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  1. We have a late (9:50pm) flight home from Miami on Sunday, 12/29 and are wondering what in the world to do all day between disembarking and boarding our flight home. The idea of having to deal with our luggage and boredom for 12 hours with a 14 year old is a little daunting. We ended up with this late flight due to the high prices around holiday travel and deciding on this particular cruise last minute (we will plan better next time!)... That said, we have never been to the Miami area and are wondering if anyone has any suggestions with how to spend the day and/or what to do about our luggage?
  2. We sailed on Rhapsody when my daughter was 11. It was a Caribbean itinerary so we had a few sea days between ports. There isn't much to do for kids outside of the rock climbing wall and pool. If I am remembering correctly, there may have also been mini golf. She did spend a hefty amount in the arcade on games but she was never bored. We enjoyed the smaller ship because it wasn't as crowded as the larger ships tend to get. The entertainment was also fantastic.
  3. I used the WhatsApp app to text with my daughter on Independence in April. It worked really well and we didn't have any issues with the WiFi on board.
  4. The BBC sounds soooo good!!! This one is at the top of my must-try list!
  5. Oh my goodness I’m feeling so inspired by all of these drink options! 78 days until I plan to try them all (in moderation throughout the week, of course ).
  6. I always get the drink package when I cruise because, let’s face it, we like indulge on vacation . I have my favorites but love trying new things and am always intrigued by some of the drinks I see others with. As a true introvert, I never ask anyone what they are! So, tell me - what are your favorite vacation drinks?
  7. I completely agree! I recently booked my Christmas 2020 cruise very early and was THRILLED with the price I paid (as I do with all of my bookings). I can’t imagine it getting any lower. If it does and I can reprice, that’s just a bonus.
  8. Are you saying that it's not available on the ships anymore or just not included in the Deluxe Beverage Package anymore? I just saw Kraken available on my last Cruise (Independence). It would be VERY disappointing if they aren't including it in the DBP anymore.
  9. We eat in the MDR every morning for breakfast and every evening for dinner. I only eat in Windjammer or Sorrentos for lunch and snacks. Personally, I don't love serving "myself" at a buffet when I am on vacation and enjoy having a waiter for breakfast. At dinner in the MDR, I enjoy having the same table and servers every night. They always get to know you, develop a rapport and remember my drink order by the 2nd/3rd day! The food is always really good and you can order more than one entree/appetizer/dessert if you want it or just can't decide. I can't justify spending extra on dining when the
  10. I received good news via email today! They made an additional Key available for me! I'm glad I won't have to watch my 13 year old eat lunch at Chops without me now Hello, Hope this email finds you well, I am glad to inform we were able to obtain the additional spot that you requested; to book The Key service, please call us as soon as you can in order to pay for it please. Payment can only be made today. Regards, Kevin Velasquez Resolutions Specialist Royal Caribbean International®
  11. I'll definitely keep you posted! My daughter is 13, so technically she is an "adult". I wish they would have let me purchase two at the time, I practically begged them to take my money
  12. I sure hope so! I will definitely check it out once we are on board
  13. I am cruising in 4 days... I went into the cruise planner to purchase The Key and it wouldn't let me check out, but didn't say it was sold out or to check on board. It said to call. When I called the number provided, the woman I spoke with told me they only had ONE left ... There are only two of us traveling, myself and my daughter... She suggested I purchase it for my daughter so she can take advantage of the special hours for the climbing wall and flow rider and told me to email [email protected] to ask of they would make an additional Key available for the sailing for me. That's exactly what
  14. Thanks, everyone. This was helpful! Now, who can recommend some good travel agents?
  15. I’m getting ready to cruise next week and already know I’m booking a cruise over Christmas this year. I am wondering your thoughts on booking with next cruise vs an agent vs yourself direct with Royal Caribbean. I’ve always booked direct and never used an agent or next cruise. Am I missing out on anything??
  16. Thanks!! I am obsessed with my yeti colster. Everything stays so cold! But I think it only holds 12oz cans and bottles?? I’m going to have to look into one of the off brand ones that will hold a 16oz can!
  17. I’m one of those weird people that brings a koozie with me on vacation... Silly question - is bottled beer served in bottles by the pool or do they pour them into cups? Just trying to determine if it’s worth packing koozies for bottles/cans or not? I can’t be the only one that loves them, well specifically the yeti colster. They keep drinks so cold
  18. I can relate to overplanning, I’ve already booked and planning our spring break 2020 cruise that’s a year lol
  19. This is so good to hear! I was so worried about my daughter not having much to do or anyone to hang out with. Thanks everyone!
  20. For those who have cruised over the holidays... I am considering a cruise over Christmas this year for myself and my (then) 14 year old daughter, since the dynamics of our family have changed drastically over the last year and I don’t love the thought of spending Christmas at home with not much to do... I’m trying to gauge what Caribbean cruises are like over Christmas in terms of the types of people on the ship. Are there many kids? Or is it more of an older/adult crowd? Do cruise lines do anything special for Christmas? Do the ports have any holiday experiences? Or is it just another day to
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