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  1. Any chance you sent in the Cruise Compasses yet? Or can you provide them to me another way? I'm a huge planner and we leave on June 17th. Starting to stress.
  2. I have the unlimited dining package upcoming on Oasis. If I eat and early lunch at Playmakers can I then get an afternoon snack of wings at Playmakers or sushi at Izumi? Then still get a late dinner at Chops or anywhere else?
  3. I always wonder if I ask too much too. I booked 7 cabins on a cruise for my family. I would think that's a nice payday for my TA? But I always have to look myself to find when cheaper fares are available then email or call my her to ask her to verify if they are cheaper. Its happened twice on my next cruise. One was minimal but she did it anyway, which I appreciated. The last one was a refund for $272.00/cabin. Which she rebooked for me back on Nov 19th. Only 4 of the 7 cabins were getting the discount because of the room type. I have emailed at least 7 times since asking about the refunds. I was advised the first time that it takes 45 days. That was a long time ago. So now they have come in one at a time. My nephew got his first then my one daughter. The last 2 have been dragging out. I paid for them on the same CC. Back on Feb 18th one of the two suddenly appear back on my card without any update from my TA. But the other one still hasn't been refunded yet. Is this unusual to get one of 2 on the same card? I emailed my TA but get no reply. I get so frustrated and my DW tells me to relax.. The last email she advised she would contact the next day and get back to me. That was back on Feb. 23rd. But I have yet to hear from her since. Am I asking too much for her to fight for me and actually answer me with her findings? Or is the silent treatment typical?
  4. Thanks to everyone for the quick replies.
  5. How early can I check in when it is my check in day? Is it available at midnight the day it starts? Or is it in the early morning (7:00-9:00AM) or even later? I want to get the earliest boarding time so I want to check in as soon as I can. I assume the earlier that I check in the better chance I have at getting an early boarding time? Thanks
  6. If I purchase a 3 night dining package is it the same? 6 & under are free and 7 & over costs $10?
  7. My wife & I just got off of the NOTS on Sunday. Over two formal nights we saw everything. I am a golf shorts & polo golf shirt guy. But I wore a suit n tie and she wore dresses for both formal nights. It is called formal night for a reason. Well it used to be anyway. If you don't want to dress up then go to the Windjammer. First night the family beside us was waaay under dressed in my opinion. Father in shorts & a t-shirt. Mother in cut off jean shorts and a spaghetti strap white shirt. One on the kids was in camo.
  8. We told the driver when we got in that we needed terminal G. He brought us right here thanks for the help
  9. Thanks for the help. Can’t wait to board in a couple hours.
  10. Does anyone which terminal Navigator will be in today for boarding. Trying to get an Uber and want to make sure I put in the correct destination. Thanks in advance for any help
  11. So you would do Joes Crab over Lobster Bar in Miami for one night before a cruise?
  12. Does anybody know anything about the Lobster Bar Sea Grille in Miami?
  13. @twangster Are you saying that the only thing they get at playmakers is ESPN? Just curious because we are sailing over March Madness and I was hoping to be able to watch some hoops that is covered by CBS. Go Heels
  14. Thanks .....can you advise on Hooked or any other restaurant on the ship? Including the MDR if it was open?
  15. @Matt since you were in the Hooked video, how was the food at Hooked? Also is El Loco included or cost al a carte?
  16. Thanks for the help I see that now on my order too.
  17. I have a question on the 3 night specialty dining package. If I already booked that on the Cruise Planner, is the gratuity included in my price I already paid or will the gratuity be added once we dine?
  18. Everyone seems to love the ABC Islands. I am going to them leaving from Miami on March 29. What are the best things to do there? Looks like more of just finding a beautiful beach and hanging out for the day plus a little shopping downtown. Not that anything is wrong with doing that. Plus a friend suggested Madame Janette's for dinner in Aruba. Anything else special at any of the 3 islands? I didn't book any excursions as it looks like I can get a taxi or public transportation to about anywhere. Any tips would be helpful.
  19. If you check out the link below it shows the upcoming deck plans. You can check each deck in the dropdown box. That should show you where everything is going to be on the ship. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/navigator-of-the-seas/deck-plans/1845/02
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