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  1. Hi there! Just noticed a post where you referenced growing up in Dearborn MI. I grew up in Dearborn Heights. Small world! I now live in Las Vegas. I enjoy reading your posts!

    1. mom2mybugs


      My brother lives in Dearborn heights now... Near telegraph and Michigan avenue (on Syracuse).  I grew up right across from Dearborn high school!  It is such a small world!  Someday I will get to Vegas... It looks like such a fun city to visit!  Jane

    2. Cindy Leslie

      Cindy Leslie

      I went to Crestwood High School and lived off of Telegraph, between Ford Rd and Warren (on Vernon). My sisters and niece still live in the family house. Vegas is a fun place...I’ve been here since 1983. Lots of stuff to do and see! Take care!

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