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  1. As I mentioned before, we booked in 2019, got cancelled in 2020-- still waiting for a refund. We got back $68.00 in about a year- always a "problem" or mix up some kind. My opinion - you won't get a refund.
  2. Chair HOGS are rude people inconsiderate of others anyway. I gave thought to removing the stuff myself and placing it by the sign. What we did do, was a table was left with stuff on it and left empty for a long time. People took the chairs. When the Hogs finally came back they had a table and no chairs. The look on their faces was almost worth the trip - funny. Empty the chairs yourself and RC would start doing their job
  3. Chair hogs - people leaving belongings on deck chairs for LONG periods of time while away. A one week cruise, not one deck chair available. Lot of EMPTY deck chairs sometimes, but stuff left on them. Bright "notebook" cameras in shows when passengers are told no cameras, they use them anyway because staff ignores the rule. Only complaint is -- ship staff ignores rules. For that many people, some rules are necessary
  4. A FCC I have come to realize is a delay tactic. I may be ahead of most of the rest of you on getting cancelled cruises as well as cancelled FCC as we were one of the first cancelled on both a cruise and a FCC. It will always be the "passengers fault" or the travel agent - whoever. That seems to be what many passengers are beginning to find out. Cruise lines are all booking FCC in the hope COVID will come under control. "Hope it will", but if not, 10s of thousands of passengers may lose it all. I got back about $76 Duane Fulton
  5. Same thing with me, I believe the FCC is stalling passengers and stringing them along
  6. Maybe the same thing will happen to you. It IS happening to a LOT of other people. Cruise lines are booking passengers for cruises that they know probably won't be sailing. They then issue them a FCC which they then turn around and cancel that cruise. Sounds to me like preparing for bankruptcy. And you, like most arrogant people, are making incorrect assumptions
  7. I am 78 with issues that prevent me from sailing again. The choice that I am "free to make" is , I want my money back like RC said RC said they would do if they cancelled -- which they said they would do. I booked a cruise, not a FCC with a 2 year expiration date. Why don't you loan me some cash if I promise to pay you back? Then you can "be free to choose" if you want an IOU back, or nothing. Duane Fulton
  8. In Dec 1999 I booked a cruise set to sail in 2020. paid in full with a credit card. RC cancelled the cruise, we switched it for another cruise which RC then cancelled. We were within the guide lines to receive a refund $1049.38. RC told us very clearly that if they cancelled a cruise, we would get a full refund. -- THEY cancelled, not us. DO NOT want a FCC which as far as I'm concerned is next to useless. Last month, after about a year, they gave me a refund -- $76.56 "out of $1049.38". Maybe they'll refund a little more next month. GOOD LUCK getting RC to part with promised refunds. They have
  9. I strongly suspect RC has suspended many aspects of their refund policy. I SEEM to be getting my cruise refund in small monthly installments. Such a small amount I can't be sure. See if anything shows up on my credit card account next month. We were booked for Jamaica as well then switched for the Florida Keys and Nassau. First cancelled cruise included Nassau, but we were going to stay on the ship - only time it MIGHT be possible to get one of those whirlpools. One RC cruise couldn't get a deck chair entire trip. They don't enforce policy of leaving stuff on deck chairs, then leaving for ho
  10. A Voucher? If you book a cruise that is later cancelled, the cruise line may offer you a future cruise credit, or voucher - same thing. Voucher may be more of a slang term, for a future cruise credit. I mostly cruised Carnival, so's we're not as "up class" as Royal Caribbean. That's a little joke -- Duane Fulton
  11. My thought -- all the vouchers for upcoming cruises to be again cancelled? - now problems in Florida with COVID passports being banned by the Florida gov. ? Florida GOV. can ban COVID passports all he wants - doesn't mean RC or any other ship line HAS to let people on board that refuse to be vaccinated. I doubt they will let them on - I wouldn't want them on board if I was there - ruin the whole cruise for everyone when they get sick. Doesn't look good for cruises out of Florida. Duane Fulton
  12. Booked hotel and tour bus thru the club by check to the club--$900. Club returned that months ago. Club booked RC who withdrew the full amount of the cruise from my VISA card -- over $1000. That had nothing to do with the $900 transportation and hotel. RC And for the 2nd cruise, which RC then canceled, RC returned $500 for an upgrade which I approved to be taken from my VISA account for the 2nd cruise. For the original cruise they returned $71.56 out of the $1049.34 they withdrew on Dec. 26 2019.
  13. That's $500 up grade "for a balcony -- not "$500 "up date" RC returned that Oct 15 2020
  14. I belong to a travel club of retired people. The booking was done by the cruise director -- a VERY HONEST PERSON -- the transportation and hotel were paid for by check to the travel club -- They returned that portion , in full, long ago. The cruise itself was BOOKED by the club. RC MADE THE WITHDRAW DIRECTLY from my credit card. The travel club did the arrangements. NO FUNDS funneled thru the club to RC. The travel club HAS NOT received a refund from RC and "holding it for themselves". I posted a blog on the message board earlier which RC blocked. I don't know why this comment is still here. O
  15. I'll add that I expect to be blocked from comments? We were one of the first cruises to be cancelled, possibly the first. Our 2nd cruise I will guess,"it's a guess" was made before the voucher thing even got started. We were early on trying to get refunds. I don't know how the rest of you will do. I hope RC will do the right thing for any of you that ask for refunds. I hope vouchers will be usable. That's up to the virus. Best wishes Duane Fulton
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