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  1. As of yesterday, apparently maya chan is unswimmable and allegedly smells like sewage according to reviews. We're stuck trying to figure out what to do in Costa maya since we were just there in September. Not happy
  2. Unfortunately not. Looking like 4 sailing days and cozumel
  3. Well, this sucks. Hoping for a cococay replacement, and not Costa maya. But if that results in Nassau instead of cozumel, I'm gonna be horribly disappointed.
  4. Imho, you're making way too big of a deal out of this.
  5. Or, counterpoint, nonsmokers could simply pick a cruise line that doesn't allow smoking. (I'm a nonsmoker btw, but I know what I'm getting myself into, and don't expect others to change for me.)
  6. Take a 10 min walk to get some greycliff cigars and chocolate. 45 mins roundtrip including getting on and off the ship.
  7. The wife and I had planned to go to Little French Key in a couple weeks, but it burnt to the ground today. Does anyone have any recommendations on similar spots?
  8. Hi all, heading out on the allure in a few weeks, and I'll be searching for the best old fashioned on board. Would love some feedback on where to go. We have the drink package fwiw. Thanks!
  9. Joined last night just to ask the same question. Do any other specialty restaurants have signature drinks worth trying out, if so, do they too allow you to just drink? Thanks!
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