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  1. Hi, Wondering if the drink vouchers for D, D+, and P are valid on embarkation day?
  2. We will be on a southbound cruise from Seward to Vancouver at the end of the week. We are in the process of filling out the ArriveCAN form prior to embarkation. We are fully vaccinated (so no quarantine is required) and will fly back to the US the afternoon of disembarkation. When filling out the ArriveCAN form it asks us to enter the full address in Canada where we will be staying. An address is required where you may be contacted in the next 14 days, or during your stay (if less). We are going from the cruise port to the airport. Do I put in the address of the airport? I can put in our home address, because it won't accept a US address.
  3. Pffsh. 140 days is nothing. 917 days here. We booked our Alaska cruise November 25, 2019, originally leaving on May 31, 2021. That, of course, didn't happen, and we rebooked for May 30, 2022. 917 days from the date of the original booking.
  4. That's a good point, @SpeedNoodles! I never considered testing from the ship the morning of disembarkation.
  5. We will be doing an Alaska cruise in a few weeks, disembarking in Vancouver and then flying back to the US. In order to fly back to the US we need to do a COVID test no more than one day prior to the flight, which would be the last full day of the cruise, which is a sea day. We have the surf internet package. Will that be enough to do a video call without buffering or being really choppy? The other option is to test either at the Vancouver airport or the cruise terminal when we get off the ship. But, of course, that option is more expensive. I don't want to buy and bring test kits only to find out we can't make a video call from the ship, with the "surf" internet. Has anyone been able to do a video call from the ship with just the basic surf internet?
  6. One thing to maybe think about is if there is an emergency at home, do you want to know about it, because are you going to be able to do anything about it? A few years ago we were going on a cruise, and my grandma was scheduled to go into hospice care around the same time. My mom asked me if grandma were to pass while we were on the ship, did I want her to let me know? After thinking about it, I said no, because there would be nothing I could do, and it would put a damper on the rest of the vacation. And knowing about it wouldn't make her less dead. Same goes for our pets. We trust the people who take care of our pets to make whatever decisions they deem necessary should an emergency happen. As to your question, if it is something that doesn't require something from you right that very instant, they can text you or call and leave a message and the next port you are in, you should be able to read and respond to it or listen to your voicemail.
  7. Yes, I just checked the Deluxe Beverage Package price for our Nav cruise out of LA next April, $102/per day! We've never spent more then about $55 Edit: They've already knocked it down
  8. We are sailing on ML in a few weeks from Seward. Prior to joining the ship, we are doing a Celebrity Cruise Tour. I know we need a COVID test no more than two days before the land portion starts, which we will do before we leave home. Then we also need one no more than two days before the cruise starts. On boarding day (Friday) we take a bus from Denali to Seward to join the ship. I've read somewhere that they will stop somewhere in Anchorage where people can get COVID testing done. But, then I've also read that isn't true, that we need to either bring a self-test with us and do the testing (via tele-health monitoring) on our own, or arrange testing on our own. When I called Celebrity they said they will stop in Anchorage for testing, but I don't know if the person understood my question. Would anyone happen to know if they will be stopping somewhere for testing? I am sure it will be more expensive, but it would probably be more convenient. And I've also read that if you do the monitored at home test, that you can't use a cell phone or tablet for that, it has to either be a desktop or laptop computer. Which would be really inconvenient to have to bring a desktop computer!
  9. We have an Alaska cruise coming up in June that disembarks in Vancouver. From what I can tell a negative COVID test is needed to re-enter the U.S. and must be taken no more than one day prior to the flight. The cruise ends, and our flight back to the U.S. is on a Friday. I think at-home tests are permitted if they are monitored via tele-health (just like Royal Caribbean's requirement). The day before the flight is a sea day for us. We have an internet package, but I think we have a surf package, so I don't know we'd be able to make a video call so that the test could be monitored. Would it be easiest to just do the test at the Vancouver airport the morning of the flight? Or does anyone know if they will accept an at-home test that wasn't monitored via tele-health in order to re-enter the U.S.?
