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  1. Is that an onboard experience that you book or something you just order with the server? Thank you for letting me know about this option.
  2. Thank you! I'm going to have so much looking up these words and educating myself
  3. Thank you CGTLH. I had to look-up what the difference is between sushi and sashimi. (Such a newb am I.) Raw fish does not sound appealing, but tens of millions of people are goofy for it, so I'm going to give it a try. The worst that could happen is I don't like it. Then I'll just go the Dog House after I was Googling images of the sushi you mentioned. When the images for the champagne lobster in yuzu wrap roll shot your photos from May 2019 were given!
  4. I'm really excited to try sushi for the time while on my cruise. My son has zero interest in doing this, so I was wondering if a) Izumi is open for lunch b) if so, is the credit the same as for dinner (UDP here), c) any recommendations for a first time sushi experience? I'm sure the staff will be able to advise me well, but I like having multiple input when I know absolutely NOTHING about something. Thank you in advance!
  5. That would be my son at any age.
  6. I just signed-in to my account using my chromebook without a problem
  7. The doctor's office I work in has been was the location for our health systems' covid vaccine clinics (at least a couple thousand injections at this time). If laminating the cards would have caused them to be invalid, we would have been instructed to notify patients upon receipt. FYI- It's illegal to laminate your paper Medicare card
  8. I canceled my dining package and purchased with the new sale. The Refreshment drink package had only been 10% off prior to today, but it's 30% off now. I couldn't help but notice that the total for my dining package is only $12 more than the total for my drink package. The fruits for my fresh squeezed juice must be imported from Mars
  9. I enjoy a good catfish fry as much as the next midwesterner, but it's not scallops or sea bass.
  10. When you ever mention the lack of access to seafood, do people mention that there's always catfish? Ummm
  11. The MDR is such a part of the cruise experience. Not going to it would be like skipping going out on the deck for me That being said, I live in a small landlocked town that does not have access to fresh seafood. I just can't pass-up the opportunity to dine at Hooked at least a couple of times and Izumi to try sushi for the first time.
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