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    IRMO12HD reacted to Matt in Binax home test   
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    IRMO12HD reacted to SPS in Lunch on Embarkation Day: What’s your go-to?   
    Park Café or the Solarium are our usual lunch stops since the WJ can get so busy. (with Pre-COVID crowds anyway)
    This coming week, however, we want to try out El Loco Fresh on Odyssey.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to PG Cruiser in Lunch on Embarkation Day: What’s your go-to?   
    I missed lunch at Windjammer by a few minutes and the crew suggested I try Park Café.  I loved their roast beef sandwich. The salad was also good.
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    IRMO12HD got a reaction from cruisellama in Lunch on Embarkation Day: What’s your go-to?   
    Park Cafe and Solarium are two of my favorites.
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    IRMO12HD got a reaction from Kathleen in Royal Up Program   
    @mnshortie21I received a 20% discount on a minimum bid for Interior - OV Balcony on Oasis in early December.  Minimum bid was reduced to $125 from $145 or $150 (can't remember which); I bid $135 and won the upgrade.  I probably could have won it with a minimum bid of $125.  If you don't care too much for your present location, I would double check current balcony fares and go from there.  I ended up saving about $300 total -- and my daughter's first cruise was in a balcony vs. in an interior 🙂
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    IRMO12HD reacted to twangster in Odyssey of the Seas, Jan. 15, 2022 - The Not Live Blog, Blog   
    For any teens out there here is quick sample of what Social180 offers:

    Bumper cars!  Again?  Why not?  No line.

    Another trip to NextCruise means another cruise booked.

    The main dining room is so different compared to the earlier non-ultra Quantum class ships so it was dinner in the MDR.

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    IRMO12HD reacted to twangster in Odyssey of the Seas, Jan. 15, 2022 - The Not Live Blog, Blog   
    If you haven't figured it out already this is pretty much a normal restart cruise.  I know there is a lot of FUD out there making it sound like it should be impossible for a cruise to operate normally yet here we are, operating like a normal restart cruise.  
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Pattycruise in Crown & Anchor On Board Offers - 2021/2022 Edition   
    They didn't deliver it on one of my recent cruises.  The girl at Guest Services had no clue what I was talking about.  I wasn't leaving until I got one.  She finally pulled out a book and pulled out the sheet of paper for me.  
    I usually take pics of the specials from whatever I am offered so I can refer to them as needed.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to AshleyDillo in Crown & Anchor On Board Offers - 2021/2022 Edition   
    They are..should be waiting in the room when you arrive unless you did a last minute upgrade. If all else fails you can ask at Guest Services or the Loyalty Ambassador desk and they'll print you one out.
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    IRMO12HD got a reaction from PPPJJ-GCVAB in Lunch on Embarkation Day: What’s your go-to?   
    Park Cafe and Solarium are two of my favorites.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to MattG in Lunch on Embarkation Day: What’s your go-to?   
    What’s your go-to Embarkation Day Lunch? 
    Windjammer is the go-to for a majority of cruisers, but I assume most people don’t know what else is even open. MDR has the Chops Grille lunch menu for The Key holders, but what’s left? 
    I remember going to Park Cafe on Grandeur a few years ago right after boarding, and it was a ghost town. Inspired by Tip #3 in today’s main site post (https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/01/21/10-tips-worked-out-our-royalcaribbeanblogcom-staffers-2021), I haven’t even thought about Playmakers, this will likely be our go-to when we hit Oasis in October. 
    Spill the deets! 
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    IRMO12HD reacted to CruisingNewb in Ensenada / CatalinaTips? (Navigator OTS)   
    Honestly, if you have not been to Catalina or Ensenada before, I would not book shore excursions.  
    For first timers, there is so much to explore and see just by walking around.  
    Catalina - eat at Avalon Seafood.  Cheaper ocean fare and the smoked Albacore was amazing! Also, there is a mom and pop coffee place called Catalina Coffee that has good coffee and free wi-fi (at least they did when we went in 2018.  Just walk around, go back to an empty ship and enjoy the ship.
    Ensenada - well...my wife has a saying, anywhere you go, just don't look down.  Many people will likely comment on how dirty and smelly Ensenada can be.  This pretty much describes any major US metro.  Go walk around, have some Mariscos, eat tacos at a small taco shop.  Buy (or don't buy) a cheap ukelele, and go back to the ship and enjoy an empty ship.  Oh...we spent some time at Hussongs, but we are older folk now with older kids...not likely going to do the drinking at 10 am scene anymore.
    IF you want to do an excursion in Ensenada, we tried the horse back riding on the beach.  For what its worth, it was nice.  
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Matt in Oasis / Atlantis Cruise   
    Totally true. But it's worth reminding non-cruisers of this double standard when brought up.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Matt in Oasis / Atlantis Cruise   
    The Atlantis group has a very checkered past with their charters, with people dieing on sailings in the past.
    That being said, while I would not think this is a good thing to do at all, here's another great example of the double standard cruise lines face.  
    Large unmasked grouping outside is a problem?

