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  1. I did try two different web browsers and that didn't help either. I finally had to do what the other poster suggested and call their reservation number (they were open today). It was tedious to have to give all the information over the phone to a non-English speaker but I have a reservation now. Thanks!
  2. It was not a Royal Caribbean credit card. I was trying to call the Royal Caribbean help number and there was a recording that they were closed. My bank has no record of a transaction attempt so it's almost certainly a problem at Royal Caribbean. I was wondering if anyone else had seen it.
  3. I've been trying to rebook a cruise that was cancelled due to the pandemic, but after going through the whole registration process online my credit card was refused! I have absolutely no problem with my credit card, and my browser fills in the number automatically (but I checked it anyway to make sure it was correct). I tried three different credit cards and all three were refused. I can't call them because their offices are closed for the Labor Day holiday. Is anyone else having a problem with their credit cards on the Royal Caribbean website?
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