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  1. Just finished submitting the info through the app. While doing so I noticed something. 5 people in our household, 3 vaccines from a center, 1 rite aid, 1 cvs. The rite aid and cvs cards have the final date filled out on the front of the card and the back. The 3 of us that went to the vaccine center only have info on front. I'm wondering if this will be an issue. I guess I'll find out in a few days, if its shown as validated or not.
  2. I'm not against rescheduling if anyone tests positive. I fully support the protocols and precautions that are in place. I'm just worried about a false positive for someone that has recently had covid. Wasn't sure if anyone has heard of or dealt with this situation. Hopefully all goes well, the household will all test negative and the cruise that has been pushed back a year will go through.
  3. Five of us sailing in 22 days. My youngest tested positive last Wednesday. Going through the normal procedure, isolating the sick one, everyone else is doing fine. Have the at home test to do before we leave. I have heard about a Dr's note, in case the previously infected tests positive. According to what I can find on the RCCL website the Dr's note only applies to vaccination requirements. If my youngest tests positive it would still exclude us from sailing. Anyone experience this type of situation or have any information different than what I have found?
  4. This topic came up tonight as we were talking about our upcoming cruise on Anthem. Hoping to find a dark spot to view the sky. Good luck.
  5. My wife is a big smoothie drinker in the morning. I saw that the sunshine bar at the solarium used to offer them. Does anyone know if this is still the case? If not, has anyone had any luck getting a smoothie anywhere on Anthem? Thank you
  6. I was just going to order another 6 pack. We have 5 people traveling in November and used one from our 6 pack. Don't want to be stuck without a backup. For the price, the 6 pack is the way to go. Guess I'll have to go with a 3 pack.
  7. Just a heads up. The Emed website sells the 6 pack for $150. Cheaper than buying two 3 packs from Royal. Same test, just not the "royal" labeled box.
  8. Thank you, I've been wondering about this.
  9. Thank you for the information. I ended up talking to RC. They switched me over to the Anthem cruise, which was cheaper. I didnt have to do anything, the change fee was deducted out of the refund and the cruise was paid for in full. No money out of pocket and the left over credit was refunded, instead of being given FCC. Not too big of a hassle, but makes me appreciate my TA all that much more.
  10. Glad I saw this post, was just discussing it with my wife. We are in a similar situation. Our first cruise was booked for Jan 2021 and we paid for it in full through RCCL. Since then we have learned and used a TA. The price of that cruise has dropped and our preferences have changed. Can we rebook the same cruise or even change ships with just the $100/pp fee? Or would the ~$900 NRD be forfeit? Also read something that even if the cruise was canceled before the final payment date, there would be the $100/pp charge and the rest of the NRD would be applied as FCC. Does any of this sound correct? Does it still apply for cruises that have been paid in full? Thank you. We are currently booked for a Jan 23 7 night on Symphony out of miami. Paid just under 3k for a GTY ocean view. Looking at an 11 night Jan 15 11 night on Anthem. Same GTY is 2k.
  11. Thanks, If looks like two promotions were applied to the second booking that were not on the first. They are listed as "Savings NRD" and "WOW NRD" Looks like one gave an additional $75 off the price and the other gave the extra $100 OBC. At least I know what to mention when I get ahold of them.
  12. The bookings were made within 30 minutes of each other, different person helping us though. Ill talk to my TA and see what she says. Thanks
  13. We just got off of Grandeur and made reservations for our family and my sister and her husband. The first reservation was made for two rooms aboard Anthem, nov 21, 2020. One Ocean view and one Balcony. The Balcony came with $100 OBC The two rooms were given different reservation numbers. After some thought and conversation we decided to invite my sister along, went back and booked the room next door to ours. Same class balcony, same price. That reservation came with $200 OBC. Of course we did all of this on the last day and by the time i noticed that the OBC was different for the same rooms, the Next Cruise office was closed. Am I missing something, should the credit have been the same. Is it something i should contact RCCL about or my travel agent, once the reservation is transfered to her? Just interested if someone has had a similar experience or advice. Thank you all.
  14. My wife and I are have two staterooms booked on Anthem in November. Our kids will be in one and the other is for us. Since everyone is going along, we thought it would be a good chance to get some family photos with the photo package. How does that work? Do we have to get the package for both rooms to include everyone in the pictures? Can we get it for just one as long as one person from the room that has the package is in the picture? Any tips or information would be appreciated. Thank you
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