  10. Does your toddler get seasick? Dramamine makes most people sleepy. Bonine might be another option.
  11. If you have a prescription for something it shouldn't be banned anywhere. Unless medication was supposed to be in quotes. But not once have I ever been asked about what medications I am bringing. I am curious to know who do you think is going to ask?
  12. The cruise was paid off at the end of February. The flights weren't set for ticketing until April 9. When we originally booked the flights with Celebrity, we booked the only nonstop flight available in Prem. Economy. It's about a 5h 45m flight. (We live in a Delta hub) They could reinstate us on that same flight, but only in coach, since Prem. Econ was sold out. We decided we'd rather have the Prem. Economy even if that meant adding in a connection. Now we have a 3h 30m flight to Seattle, 90 minute connection and a 3h 45m flight to Fairbanks. We've gone from 5h 45m of travel time to 8h 45m
  13. So, a bit of an update on this. On Friday 4/15 a Celebrity Engagement Supervisor called me and explained there are two ways the reservation will get canceled by the airline. 1) Celebrity only holds space with the airline and then will send a whole bunch of reservations to be ticketed at the same time. They said it has happened where the airline has canceled space and resold it before it gets sent for ticketing 2) Sometimes things just get missed. The supervisor wouldn't say it, but this is what happened to ours. I called on FbC on 4/12 and asked when the reservation should have been ticketed, and they said 4/9, but it never got ticketed. Later I would come to learn that it was sent to ticketing on 4/9 and should have been ticketed automatically, but failed because of a schedule change, that no one there ever acknowledged. So ticketing failed. It then got sent to a failed ticketing queue and someone should have researched it to determine why it wasn't ticketed and get it ticketed. But that didn't happen. And as a result because it wasn't ticketed by the ticketing deadline Delta canceled the reservation. While we were talking the supervisor gave me my other flight options, one was an earlier option and the other was a later option. I said, we'd probably do the earlier, she added that to the notes and she said someone would call to re=book us. Later that day I talk to the wife, who said she'd rather do the later flights. No problem I think, when they call to re-book I will just have them book the later flights The next day, Saturday we get a call from the ticketing department. And we get the flights re-booked, and I can see on the Delta website the flights were ticketed. I am thinking good, everything is finally resolved. Monday evening (4/18) get an email from Celebrity flight change notification. I thought it was just the confirmation from the Saturday conversation. Checked the departure times, they re-booked us on the earlier flight, after they had already ticketed us on the later flights we wanted. Checked Delta.com and yep they re-booked us on the earlier flight. Call FbC and asked why they re-booked us again, when we talked to ticketing and got re-booked on the flights we wanted. They were gone for about twenty minutes trying to figure it out, They said what appears to have happened is when we talked to the supervisor on Friday and she put the notes in the reservation that was sent to a department to be worked on. On Monday they worked on it, but never saw, or never read the notes from ticketing from Saturday that we decided to go with the later flights and were booked and ticketed on those. So they canceled those flights and put us on the earlier flights. The person I talked to said they will send for the later flights to be reinstated, and it should take 48-72 hours. Another supervisor called Tuesday and apologized and said if we don't get the new confirmation by Thursday to call back. Nothing came, so called FbC back on Friday. That person said, the person Monday sent it to ticketing, but didn't put in the new flights. So they would need to resend it again, and it would be another 48-72 hours (not counting weekends). This morning I get a flight confirmation email from Celebrity, this time with the correct flights. Check the reservation on Delta.com and it's showing the correct flights. I am going to see if Delta is willing to take over the flight reservations, which should prevent Celebrity from making any more changes to it, since it won't belong to them anymore.
  14. On my last call to them I requested a supervisor to call me back. We will see if that happens. They did say, once they realize that cannot reinstate the original flight that someone should be calling me to work something out. I also sent an email detailing everything to Celebrity Guest Engagement and BCC'd the VP of Guest Engagement. The last person I talked to saw the notes in my file from the previous calls, and summarized them, so I know the notes are there. We are doing a Cruise Tour before the cruise, and the flight we booked originally was the only nonstop flight available. The flight itself is still available, but not in Prem. Economy, liked we booked (and paid for), it's only available in Economy. If we don't want Economy, we either need to leave 10-12 hours earlier than planned, or arrive at 1:00 AM. So, when/if a supervisor or someone in a position of power does reach out, I am going to push that they book us in first class, and pay the difference for all of the inconvenience this has caused. Celebrity goes guarantee that if you book through them, they will get you to the ship. I don't know about any airline. I don't know if they work with airlines like Southwest, or JetBlue, and the low cost carriers.
