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  1. 21 hours ago, ChessE4 said:

    I agree with@TXcruzer .  You can take a glass of wine virtually anywhere (but no glass on pool deck), so if you bring your own bottle, just ask the Stateroom Attendant for glasses.  Take your wine to your restaurant as explained above.  Later, when you earn Diamond vouchers, you'll probably do something similar--get a drink at a nearby bar and take it to the restaurant to avoid the "delay" which can often occur in the MDR.

    You can also ask bar tenders for wine glasses.  Our cabin steward wasn't good about replacing our glasses or giving us 4 when we asked for 4 she left 2.  No extra tip for her.

  2. On 12/24/2019 at 8:12 AM, Ditchdoc said:

    Prices are high. I'll stick to what's free and leave the rest to the elite that don't mind shelling out big bucks.

    I am not elite.  We paid budgeted for this experience and enjoyed our day and the kids had a great time at the wave pool and slides. I find $465 for Deluxe Beverage Packet a ridiculous amount  of money for one person,  but a lot of people were paying that on our cruise.  Do you consider them elite too?

  3. On 12/30/2019 at 2:51 PM, KWong said:

    I'm on this cruise!

    1. Skirts, summer dresses, sleeveless blouses should all be fine. I'm not sure about shorts, but as mentioned above it does get a little chilly in the MDR for dinners, so I wear long pants.

    2. Grand Cayman I'm doing a Stingray excursion and Cozumel I'm planning on going to Paradise Beach, since most of the day resorts will be closed. If you have zero plans for Grand Cayman you can take a taxi to Seven Mile Beach and just relax there.

    3. MDR, Windjammer, Sorrentos (Pizza), Cafe Promenade (snacks)... Solarium? Not sure about the last one

    4. I'm not sure if the bars have complimentary drinks outside of water. You can certainly order a Coke if you'd like.

    Definitely do the Stingray Excursion.  It is so much fun!  I agree with the rest that you will be more comfortable with warmer clothes in the dining room.  The Solarium is available at breakfast and lunch.  It turns into a Speciality dining room in the evening.

  4. 54 minutes ago, ChessE4 said:

    Concur with the others.  Whichever one you choose (we ordered from Amazon), pick a lanyard that has a double seal for the pouch.  Some models seal, then you fold the top over again for a 2nd seal.  They run about $10 for a decent one, but you can probably purchase a 3-pack for a better price, etc.  We have used them at the beach and in the pool because you don't want to leave key documents unattended on excursions,.  I also recommend getting a UV-resistant swimming shirt and sticking the pouch underneath.  Have a great cruise!

    I agree with the swim shirt.  You can get really burned in the Caribbean sun in the ocean.

  5. I just had a really bad TA.  Missing in action when I got ready to book flights, so did it myself.  Then she had our rooms on 2 different sides of the ship-I wanted 4 in a row.  Booked out 2 years ago.  Had names wrong, wrong parties in wrong rooms-needed 2 of them to be adjoining so kids in one and parents in the adjoining.  It has been a mess.  No benefits at all to using her.  Using MEI the next time.

  6. My husband takes forever to pack so the dining table is set up 3 weeks ahead and then I put out notes for each day and he decides and adds his clothes to it when he decides.  We finally put everything in bags about 3 days before we leave-except toiletries. We also have lists of to dos for home-pre cruise-cruise and post- cruise.   If it were just me I pack the night before.  In my mind I have been packing for a week. 

  7. On 9/6/2019 at 11:05 AM, mworkman said:

    Hence that why RC developed this product, They know it was great for some, but not others.  It's nice to have options.  

    Added comments-

    I do see that as a great idea if you have kids or a group.  But just for the wife and i...i do not see it as a great deal.

    I bought the one by the wave pool for $599 and since there are 7 of us I bought one ticket for the water slides.  When I looked at buying slide passes for everyone and took in to the fact I burn quickly it's a great idea for our group.

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