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  1. Thank you for the info - this helps!
  2. I need help with this too! We will be in Labadee next summer (6 of us). So what is the difference in the ones offered and the locations? Beach Cabana at nellies beach? Also one offered Beach Front for nellies beach? Either better? OR Beach Bungalow at columbus cove? We've never been to Labadee so we have no reference to where these are located. Would love anyones insight. Thank you!
  3. If you buy the drink package on one sale and the price goes lower... can you buy the new price and get a refund for the first???
  4. Thank you for info all! @fonemanbob And for making me laugh!!
  5. Can you tell me if you know what's included with these beautiful beach cabanas? For our 2020 cruise, I see cabanas for all three locations available (chill, oasis and south beach) offered from $799 - $899 for up to 8 people. Are drinks included if you do not purchase a drink package?? I know the usual food and drink is part of your ship package but Im wondering what else here for the price? Thank you!
  6. ok, i feel your pain. A balcony is wonderful to have but the rooms are not very big. A pack and play out will be hard to walk around to get to the bathroom. That being said.. if you want to save the money and I agree 1,000 bucks is worth it... totally go for it. Go on line and look the room lay outs.
  7. We also enjoyed Solarium (more so than main dining). They bring you the main dish fresh to order and the other items are buffet style but lots to choose from and very yummy! We made reservations right on the app during the cruise as late as the morning of and it wasn't a problem but best to do early in the week for best seating time for you. As far as kids go, my youngest was 15 and it never was a problem, but not sure about little ones.
  8. On Harmony a couple weeks back... My family thought that the WOW bands were not so great as we expected so we wouldn't get again unless they were excepted for everything! They are perfect for getting in your room if your hands are full (just put your wrist up to door lock) and yes you can purchase things on the ship with it. But... you have to have your sea pass card to get on and off the ship AND they wanted the card when we went into the waterpark at coco cay too.
  9. Thank you for all your responses! Looks like we are all in the same boat (insert pun- lol!) .. any ship is going to be great when you're on vacation! I do agree that the smaller ships seem to get to more locations. My family is only able to do summer travel with school schedules so that seems to limit our choices right now with the bigger ships. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing!
  10. We tend to lean towards the bigger ships because they are newer and have "more" but is that important to most of you? Would love to know what is your favorite ship(s) and why. 🙂 Thank you!!
  11. Lovestotravel - Im not sure where you start kayaking from to get to Pinel and perhaps you just love to kayak itself, but we enjoyed the fast boat ride to hit other stops along the way to snorkel and the great views...and still had plenty of time on Pinel to enjoy. There may be other options but again.. Capt. Bob's is an easy pick! Have a great time! @JLMoran we did meet his son but he was organizing everyone to different boats and not the one who took us out on the water. Our captain Yuri was an experienced captain both in boating and island history, and his helper (a girl) was super friendly and assisted in every way. Also back to @Lovestotravel We were provided with everything we needed for snorkeling though we brought some of our own gear. The crew also provided beer, soda/water and sandwiches, though again there is a restaurant on Pinel.
  12. Lovestotravel - Im not sure where you start kayaking from to get to Pinel and perhaps you just love to kayak itself, but we enjoyed the fast boat ride to hit other stops along the way to snorkel and the great views...and still had plenty of time on Pinel to enjoy. There may be other options but again.. Capt. Bob's is an easy pick! Have a great time!
  13. Just giving my review and HUGE THANKS for the suggestion to book with Capt. Bob from https://www.soualigadestinations.com/most-popular-tour-for-cruise-ship-visitors/ For St. Maarten.. O M G we had a fantastic time! Thank you JLMoran for referring this company to us as this suggestion did not disappoint! From the moment I reached out to Capt Bob I received an immediate response and answers to all my questions. I was a little nervous booking because it wasn't with the ship but on the day we went we found many others from the ship also booked the same excursion that day as well, in fact there were at least 40 - 50 from our ship, however they had several boats that we were each assigned to. The captain of our boat and his assistant took 17 of us out on a fast speed boat to 4 different spots for swimming/snorkeling and beach visiting and hands down Pinel Island was AMAZING!!! Pinel is a gorgeous place and home to many iguanas who will take food right from your hands (it's pretty incredible to see). Like JLMoran mentioned Pinel as a little hut that sells reasonably priced items that are I believe made on the island and there is also a restaurant here which i heard from one of our fellow passengers was delicious Anyway, the whole experience this day was the best thing we did all week and we would absolutely come back and do it again. I highly recommend this company and even on trip advisor you will see they have over 200 reviews and are 5 star rated!!!
  14. Hi RC experienced cruisers, I apologize for asking the same questions covered 100 times Im sure.. but since i couldn't locate under the search... I'll ask again 😁 .... so please forgive. 1) Boarding Ship - bringing drinks on board: Yes I'm aware you can bring 2 bottles of wine, a case of water OR a case of soda per cabin. We have two cabins.. 2 older teens in one and mom/dad in the other. Here's my question, can my husband and I not only bring on two bottles of wine for our cabin, but can we also bring a case of water (for our cabin), OR is either or? My teens are bringing one case for their cabin already, but I was hoping the ship would let me bring water AND wine in our room?? Anyone? 2) Honeymoon beach/St. John question: Anyone walked from cruz bay to honeymoon Beach or is cab easier and available. Fully cable of walking for the pure enjoyment of it, so just wanted to know how accessible the path was as I read it was like a mile walk?? Thank you so much!
  15. Yes, thank you. You're right and I already booked. 🙂 I appreciate your suggestions! Can't wait for the trip!
  16. Thank you both for the information! I can't wait to get there and this was so helpful! 😀
  17. Pinel island.. worth making the trip? My family wants to relax and snorkel for part of the day. We are open to thoughts about other places to visit during our 8 hour stop in st. maarten. First time cruisers. Thanks!
  18. This is our family's first cruise and I am looking into purchasing the waterpark package at coco cay for my teenagers. My question is, do I need to purchase one if Im NOT going to enjoy any of the water slides but just want to be inside in the area to take pictures? Thank you!
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