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  1. Also, according to RCCL support, Wonderland is now included in the Unlimited Dining Package!
  2. That is a KILLER deal for the Unlimited Dining Package. Congrats on snagging that unreal deal!
  3. It has an English Pub, but, I guess, there is no food in the pub. You do have Sabor's, which is a Mexican place.. Good place to spend your a la carte UDP dollars!
  4. What ship?? Majesty of the Seas did not have the package, because they did not have any specialty dining venues.
  5. Per your assumption, I received an email today implying that our Ultimate Dining Packages were converted to Unlimited Dining Packages. From my email: 'Thanks for booking the Ultimate Dining Package for your upcoming cruise. We wanted to let you know about some recent enhancements we’ve made to this package! First things first, the Ultimate Dining Package is now known as the Unlimited Dining Package, and it’s just that, unlimited. Now, you can dine at any of our specialty dining venues for lunch and dinner, and as many times as you want! Your appetite is the limit. Some other gre
  6. We got the Ultimate (now, Unlimited) DP last Black Friday for $129 pp for our Alaskan Cruise in August on Ovation, so, it is a great deal for us.
  7. Will Wonderland now be included in the Package? In the Ultimate Dining Package, Wonderland was NOT included.
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