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  1. Glad I checked! I go on 1-2 music charters a year on the NCL Pearl and Jade and I've gotten so used to the USB port next to my bed. I'm glad I thought to ask! Thankfully, I have an adapter with several USB outlets. I can charge the daytime use items at night and the evening use items during the day.
  2. I’ll be on Rhapsody next week and just realized I am so used to NCL, I might be unprepared for RCCL. Are there USB outlets in the cabins? Or just traditional electrical outlets? I’ve got to make sure I bring enough adapters if there are no USB ports.
  3. No, you can’t do that. Once the ship has been cleared, the crew switches over to loading luggage for the new cruise. It’s a massive security issue and could very well get the port shut down when they can’t find you. I’ve been on a cruise where a luggage security issue shut down the Port of Miami in 2014. Thankfully I was staying on board for the next cruise, but it was a major issue.
  4. What if it were the reverse? What if people blocked off tables and chairs in the buffet area very early so they knew they’d have a good place to eat breakfast and lunch? No one would assume it would be ok to leave people with no place to eat! Why is it ok to leave people with no place to sit/lounge? i bring a tote bag to the pool deck and have no problem putting my things near the pool or hot tub as I use them so as to not hog a chair. If we all just used items as we needed them, there would be fewer issues. note: short trips to the bathroom or to grab a beverage should not requir
  5. I experienced fog into Tampa once and we were delayed several hours. We knew the night before it was likely as the pool deck looked like we were inside a cloud around midnight and the ship was barely moving. It then stopped moving. I ended up fine as I had a late flight out, but most airlines were good about rebooking people given the circumstances.
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