    Disney World recently
    Bills vs Pats game last weekend

    WWE Monday Night Raw earlier this week INDOORS

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    IRMO12HD reacted to Karla Jensen in Ensenada / CatalinaTips? (Navigator OTS)   
    See my previous post about Ensenada above.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to BowTieBrigade in Ensenada Excursions   
    Has anyone done one of the RC excursions in Ensenada they really enjoyed or really didn’t?
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    IRMO12HD reacted to Karla Jensen in Ensenada Excursions   
    We have not done those thru Royal, but years ago we did horseback riding.  We were there last weekend and we just got off the ship and walked around.  We went to the "Giant" flag and they had a water fountain show that was short, but very nice.  From there we walked into town and took a horse drawn carriage ride.  It was short but they stayed on a busy road so it was hard to hear the driver especially thru his mask.  We then walked to the Huge Catholic church.  We arrived just as services were letting out.  It was beautiful.  We walked back towards the tourist district and went to the Taqueria.  Yes from Church to Tequila!   We went in and those in our group that drink paid 10 USD for a tour and Tequila tasting.  Those that didn't drink were able to hear how Tequila is made and walk thru the exhibits.  It was very interesting.  We had been to Ensenada many times years ago when RCCL cruised there.  It is sooooo much better now.  There are still those trying to sell things, but the number is down and we saw NO beggars.  Hope this helps!
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    IRMO12HD reacted to RWDW1204 in ID NOW covid test   
    It's in your post.
    Any Abbott brand test administered on site by a pharmacy technician or other health professional is accepted. This includes the common Abbot ID NOW test administered by many pharmacies. The test provider must provide you with a proper results document (no handwritten notes). You'll get an email with your results and all the info Royal needs.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to CruiseGus in ID NOW covid test   
    @Vincent Worried in Council Bluffs!
    From the opposite side of the state.  The Walgreens ID NOW test is acceptable have used it 3 time since start up
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    IRMO12HD reacted to PG Cruiser in Walgreen's Change Covid Testing   
    TIP:   Try to book for your targeted date a little past midnight when the date becomes available.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to SPS in Why do ships have Dedicated Conference Rooms?   
    In addition to the conferences mentioned above, they have other uses as well.
    3 years ago, we received an invitation by RC to participate in a survey session on Freedom early on embarkation day. A representative asked us and another couple about our thoughts and impressions on several current and potential cruising aspects in one of the conference rooms and we were compensated with a AmEx gift card. Snacks and refreshments were also served. The whole thing was about 15-20 minutes of our time.
    They had arranged for several small groups to participate throughout the day until time of sailing.
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    IRMO12HD reacted to twangster in Crown & Anchor On Board Offers - 2021/2022 Edition   
    Congrats on making Diamond!  Be aware you are not officially Diamond until the points post to your account in the weeks following the cruise. Unless you are back to back taking consecutive cruises they don't update C&A status mid-cruise.
    Nonetheless congratulations on making Diamond.  That comes with some really nice benefits.  
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    IRMO12HD reacted to twangster in Crown & Anchor On Board Offers - 2021/2022 Edition   
    You still get two 50% off beer/wine coupons, each.  That's four for a couple.
    That's effectively the same as the old BOGO but better.  You don't have to buy both at the same time now.  Under the old BOGO you technically had to buy one and get one right then and there and in some cases they made you get the same drink for the BOGO.
    Now with two 50% coupons each you can use them whenever, one for beer, one later for wine.    
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    IRMO12HD reacted to fa-li in Navigator in Cabo   
    Sitting at the pool where I’m staying in Cabo, and watching Navigator make her way in to port. Thought I’d post a photo in case anyone on the boards is on her and wants to see “themselves.”  Sorry it’s not a better pic, I only have my iPhone 

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    IRMO12HD reacted to Traveling Mike in Expiration Extension BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test   
    Thank you, Tom, for finding that information out.  I was setting on 6 test kits that I thought would expire Feb 19 but now I can use them for my next 3 cruises.  It is nice to hear they extended them for 6 months.  Saving me money to spend on the ship.
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