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  1. I got off the ship on Friday. I'm continuing to post here to recap my trip. I'd recommend checking out the same restaurant, but on an Oasis or Quantum class ship. Those menus should be the same for Jamie's Italian and Chops Grille. Here's a link to the Jamie's Italian menu on Anthem of the Seas: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/menus/jamies-italian-dinner-menu-anthem-of-the-seas One difference between lunch and dinner is that the lamb scottadita is only served at dinner.
  2. @toober93 Sure. Take a forward elevator to Deck 11. There will be a sliding glass door on the port (left) side leading to a deck. Follow that deck around the the front of the ship, and you'll see the Peek-a-boo Bridge right at the front under a blue awning. There are a couple of steps down, but an elevator for a wheel chair is built into the starboard (right) side of the Peek-a-boo Bridge. I'm pretty sure a crew member has to operate it. For another semi-hidden area, take the promenade around Deck 4 to helipad at the front of the ship. The helipad is accessible to everyone and even has be
  3. The morning in Nassau started with breakfast in the Windjammer. The buffet was so full, the staff offered Jamie’s Italian, which has its entrance in the lobby of the Windjammer as a place to sit. I happened to run into the same couple I had met the day before, so we sat together for breakfast and had another great conversation. While we were sitting in Jamie’s looking out onto Nassau Harbour and the western tip of Paradise Island, someone spotted a waterspout (a tornado touching down over water) in the distance. Even the staff was moving up to the windows to get a better look. A few minutes af
  4. @twangster That was my expectation, but when I got my tab for a $14 drink, there was a $13 discount on it, so the total was $1.18. Pleasant surprise.
  5. Checking in using the Royal Caribbean app has streamlined check-in for Mariner of the Seas. I was able to load my passport information and then use my iPhone’s camera to take a selfie for the ship’s records. I selected the time I expected to arrive at the port and the app produced a SetSail pass that could be scanned at the port. The new process looked good and it worked well. Around 10am on Monday, I departed from the CruiseHabit.com Global Headquarters (aka Billy and Larissa’s place) and drove to the port. This a drive I’ve made a few times now, but I still use Waze to get me there. Upo
  6. Some of my thoughts before getting on Mariner of the Seas: Connecticut Gots’ta’s Are Florida Must-Do’s I’m excited to see what Royal Caribbean has packed into a medium-size ship as part of the Royal Amplified initiative. There are six new things on Mariner that Matt would call his gots’ta’s, for me, they’re my must-do’s: Jamie’s Italian The Perfect Storm water slides Playmakers The Bamboo Room tiki bar LaserTag SkyPad Jamie’s Italian sits at the top of my list of memorable meals on Harmony of the Seas. My friends and I enjoyed it there so muc
  7. Far too early in the morning on July 4th of this year, I was checking prices on cruises. Prices tend to drop when kids go back to school, so I searched for cruises out of Florida between the Friday after Labor Day and the end of September. One of the best rates that came up was a 4-night cruise on Mariner of the Seas out of Port Miami. I’ve followed the news on Mariner’s renovation and the other ships receiving upgrades as part of the Royal Amplified initiative. Seeing what Royal Caribbean had planned, I thought this could be a ship for me. My other requirement was getting a real bargain
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