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  1. I was just on Anthem in July advanced reservations were extremely limited often filling up within minutes of being available. The good news is I had no issues getting reservation once on board using the app...we had our choice of days and times. We were able to get our first choices. Don't worry if you can't reserve in advance.
  2. One mobile app that works on board regardless of which ship you're on. I also second the idea for a better functioning website.
  3. This might be a dumb question but: Are the Wow bands waterproof? So if one of my kids jumps in the pool with it still on is it still going to work? Thanks!
  4. You should be able to find an IPA. Honestly though all bars and restaurants won't have them. Likely only a few bars on the ship will have an IPA...most bars only have typical Miller, Bud, and some imports.
  5. Kind of a weird question. My daughter has an allergy to wheat and eggs, so does anyone know if the gluten free crust at Sorrento's has egg in it? Thanks!
  6. I was wondering about this...we're sailing on Anthem on July 4 and nothing has been opened. I wonder if they are trying this to get more people to download the Royal IQ app.
  7. Hi all! My family and I are going on our 2nd cruise in July on Anthem. We are scheduled for MTD and on Cruise Planner dining reservations are not showing for the MDR only the fee restaurants. I have been checking daily since about 100 days out we're now inside 50 days. Is this normal? It seems like from the other posts I've read that reservations should be open by now. I need reservations because my daughter has several food allergies so it's important we get the same waitstaff. When we cruised last year they got to know us and were fantastic about working with her restrictions. If I have to wait till we are onboard, how difficult is it to get reservations for the same table every night? Thanks!
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