  15. We added flights through Celebrity to our June 2022 Alaska cruise in December 2021. We booked Delta Air Lines Economy Plus (Comfort Plus). On Monday of this week, I was checking our reservations on the Delta website, just to see if any better seats had opened and got a message that the confirmation number could not be found, Tried again, nothing. Checked my Delta account which shows all of my upcoming reservations, The flight home is there, but the flight to AK is no longer showing. Called Flights by Celebrity (hereafter referred to as FbC). Representative said flights we canceled due to a schedule change and we should be rebooked soon, and he would followup the next morning. (Now, this was my fault, because I wasn't thinking, but a schedule change shouldn't completely cancel a reservation). He never followed up. Once I realized that a schedule change shouldn't completely cancel a reservation, called Delta to see what they could tell me. The first person I spoke with said the flight was removed from the schedule. When I pointed out that I could still book the same flight on the Delta website, her answer was I needed to go through Celebrity since I booked through them. Called back and got a different person at Delta, who told me there was no schedule change and the reservation was canceled because Celebrity never ticketed the reservation. Called FbC back with this new information. Asked the representative to see if they show the flights were ticketed (both the outbound an return) She confirmed that they were not. And she would need to send this to her support desk for the fight to be reinstated. I said the flight is still available, but not in Economy Plus, which is what we booked. Only first and economy were available. I did ask that they rebook us in first and pay the difference, since a.) the class we originally booked was no longer available, and because we paid for Econ Plus, that we should at least get that ( or better), and b) it wasn't us who forgot to ticket the reservation. She said she would put that note in and we should hear something in 48 hours. We didn't think asking for them to rebook us in first class was being unreasonable. We would have been perfectly happen if they could have restored the reservation to what we had originally booked, but because they couldn't, we didn't feel it was fair that we be booked in Economy, when we paid for Economy Plus, when it was them who forgot to ticket the reservation, and because of that Delta canceled the reservation. The next morning I realized I never confirmed if they were going to ticket the return flights. I did confirm that they weren't ticketed, but never confirmed if they were going to ticket them. Called back and asked if they could check whether the return flights were ticketed. They had not been ticketed. I asked when they would normally be ticketed. Rep said that the ticketing date was set for April 9 (today was April 12). Rep, asked if I wanted to have that reservation ticketed. Umm, yes please. He would need to send that to their ticketing desk and they should be ticketed within 24 hours. Checked on Delta website today (4/14) and I can see that the return flights were ticketed. No word on the outbound flight yet, and it's been 72 hours. The two first class seats that were available are now gone, and only thing available on the flight we originally booked is Economy. I am on hold with FbC now, and they are "checking" on the outbound flight reservation. And now, I've been disconnected. So far it's been about six hours on hold with Celebrity over the course of three days trying to get this resolved.
  16. I booked a 10:45 flight out of FLL for November. We plan to to the Express Departure, and grab a cab over to the airport. I figure as long as we get off the ship by 7:45 we should be fine. It'll be a Friday too, so I am hoping that works to our advantage and the airport isn't as busy.
  17. I opened up a C&A account for my girlfriend after our first cruise together a few years ago. She and I live together, and I just requested a status match to my status, because we had the same address. They put her at Diamond with the same number of points as me. She had never cruised before. Do you have to show proof of relationship now? I am wondering because I have relatives who are Diamond Plus and they've told us to change the address on our account to their address so we can match their status. If I do that, do I have to show proof of the relationship? Of course it might raise some red-flags as to why I am suddenly changing the address on my account to an address associated with a C&A account that has 450 points, and then requesting a status match. I've been reluctant to try that, because I am afraid they would cancel my account for misuse of the program and I would lose all the points that I had.
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