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  1. Thanksgiving 2023, as a family we need this time to plan, any idea when these itinerary's will be available? Does anyone have any historic releases available, not just "sometime in November?" Thanks so much! Specifically sailings out of Florida & Port Liberty NJ
  2. C & A Gifts? May I inquire when does this amenity start, is it Diamond and above?
  3. I really want to use this offer, so I cancelled all 4 Royal up bids (because it would not allow me to change my credit card) and re-bid a little bit more and placed the American Express as payment. This way IF, BIG IF I actually "win" I feel great knowing I utilized this great offer, if not which is usually always the case I will enjoy the great cabin I have as well as visit the Next Cruise desk with that American Express vibrating in my pocket, win win. It's just so nice to even see offers like this again. (Not sure but I may have shot myself in the foot though as since I had to cancel and then re bid I'm sure I placed myself at the bottom of the bidding que) but in 42 days being on the ship will be just wonderful, Oh my husband wanted to know if the genie stayed in a bottle in our room! (Funny guy) We have only sailed Sky so a Star experience is in my dreams....
  4. So, this is my plan...bring my AX card on my sailing in 43 days. Book a new sailing on board, get the perks plus the AX perk by placing 1,500.00 down on the sailing. Then return home and transfer it to my TA, yes? Maximizing benefits at all angles, will this work?
  5. @wordell1 Yes we are! We are in the Crown Loft Suite, wow I didn't realize this was still a thing for the suites. I really wasn't sure, that would be great. Thanks so much for reminding me, I placed 4 minimum Royal Up bids for Star Class Suites but only two are showing available and I have never won before so this makes me very happy. I have been looking every day to see if I can get an earlier check in time but it ALWAYS gives me the choice of 1430-1500 that's it. Thanks again, have a great weekend. See you in 43 days at #CK!
  6. I have it also and really have no more sailings to book...but I checked it anyway. I figured if they saw I was interested at least maybe they would send me another in the future. Well, unless the Wonder comes back here to Florida November/December 2022 and has a southern itinerary, then I may be swayed...
  7. @cruisellama Okay so my check in was 1300hrs and they made me pick a new check in time, it was 1430hrs. There was no choice either, it was the next page and showed pick your check in time and then showed 1430-1500 & that was my choice. Yet others were able to navigate without being sent here, RC IT right? FYI it would not allow me to check in on my PC I had to do this on my app, the uploaded cards also. I was confused but " I don't care, I Love it" I am sailing on Thanksgiving & will be there in Miami anyway, hotel check out 1100hrs so that will be me staring at you guys from inside my vehicle within the parking deck lol! I am so happy we are sailing while I was disappointed my time (or my actions) changed my 1300hrs check in I'm still ecstatic we are sailing again.
  8. It's TIME! Check in #2 is now OPEN. The message was very clear & they set it up so not only you attach a photo of your V card & you input the date of the last dose. (14 day rule) Also, no word yet on pre cruise testing, BUT initially I had a 1300hrs boarding time and it was 0516hrs when I opened my app and now received 1430hrs for check in. I'm thinking it is tethered to the ship cleaning etc after the private charter cruise? Higher capacity change over? Maybe this is why the time change that @Sharla emailed me yesterday about, ship leaving 1800hrs instead of 1600hrs? Okay everyone, hit those apps! Have an amazing day!
  9. @AjG also, use extreme caution when making purchases. My [email protected] move, I am so embarrassed but if I can help anyone else. Cozumel, June 2021 off the ship and shopping I purchased an eye serum that I researched before hand for what I was told was 350.00 but it was amazing, right? Then I looked and after tax and everything else my credit card was charged 400.00, okay my bad...but it gets worse. The package was beautifully wrapped, just gorgeous so I did not open until I arrived home in the States, utilized the little samples they gave me, well you guessed it arrived home to an empty tube! Totally my fault I should have checked, I felt so violated. After over a month working with the credit card after a dispute I could not ultimately prove so I lost the dispute loosing the $400.00. I hate that the world is still like this and again MY FAULT I should have checked but be aware sadly they saw me coming a mile away, boy oh boy my loving husband will not let me forget, just be careful. @Reigert2008says pay with the small bills when using cash also, they will use interesting math to make change. Just be aware, I will continue to enjoy my port shopping just being a bit less trusting.
  10. What a terrible outcome, yet just one more reason to use a TA. @Sharlasent me specific emails every single time we experienced a cancellation during this crazy time AND always had options ready for us. I fear as they sent the email and you didn't open it they may not budge but @SpeedNoodlesis correct I usually get a pretty quick response on their Twitter messaging. So as bad as that is they cancelled so you will get your monies refunded, April is a great time to sail so reach out to your preferred travel professional, MEI is a wonderful example and research if they have any group sailings where the rates are discounted. In addition they WILL WATCH for additional price drops and incentives along the way, you can turn this around I promise you. ( note, I am not a TA nor do I play one on TV but boy oh boy I have a great one now). Please come back and let us know how it goes. AND open every single email from them always if just to scan before deleting, I know it is cumbersome but this way you can avoid disappointment in the future. Good Luck, have an amazing new adventure you can turn this around, be well
  11. @mathbees I am very curious as I Royal Up bid every sailing and never have been successful. I know there are many things that go into the calculations on the company side but were you successful with a minimum bid? A maximum bid? Somewhere in the middle? Thank you so much, and have an amazing time!
