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  1. We paid $33 for a cab for 3 people from the port to the airport last month. The transfer place wanted $15 a person.
  2. That would be fantastic! I am hearing impaired so going to the Windjammer that first day was really hard. I sat in a quiet area until I got to go to my room and would have loved to unpack right away. My husband found our bags about 3 halls over when he went exploring and brought them back to the cabin so we still got them much quicker than our hall mates. I think ( for me) it would be much better to arrive later, carry my bag onboard directly to my room, unpack and then go to the WJ right before muster when everyone else has sorta migrated to the pool.
  3. Wait-- so if I only fly with carryon size luggage and I don't arrive until 1pm to the ship---- I can take my luggage directly to my room myself and get in it right away??
  4. You sound alot like me. We just did the Empress ( first time cursing) and it was amazing and relaxing and all my fears were for nothing. I used the hooks for everything--- we were able to hold up the extension cord to the CPAP so it wasn't on the floor and a trip hazard. I hung up my hats, and lanyard and purse and used them to keep track of the paperwork I wanted to have handy. The Compass was actually pretty easy and that was a huge stress factor for me pre-cruise--- I grabbed it after dinner and went to town with highlighters ( one color for adults and one color for kid) I usually was reading it and highlighting while we waited for a show to start. I found it oddly relaxing to just pick where I wanted to be and knowing it would start at the assigned time. We loved Cozumel--- we bought a day pass to the El Cozumeleno Resort. There was almost no one there so it was very intimate and private. It was very nice to be greeted by name at the entrance and shown to our assigned beach chairs and assigned lunch cabana and assigned waiters. There was no thinking at all--- we could use the beach, the pools, it was all inclusive food and drinks. It was a fantastic off ship experience and the cab ride to and from gave us a chance to sight see a little.
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