plus the SH ones are Health Canada approved. It is $65 to receive an antigen test near the border but those are 15 minute results. Obviously if Walgreens or CVS can guarantee rapid results free then that's a great option too.
  18. This is terrific news in time for March Break. Did you happen to notice if the Port Terminal in Bayonne is offering antigen tests and if so the price and turnaround time? If they are not offering, then there is testing at most of the bridges. Just trying to plan in advance. Thanks!
  19. UGH is right - maybe the airports will be our best bet? I guess we start looking once formal announcement is made.
  20. Would never just use the casino to cross through. We so enjoyed being able to sit at a table game or play slots for extended periods of time without being in a haze. On our last cruise we spoke to lots of young people who are perhaps the future of the cruise lines who indicated they only played because there was no smoke. Also, in thinking about the casino crew, it would be a much healthier environment for them to be in.
  21. I agree that it's hard to beat the joining balcony cabins. The convenience of accessing both rooms, having two bathrooms and opening up the balcony dividers to create a larger balcony is the set up we prefer. The option to put one adult/teenager in each room and not be committed to purchasing 2 DBP is also a nice option to have.
  22. We had this experience last month while on Oasis. It was our first time trying to apply the credit and it was a ridiculous waste of time. We emailed 3 times - phoned 4 times (you can't actually ever speak to anyone in that dept) and just kept being told it would be applied. I emailed again from the ship - received a response it would be applied. Never was. I contacted the resolutions department when we returned home and they asked me to send my chain of emails. They are refunding $100 to my visa for each of our cabins (we had a shareholder in each cabin). This is appreciated but for the amount of hours I spent on it, not worth the $200. I would recommend just waiting until you get home and emailing [email protected] Good luck and enjoy your cruise.
  23. I totally agree - my thought is that if they were ever going to fully ban smoking then this would have been the perfective opportunity to do so. I wonder if RCCL has ever actually polled their current customers to ask if smoking in the casino is a deal breaker for them? Another option would be to ask guests to complete a survey while cruising. It may be a case that below a certain cut-off age smoking is just not that important as less people seem to be starting when young. Maybe we will get there, just wish it had been now!
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