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  1. Exactly. being a Floridian, i drive to the port the day of. I'll be ready to get on by 11:30 if at all possible. I'm platinum level as well.. and I didn't know if that made a difference. thx
  2. We often bring the Mio drops for flavoring our water if we tire of choices. I'm Amazed at options for water, coffee drops you're able to find now In most large grocery stores
  3. I'll have to get one for my hubby and heart rxs.. amazing!
  4. I rcvd my set sail pass with a 1pm embarkation time... I've never had to board that late but I've also never been on an oasis class ship we will be on the Allure of the Seas September 29th/Ft Lauderdale...should I just go ahead and be at the port at 10:30 and see if they'll let me on???
  5. $200 for the New water park, you can well imagine how much money they will be raking in just for that one attraction That's not including Cabanas the other excursions jet skis you name it that island is their big moneymaker!
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