  12. We just had an aft on the Adventure of the Seas, it was magnificent. If there is an aft, I tend to choose them. Some vibration ever so slight when docking. Amazing views!
  13. @wordell1Okay, she said everything was still there! I just received an email regarding vaccination status, why does this get me so happy?? Also, my daughter ( 15 from Florida ) and another young man (15 from Nevada) met on the Adventure. It seems maybe this may be a reunion for the kids if your son was part of that group. I know they told me there was a great boy from Texas hanging with them, he was so confident and polite, maybe just maybe he was yours? These kids are going to have a blast! We are in a CLS so if they do know each other I'm sure they will see each other in #CK. I LOVE that they have cruise buddies, so if he is your boy let him know the others are excited to see him!
  14. @wordell1 She said they were able to check in and snagged the earlier time, I will call her and inquire about the starting over, good question I never thought to ask. I will get back to you on this.
  15. So my neighbors who are embarking on the Oasis sailing on the 14th of November (the sans clothes or luggage lite cruise lol) were able to properly check in again for the second time yesterday AND she said they snagged an earlier time. 1200 as opposed to 1300. So heads up everyone, check in take 2 is around the corner.
  16. Why, I'll tell you why! Because we need this, we want this. LOVE has a way of making everything so much better. @Booscruizewhen I read your posts I feel JOY! I can not wait for your wedding blog, I promise you I looked at my calendar & tried to free up time to join you, bless you both! Have an amazing sailing and an amazing life together.
  17. I second @GregD I am enjoying this so much. Thanks you for the candid pics, so excited for you!
  18. My previous two sailings that I did a Royal Up bid, each time I had one pending and then 1900hrs like clockwork the evening before embarkation they expired. This doesn't surprise me at all, very poor as it is exciting thinking you may have won the upgrade. At least you are on a sailing and didn't have to pay any more. I am at home thinking about work and school tomorrow....so enjoy your cruise! Wishing you fun and relaxation for days......
  19. We swear by the refreshment package, we watch for the price drops and have yet to not snag the best price. We previously sailed DCL where beverages excluding alcohol were included. Hands down Royal was a better value, I will tell you the reality of what we consumed versus what we thought we would consume were far apart, the bottled water alone made it worth it for our little family of 3. Watch for a 35% off package and then if you prefer an alcoholic beverage or two just pay separately, this makes great fiscal sense for us and this way there is no pressure when thirsty. I felt the same as you did my first RCL sailing, not anymore. Enjoy your sailing.
  20. Does anyone know if the Royal Up program (as it is a 3rd party service) is privy to the initial fare price I paid? For example, if I initially paid $6,000.00 for a sailing and bid 500.00 but another bidder paid $9,000.00 for the same sailing and bid 500.00 or less, do they automatically dismiss my bid? Curious as to if the initial cost of the sailing is calculated in this process. I am in an amazing CLS (sky class) but bid on four Star class offers as doing the math it made sense, but does someone like me even stand a chance since I purchased my initial cabin on day one it was released and paid a lot less initially? Does anyone know more specifics of this program?? Thank you so much!
  21. I just received mine also, is it me or are they super pricey? I got an amazing fare on my CLS not sure if 3,000. PP will work for us, even if it is for that amazing Owners Panoramic Suite. Oh boy, so exciting.... I'm taking a page from @wordell1and just checked again taking into account everything included in a Star class upgrade, I didn't and won't bid the Royal Loft @ 3,000. PP but maybe the Ultimate Panoramic taking into consideration I LOVE my CLS now but I drool over the Star class live blogs....so I just might jump in for this one, I just realized the minimum bid PP for the Ultimate is $400.00 PP, so now it's getting interesting..... Bad influences one and all!!!! (wish me luck, please?)
  22. I was contacted by Ivsa also, went to my spam folder. Thanks everyone here for reporting, I sent her on her way to the trash file.
  23. Congratulations, I am so happy for you! Okay, can you run down to Deck 9 for me and identify the Junior Suites that Danny walked through? I want the split bath WITH the tub, not the stand up shower! Thank you so much!! Am following and so looking forward to those pics, I just LOVE the STAR toes....You go girl, cheers and enjoy!
  24. We live just North of Tampa. We always drive to the port the day before, the traffic alone is stressful. Add to that the car accidents, car fires, debris flying out of pick up truck beds and finally torrential rain storms NO, sometimes you are stuck sitting still for hours. Please don't try that drive from PC to the other ports in the same day. Miami to Port Everglades sure, anywhere else I highly do not recommend. At least in our area even fender benders are ONLY handled by the FSP so the Sheriff closes everything down and then you WAIT for the State Police adding even more time to something that probably could have been cleared up in the time it took for them to arrive. Just my personal experience living here the last 20 years, and the roads seem to have only gotten worse. Enjoy your sailings!
  25. Yes, I just stated this problem on my roll call strand. I checked in but went in today to add the photos. Locked out of both, says check in October 9. I input everything previously at day 90 except the photos. Both website and app say check in not available. Oasis sailing November 21 from Miami.
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